by Jennifer Smith July 25, 2021 6 min read

With mid-summer here already, we all find ourselves in desperate need of a fashion guide. With some of the best items from Leather Skin Shop this year, we have brought you the most fashionable summer outfit ideas to rock this summer! Buckle up, people, because these outfits are bound to blow you away with how gorgeous they will look on you.

We have put together some drop-dead amazing attires for both men and women to try out this summer. Be sure not to miss out!

A classic burgundy jacket paired with almost about anything!

Talking about fashionable summer outfit ideas and not discussing vibrant colors? That’s quite unfair. Burgundy goes with almost everything. Especially with an outstanding design and detailing as shown in the image, you can pair it with an ash-colored tee and blue denim jeans for a cool, laid-back look. Just leave the buttons open, and maybe even roll up the sleeves, and you will have yourself a refined, polished look for the day.

Exceptional Burgundy Leather Field Jacket

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The best part about adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe is that they usually become the highlight of your outfit. Being the prime clothing item, it is often vital to match the rest of your outfit to the jacket. Keeping that in mind, we suggest throwing on some black leather suede boots like the ones below.

You can buy these classy, up-to-the-minute pull-on boots here. They are trendy, and most importantly, comfortable enough to make you last the entire day wearing the most dashing outfit in the room without having to compromise on your comfort.

What would be even better is a pair of black shades to go with the remaining outfit and, of course, a stylish silver watch to keep you on fleek.

We can’t wrap our minds around the never-ending ways to style this basic black leather jacket when talking about fashionable summer outfit ideas!

Leather jackets have been around for quite some time and are still in fashion; they are beyond timeless. There is no other way to say it; leather jackets are definitely the wardrobe essentials we all need to have. A black basic leather jacket like the one in the image can be paired with nearly anything, and it would look absolutely ravishing. Click on the link below to purchase the jacket now.

Men's Black Biker Leather Jacket

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The main reason you will want this jacket is its versatility. You can wear it to a formal event, a casual outing with your friends and family, or even to class or work. It all depends on what you wear the jacket with. You can wear it on top of a dress shirt for a formal look- don’t forget the tie or with a t-shirt for a more casual look! Add a pair of dress pants and stylish leather shoes to give you a finished look.

Almost any type of shoe would work with the outfit, especially these stunning penny loafer suede leather shoes. We love seeing a well-dressed, fashion-conscious man; therefore, we provide you with no less than the very best outfit ideas you can go for.

There is no doubt a shiny wristwatch would be like the perfect cherry on top for this formal look.

A bomber leather jacket but in street style? We love to see it!

It is one of the most relaxed streets looks one can go for; a brown bomber leather jacket atop a warm comfy hoodie- not so warm if it’s the middle of the summer, of course. Just imagining it makes us drool. Pairing a devilishly handsome jacket with a grey or white pullover hoodie and matching them with a pair of navy or sky blue denim skinny jeans partly ripped at the knees- it would look absolutely heavenly.

Justin Bomber Brown Leather Jacket

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Click on the picture on the right to purchase this amazing jacket now. One would call a must-have clothing item and one that definitely needs to be in your wardrobe. This outfit alone is bound to be a complete shocker. You can round it up with a pair of black and white sneakers or tennis shoes to add a saucy twist to your entire attire. Prepare to look hip and cool wherever you go wearing this beautiful combo.

Of course, shades make any outfit look a lot cooler, so don’t forget to grab a pair and a nice black wristwatch to go with the attire. For a final touch, a pair of tennis shoes will do just the trick. 

This Nick Jonas inspired outfit is the very definition of perfection

Oh, for the love of all things fashionable, can we please just picture wearing this stunning collared leather jacket on the left and matching it with a fitted navy blue tee and a pair of striped pants? The singular thought of it puts us on edge. Stay at the peak of fashion this summer with these out of the world outfit tips.

Collared Black Men’s Leather Jacket With Flap PocketsGet This Jacket For Just $279

This is no doubt an outfit that will have them at the heels, and it’s quite versatile; you can wear it to a formal or semi-formal occasion, like on a date night out or a large gathering where you want to look your best but also a little laid-back and ooze out that boyish charm. What would look absolutely ravishing with this attire is a cross-body messenger leather bag if you need to carry things. Check out this fashionable black leather bag to pair with your outfit. Click on the image to view the bag in different colors.

Put on a pair of amazing black shoes that go with your look and maybe even a pair of sunglasses to make you look even more spectacular.

Yeeeee Hawwwwww! How about adding a little country twist to your outfit?

For every man with a country spirit, unleash it! Let lose the cowboy and win the hearts of the crowd with a classic, vintage cowboy look. Carry a brown genuine leather coat with dark blue denim jeans and just wait for the magic to begin. For instance, this jaw-dropping leather coat on the left would be the perfect fit for you. Click on the link below to purchase it or see more jackets like it.

Men Brown Genuine Leather Coat With Plain Lining

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You can wear it with sky blue denim jeans or an oxford blue checkered shirt on top of light denim jeans. To add the perfect spark to your outfit, check out this trendy elegant suede cowboy safari hat that you can wear along with it. Click here to buy it now. You can also try out these amazing ankle lace-up suede leather boots that are to die for!  

Don’t forget to add a classic ascot tie that matches the color combination of your outfit or goes in contrast to it; for example, a burgundy shade or a yellowish color will do the trick. This will undoubtedly give your outfit a perfect finishing touch and make you look like an absolute fashion maestro.

Who says hooded jackets are only for the winters?

It’s a common misconception that hooded jackets can only be worn in winters. Depending on the material and thickness of the fabric, hooded jackets can be worn in any season, and frankly, on any occasion. That’s about right. Hooded jackets are largely versatile. This means they can be worn on different occasions as outerwear for different outfits and will still help you look like a total knockout. Check out this irresistible black hooded leather jacket we found for you to pair with a pair of light denim jeans, or if you feel like leaning more towards darker shades, you can wear it with black fitted jeans as well. Click or tap on the link below to view the jacket from various angles or to discover more like it.

Men’s Black Hooded Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $255

This outfit is bound to give you a hot, spiky, and refreshing look, especially if you wear these timeless black zipper ankle genuine leather boots with black jeans. However, it is preferable to wear this stunning pair of brown oxford capped toe brogue genuine leather shoes if you chose a lighter shade for the jeans. 


That’s it! You’re all set to go. You can now enjoy summer this year, staying in fashion and looking the most handsome in every room you step foot in with these amazing fashionable summer outfit idea

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