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by Jennifer Smith September 15, 2021 8 min read

Brown and black are popular choices of leather jackets for men, but for a confident and self-assured man like you, wearing red leather jackets can never be a problem.

Daring, energetic, and adventurous- Red is the color that makes you stand out in the crowd and add that oomph to your outfit. Gone are the days when red was only meant for women; these days, you see men sporting red leather jackets better than women.

You may be under the impression that red is not an everyday color, but that is about to change. The truth is red leather jackets can be styled with different outfits and for different occasions as well.

Stick with us here as we explain how red leather jackets are the best choice for you and how you can pair the glorious red leather jackets to create that perfect look that will force everyone to take style tips from you.

Stylish Red Leather Jackets Outfits - A Style Guide

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding colored leather jackets. You can choose from many different options, but red leather jackets are always a unique choice and one that will definitely win you some looks of admiration.

Now you must be thinking but how do I wear a red leather jacket with style and what do I wear it with? It’s natural to be skeptical if this is your first time rocking a red beauty. The myth that red leather jackets are any less versatile is just that- a myth. You can wear red leather jackets anywhere and everywhere with ease. Better yet, you can give it your own personalized look, and that will become your signature style.

So here are some trendy tips that will help you style your leather jacket as Nick Jonas does.

Go classic!!

My most favorite thing about red leather jackets is that depending on the occasion, you can style them in many different ways. If you are not ready to make a bold change in your outfit choice, you can always go with the timeless look. And trust me, with this look, you can never go wrong.

For this timeless look, treat the red leather jacket as your statement piece as we are trying to keep the focus on it. Start by pairing it with classic straight-cut jeans in neutral colors like blue, black, or dark denim. Try to avoid flashy colors like orange or neon.

Now on to the T-shirt. My personal favorite is white. I feel the color white looks good on any man- young or old. And of course, white is such a versatile color that you can literally match it up with anything and still look dashing. If you are not in the mood for white, a basic- black tee can save the day as always.

And now my favorite part- The shoes! When wearing a red leather jacket, the right choice of shoes makes all the difference. You see, you can wear just about any style of shoes from loafers, sneakers to Chelsea boots- options are limitless. Just make sure to keep your footwear simple and elegant to achieve that timeless look. And as I said earlier, white is always a good option, even in shoes. Nothing can beat white sneakers or black loafers when wearing red leather jackets.

If you are feeling like it, wear a classic watch. You can add a basic scarf too. But truth be told, you don’t need all that while wearing a red jacket because the jacket itself has enough panache and style to make you look like the sophisticated man you are!

There you have it- a perfect gentleman look that will leave both genders in awe of your fashion sense.

Sport a Contemporary look

To achieve that show-stopper look, you need to establish a simple base. For that, wear a simple white shirt. For the bottom part, go with a light-color chino to balance out the overall look. Now that you are done with the clothes, it’s time to add the accessories, and remember- the accessories are the most important part of achieving that daring look that will make heads turn. Got unique red sunglasses? Awesome! How about a funky watch? Take it one step further and wear red shoes to make your look genuinely iconic.

Oh, but don’t go overboard with all the accessories. Ideally, only go with one or two options to avoid unnecessary clutter. This will help you nail that dare-devil look while looking elegant at the same time.

Finally, it’s time to put on that flaming red leather jacket and show the world what you have got.

Rock the Iconic Style

Red leather jackets are a perfect ingredient to create an iconic look. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, you might remember the ‘’thriller’’ song where he rocked a red leather jacket in the most iconic way? And what’s stopping you from creating that legendary look right now?

Ya, I get it! That whole 80s look might not be your cup of tea, but you can always alter it according to recent trends. While the whole timeless look is always a safe bet. For daredevils like you, what is life without a bit of risk?

If you are planning to buy a red leather jacket, chances are you have already got a streak to dress unusually. If you’re not afraid of keeping up with the latest fashion trends or, better yet, create fashion trends- Your red leather jacket can be highly flexible to attain that out-of-the-ordinary look.

But to pull that look, you need a lot of confidence because it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For this look to work, one needs an eye for detail or a peculiar taste.

First, you need to choose your favorite pants. White pants work great, or any seasonal patterned jeans will do. Next, pick a shirt. You can experiment here, so go with a graphic tee or a collared shirt with a hint of red. Try a few options and see what goes best with other elements. For Footwear, red shoes are a good option if you are going all out.

Now, on to the accessories. Like the contemporary look, accessories play a significant role. Add accessories however you are feeling or according to the occasion. There is no hard and fast rule here as this outfit design is all about breaking the rules and establishing your own.

5 Best Red Leather Jackets for Men

If you need some aspiration and are looking for a perfect red leather jacket according to your style, we have shortlisted some great options for your wardrobe.

