Men's Loafers

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About Loafers for Men!

Men’s Loafers are more casual than lace shoes like Oxford shoes. You can wear them in place of open sandals. The history of Loafers is unclear, but most think of it as the descendant of Moccasins. Get your custom Moccasins and custom Loafers from Leather Skin Shop. 

Loafers are casual slip-on men’s leather shoes that are also available in suede. Your ankles are exposed while wearing a loafer, there are no laces like custom Oxford shoes or Derby shoes and they come in multiple designs. The design is however not like that on a men’s Brogue shoes.  

Leather loafers for men can be worn on suits but you must make sure they are more casual suits and not black-tie formal ones. The versatility of loafers makes them a good fit with chinos, jeans, and dress pants or trousers. With loafers, it is crucial to know how to style your fits!

Men’s slip-on loafers are also quite convenient to slip in as opposed to monk strap shoes or men’s zipper boots.

Different Types of Men’s Loafers or Slip-ons

Slip-on loafer shoes come in many designs and colors. Leather Skin Shop has the most comfortable men’s loafers. Here is a list of some of the most common and versatile loafers and how you can wear them.   

Penny Men’s Loafers

Penny Loafers are one of the most versatile and best loafers for men. They have a strap with a penny cutout on top of the shoes. You can dress them up or down easily. Wear black penny men’s dress shoes loafers with suits and white socks. It is more casual to wear a Penny dress loafer without socks. 

Black loafers are more formal than any other color. Men’s summer loafers also have a charming appeal to them! You can wear slip loafers instead of boots like Chelsea Boots or motorcycle boots to make your outfit much more stylish while keeping it light and summery. Leather Skin Shop has the best penny loafers.

Tassel Loafers for Men.

Tassel loafer shoes have two tassels hanging around the same place where you would tie laces on custom dress shoes and custom boots. These men’s loafers are popular due to their comfort and they can be worn either casually or semi-formally. 

You can not wear brown loafers or suede loafers in a formal setting. The more the design it features, the more casual it gets. For example, men’s Chukka boots are more formal than Chelsea Boots due to the material and style they are made of. 

Horsebit Loafers for Men 

Horsebit loafers also known as Gucci Loafers were introduced by Gucci in 1953 and are one of the top rated men's loafers. Horsebit loafer shoes for men have a metal detail and no matter how relaxed you pair them, it is still going to be bougie due to Gucci’s name association. 

You can wear Horsebit leather slip-on loafers for men over denim and a T-shirt for the weekend as well as dress pants for formal events. 

Buy The Custom Men’s Loafers at Leather Skin Shop!

At Leather Skin Shop, you can order custom leather shoes for men as well as men’s loafers slip shoes. We have the best men’s loafer collection available in all sizes, designs and colors for you. You can choose a pair and get it customized to your size, with any additional details that you want. Besides custom shoes, we have an appealing range of boots like Jodhpur boots, tactical boots and even custom cowboy boots.


1.Is a loafer a formal shoe?

Loafers were initially informal shoes, but as additional variants and styles emerged and the usage of patent leather, they evolved into a more formal style that can be worn with tailored suits and tuxedos.

2. What type of shoe is a loafer?

A loafer is slip-on footwear that does not have any laces. A loafer is a "low shoe," which means the ankle is exposed and the shoe does not tie completely around it. A loafer's base is distinct from its upper. Loafers are known for having low-profile heels.

3. Exchange & returns policy for leather loafers on

During 30 days after receiving, every item in its original, undamaged form will be refunded.

Returns will only be made to addresses inside the United States. Refunds will be issued in the same way as the original payment. The fees of shipping and handling are non-refundable. The refund will include the item's cost and any applicable sales tax. You may also swap one thing for another. If the price of the other item is greater than the price of the acquired item, the difference must be paid.

4. How to take care of leather loafers?

Don't wear the same pair of shoes every day.

Leather, like your body, needs a break. After each use, clean them. Leather shoes should be placed with a shoe tree in them. Avoid going out in bad weather. Every 6-8 uses, polish them. When not in use, place shoes in a zipper pouch.

5. Would you get drenched in leather loafers?

Yes. Leather shoes and boots may be wet (even soaking wet in some settings) without causing lasting harm if properly cared for. If your leather shoes are constantly becoming wet, try investing in a pair of waterproof shoes to avoid treating them frequently.