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Unlimited Custom Options

A custom varsity jacket could polish your outfit like nothing else! It adds a touch of charm and something suave to your look for sure. We provide several custom options, some of them are listed below.

Material Variations

Our varsity jackets are available in wool, fleece, corduroy, cotton, and leather.Get the ultimate comfort as per your preference.

Let creativity rule with logo patches

Add a touch of creativity to your varsity jacket with a logo patch of your choice. Enjoy the wearable form of art that you have been craving for.

For the love of embroidery

Get customized messages embroidered on your varsity jacket and add that confidence to your look!

Studs and spikes to the rescue

Your jacket can look equally alluring with spikes and studs! You can prioritize your style preference and adore the look for years!

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About Varsity Jackets

Custom varsity jackets to reminisce the good old days

When you think of school pride, there is one thing that comes to mind: custom varsity jackets. They take you back to the days gone by and leave you with a smile on your face; now that is the ultimate throwback. Let’s relive that, shall we?

With custom varsity jackets, there is a sea of options to play with. Any color, design, logo you want, and it is yours. You can choose to go simple with your jacket featuring minimal detailing and a classic silhouette or go the full mile with vibrant colors and bold and beautiful accents.

Most of us look for cheap custom varsity jackets because, well, who would want to invest a fortune in a varsity jacket after all? Varsity jackets, custom made ones, especially, do not come cheap. Custom designs just overall are pricey. If you are looking for cheap custom varsity jackets, Leather Skin Shop is your ultimate one-stop-shop.

A leading provider of premium leather goods globally, Leather Skin Shop does amazing varsity custom jackets at the most pocket-friendly prices without compromising on quality. Whether it is custom varsity jackets for men or custom varsity jackets for women, Leather Skin Shop will do them for you, exactly how you want them. In fact, they also make exquisite custom leather varsity jackets; how cool is that? So what are you waiting for? Order your custom leather jacket now.