White Leather Jacket for Women and Men

Why Should You Choose a White Leather Jacket?

Wearing white reflects the confidence and purity of a person, along with their penchant for exclusivity. It’s undeniable how the outerwear one chooses speaks volumes about their style preference and personality. So, a white leather jacket is a perfect way to give an impression of how strong-willed you are and how fashion forward you can be. The color is also associated with excellence, making the white jacket an epitome of perfection.

While we are bombarded with swanky outfits of celebrities and social media influencers featuring black and brown leather jackets, we can’t resist to stop scrolling when someone rocking a women’s or men’s white leather jacket appears on our feed. The white leather jacket gives you all the benefits of a standard leather jacket, including style, warmth, comfort, and durability. Yet, it stands out from the rest due to the resplendent white color.

You can opt for a simple or flamboyant white leather jacket for men or a magnificent women’s white leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop.

Women’s White Leather Jacket Variations

Our collection is curated to include a jacket for everyone with a distinct style, be it a minimalist bomber jacket or a swanky studded moto jacket for punk lovers. For women, wearing white evokes a feeling of empowerment, which is why having a women’s white leather jacket in the wardrobe is highly recommended for a strong willed woman.

Plain White Leather Jackets for Women

Nothing beats a simple white leather jacket with minimal details in terms of versatility. It is an excellent piece of clothing to round off your casual looks or to add a neutral aspect to your flashy outfit. You can go for a white leather bomber jacket to fit your style needs or a black and white leather jacket to layer your all black outfits. A plain white leather biker jacket is also an excellent option to bring an edgy look to your street style outfits.

Jackets with contrasting stripes or borders, such as a blue and white leather jacket, a red and white leather jacket, or a pink and white leather jacket, can add zing to your day to day looks. These contrasting jackets can be layered over party wear outfits or cool brunch outfits as well.

Extravagant Women’s White Leather Jackets

Flaunt your fashion savvy self in a white leather moto jacket with colored stripes or a white leather jacket with quilted patches. A women’s white leather jacket embellished with studs and spikes would satiate your affinity for punk or rock fashion, while a gorgeous black leather jacket with white fur details is perfect to complete your street style looks in the cold weather.

Men’s White Leather Jacket Variations

Not just for the lady fashionistas, a white leather jacket is equally essential for a man’s wardrobe. Here are the different variations a man can opt for.

Simple Men’s White Leather Jackets

For day to day layering needs or a neat look, you can go for a white leather jacket without much details. For a monochrome look with white jeans, a plain white leather jacket for the male dapper would do, or a white leather motorcycle jacket is also an option.

A half black and half white leather jacket is sure to grab attention, given you pair it with a black turtleneck and ripped jeans. Or, you can buy an off white leather jacket, which, although unadorned, still has the potential to elevate you to a high style quotient.

Fancy White Leather Jacket for Men

If you want options for an extravagant looking men’s white leather jacket, you can browse Leather Skin Shop’s range to get one for yourself. A white and black leather jacket in the iconic thriller style is definitely a no-fail layering piece, while a white leather fringed jacket would set off your style prowess like no other.

You can also get a vivid looking red, black, and white leather jacket to slay the street looks or a blue and white leather jacket with stars to set you apart from the rest.

Go the Custom Route?

Having the perfect white leather jacket according to your size and style needs is not any less than a weapon in your style arsenal. If a standard size jacket doesn’t seem right for you, going for a plus size white leather jacket is an option. However, a custom leather jacket in white is undoubtedly the best way to ensure a matchless look and comfort. You can also add any details you like to the jacket, such as embroidery, color stripes, personalized logos, name, quotes, or spikes to make it unique.


1. Are white leather jackets in style?

White leather jackets are currently dominating street style trends as well as runway fashion. They are immensely versatile and can be a valuable addition to wardrobes of all genders.

2. How can I maintain a white leather jacket?

With a white leather jacket comes the concern of keeping it spotless. To clean a white leather jacket, mix a mild shampoo or soap in water and dip a microfiber cloth in it. Wring the cloth well and wipe off the jacket. After letting it dry, apply a leather conditioner meant for white leather to maintain suppleness.

3. Can I wear a white leather jacket in the rain?

It is not advised to wear a white leather jacket in a heavy downpour, although light rain won’t ruin your jacket. Leather is obtained from real animal hide, which is not waterproof but water resistant. If your jacket gets wet, wipe off as much water as you can, and let it air dry. Don’t forget to hang it properly on the coat hanger. Apply leather conditioner after the jacket dries to keep it soft.

4. How can I style a white leather jacket for men?

Men can style their white leather jacket with grey jeans and a striped turtleneck. To complete this outfit, black Chelsea boots are the ideal footwear choice. A white leather jacket also looks fantastic over a black t-shirt and black jeans.

5. How can I style a white leather jacket for women?

Wear it over a red and white polka dot dress or a tie and dye crop top with jeans. You can also pair the white leather jacket with a black jumpsuit for an exquisite look.

6. Is a white leather jacket a versatile piece?

The white leather jacket is highly versatile. It lends itself to a variety of colors, including neutrals, pastels, and bright hues. It looks good with printed and textured clothing in different colors, which are usually difficult to match with any other outerwear.

7. Is a white leather jacket a timeless piece?

Leather jackets, since their invention, have been part of mainstream fashion in one style or another. A good quality white leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop would stay on rotation season after season in your wardrobe, never going out of style.

8. Is a white leather jacket expensive?

A premium white leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop can range from $250 to $400, depending on the type of leather you choose and the level of craftsmanship involved in making it. A custom white leather jacket may cost a bit higher, but it is totally worth the price considering that it would fit perfectly and is unique.

9. When Can I wear a White Leather Jacket?

Wearing a white leather jacket can transform your casual look into something more polished and can be wielded for a business or with a casual ensemble. Wear a grey pattern shirt with skinny black jeans and mid-calf black leather boots as an example of a casual streetwear ensemble. You can wear a white leather jacket at your formal and semi-formal events.

10. Are White Leather Jackets Hard to Clean?

It can be difficult to clean a white leather jacket since it's so stark. Fortunately, cleaning white leather can easily be done by using a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning agents. There may be many grime or scuff marks on your white leather jacket, but the last thing you want to do is use cleaning products that may permanently stain the leather.

11. What Looks Good with a White Leather Jacket?

You can't go wrong with skinny black jeans with a white leather jacket for a laid-back look with a street-style edge. Wear a pair of black leather low-top sneakers when in doubt about your footwear.