How it works

Custom request

Custom Order Request

This is the first step where you provide the requirements supported by images.


Design Consultancy

Our designers will review your request and will communicate with you via email in order to understand the design.

Listing purchase

Order Placement

Once design consultancy is complete, you will be provided with a link to make the payment.


Production & Delivery

After payment, we will start working on your custom order. Jacket images will be shared after it is complete (upon request).

Once finalized, custom order will be shipped via DHL, DPEX or FedEx

Production process

Step # 1: Design Details

Design details are explained by the design consultant to the production team.

Step # 2: Pattern Making

This step involves getting the jacket pattern ready on a computer software.

Step # 3: Cutting

The leather or fabric is cut as per the pattern made in step 2

Step # 4: Embroidery, Printing or Adding Studs

In this step, embroidery or printing is done on leather or fabric if required in the custom order. Studs are also added if required in the design.

Step # 5: Stitching

This step involves combining different pieces of leather or fabric via stitching

Step # 6: Finishing & Quality Control

This final step involves finishing the final product and inspecting itto make sure it meets quality standards.

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Your journey for higher style dynamics begins with the Leather Skin Shop.

The Leather Skin Shop follows a customer-centric approach that caters to your comfort and convenience above everything else! Every piece of ours is designed to perfection to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. From organically sourced materials to creatively curated designs, we make sure that you receive nothing but the best!

We have been in the industry for long enough to understand consumer expectations and the existent competition. This is why our products always have a distinct finish that is truly unmatched in every aspect. With attention to details, sizing, structure, and silhouette, the Leather Skin Shop has mastered the art of creating exceptional leather apparel for a large audience.

We have a state-of-the-art design philosophy that allows our products to be better than others on the market! The Leather Skin Shop truly believes in a straightforward style philosophy that keeps us motivated to ditch the one-size-fits-all production process.

Every customized jacket is a result of individual effort, design, and evolution because to us, each client is different! When you choose the Leather Skin Shop for a customized jacket, we prove it to you that you have made the right choice!