5 Best Red Leather Jackets for Men

This classic red biker leather jacket will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. If you haven't worn a red leather jacket before and are looking for a classic style that goes well with anything and everything- this leather jacket for men is the best choice. This red leather jacket’s basic and classic design makes it a versatile option that can be worn with any type of outfit. The front zip, flexible cow leather, and lightweight material make it a top choice for elegant men like yourself.

This red genuine leather jacket is suitable for anyone who wants to spruce up their website a bit. With the black diamond quilted shoulders, this leather jacket for men will make you stand out wherever you go. This genuine leather jacket gives us a bit of MJ vibes, so if that's your style, go for it. The chest cut in the middle gives it a biker wine, while the zipper adds to the overall charm of this jacket. Pockets are roomy enough to fit a cell phone or other accessories.

Men Maroon Red Genuine Leather Jacket With Elastic Bottom

Get This Jacket For Just $275

We have added this maroon red leather jacket to our list because we cannot get over the elegance and sophisticated aura it exudes. If you are thinking of experimenting with red but are a bit skeptical, this maroon red jacket is an excellent place to start because of its subdued color. The casual yet timeless design is perfect to combine with different outfits. The silver zipper gives the jacket a sophisticated contrast and seems attractive. The top-notch leather quality and lightweight of this leather jacket for men will make it your most favorite.

Edgy Crimson Leather Racer Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $279

With clean cuts and a neat design, this crimson red race jacket is a forever favorite. The white stripes on sleeves and shoulders gives it an edgy and fashionable look. Furnished with an asymmetrical zipper in the front and zipper pockets, this racer jacket will make your ensemble all the more appealing.

Men Maroon Red Stylish Men Collar Premium Genuine Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $255

This stylish red leather jacket for men is a popular choice thanks to its superior design. With high collars and a beautiful red color, this polished jacket will make any man look dashing. It's a decent option for a person who likes minimal design, the front button closure and the chest lines gives it an elegant aura.

Celebrities Who Rocked Red Leather Jackets

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Red Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson's Thirller Jacket

Michael Jackson was always known for his unique style. Long before red leather jackets for men were in trend, he rocked a hot red leather jacket in his music video ‘’thriller’’. He nailed the entire outfit with utmost style. The leather jacket featured zipper details with an added black strip and power shoulders that were all the rage back in the 80s. This look alone helped establish his distinct fashion persona, and later, this MJ red leather jacket was sold for a whopping $1.8 million.

Brad Pitt’s Red Leather Jacket

Brad Pitt’s Red Leather Jacket

The 1999 fight club movie was funny, witty, and extraordinary. And was the red retro jacket donned by Tyler. The overall feel of the movie and the choice of red leather jackets vibed well together and created an iconic Brad Pitt look.

The attention-grabbing red leather jackets truly captured the essence of the character. The jacket was adorned with peaked lapels and represented the vibe of the 90s well.

Nick Jonas Red Leather Jacket

Nick Jonas Red Leather Jacket

Aside from legendary actors and singers, red leather jackets have been favored by modern celebrities as well. Nick Jonas is one of them. His recent London visit look went viral where he was on top of his game, rocking a beautiful red leather jacket.

The dark lapel style and red and black neckline adds a unique splash of color and gives it a vintage look. Nick Jonas’s red leather jacket was a perfect blend of classic and modern style with two midsection pockets. Full sleeves with dark rib-sewed sleeves make it stand out from your ordinary jacket and blend perfectly with any dark-colored jeans.



Are red leather jackets in Style?

Red leather jackets are very much in vogue these days. Celebrities, as well as fashion icons, are often seen wearing red leather jackets. It is becoming quite a trend these days, and men in general are getting comfortable with the idea of wearing red leather jackets.

Where can I Buy red leather jackets?

Always make sure to buy a premium quality leather jacket. Cheap-quality leather jackets can ruin your style and make you look unfashionable. At leatherskinshop, you can be assured that you will get top-notch leather jackets in every color. We have a wide variety of red leather jackets at affordable prices and cool designs.

What to Wear With red leather jackets?

For a more subdued look, wear a white shirt and neutral-colored boots. For a daring look, wear white pants and graphic tees along with white or red boots. Don't hesitate to accessorize as much as you like. For more tips, read our detailed guide on how to wear red leather jackets like a boss.

Bottom Line

Taking good care of your red leather jackets will make them last longer. Condition it every few months with a leather moisturizing product, and don't forget to do spot cleaning as well. Red leather jackets can be the most fantastic outerwear item that can quickly become your statement style when done right. So go out there, be yourself and wear our red leather jackets with confidence that suits you.

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