Quilted Leather Jackets for Men

Infuse warmth with style! Experience luxury redefined with Leather Skin Shop’s Quilted Leather Jackets for Men.

Why Go for a Quilted Leather Jacket?

If you’re seeking warmth without lowering your style quotient, a quilted leather jacket for men is a superb fashion choice! Men’s quilted leather jackets are known for their comfort and signature quilted stitching in different styles. Also known as the puffer and padded leather jackets, they are the fashion mainstay sought after by men balancing style with functionality.

Men’s leather jackets with quilted detailing find their origins in the Second World War. They served as a source of heating for pilots and the aircraft crew. Transcending these pragmatic roots, these timeless pieces of fashion are now a wardrobe staple for edgy men!

While you can go for men’s leather coats to look dressier, quilted leather jackets will have you looking effortlessly debonair for any formal setting. Owing to their versatile layering options, they can be worn for a casual look or a night in town. Just wrap this chic leather wear over your shoulders and look effortlessly cool and swanky wherever you go!

Different Shades in Men's Quilted Leather Jackets

At Leather Skin Shop, you can get a stunning custom leather jacket perfectly tailored to your desired colors and shades. You can choose subtle dark hues that exude confidence or opt for booming colors that command attention. While you can explore vibrant colors like yellow and pink in women's quilted leather jackets, men can go for a mysterious vibe with darker shades.

Black or chocolate brown quilted leather jackets are the most popular types of colors for men. But not only the colors, you can make daring statements with personalized embroidery and patterns to stand out in the crowd.

Let your creativity run wild with the freedom to personalize your style with Leather Skin Shop. The possibilities to portray your style are endless! 

Trendy Styles of a Quilted Leather Jacket for Men

When looking for styles in leather jackets with quilted detailing, there are several types of designs to explore. But among all, a quilted biker jacket or a quilted moto jacket is the most popular style to upgrade the edgy quotient in any outfit. With their streamlined silhouette and snug fit, you’ll be looking quite the man about town.

But if you’re seeking a sleeveless option, men’s leather vests with a quilted design offer a comfortable fit. For the big and tall men striving to accentuate their worked-out shoulders, a big and tall leather jacket with padded shoulders is a dandy! Let’s look at some hot styles of quilted leather jackets for men.

Body Quilted Leather Jacket

Body-quilted leather jackets exude a sense of rugged elegance. The intricate quilted stitching adds to their visual interest while the supple leather gives off a luxurious vibe.

Classic Quilted Leather Jacket

Classic quilted leather jackets are characterized by quilted details elegantly spread over the shoulders, sleeves, or the upper half of the body. They can be comfortably worn on weekend adventures or nights out in the town.

Diamond Quilted Leather Jacket

Quintessential diamond quilted leather jackets are adorned with diamond-shaped stitching. They are the perfect way to add depth to your sleek leather ensembles!

Rib Quilted Leather Jacket

What could be snazzier than a quilted leather jacket in black? A rib-quilted genuine leather jacket of course! Exuding an enigmatically cool and confident vibe, you’ll be looking dapper wrapped in this splendid piece!

Bomber Quilted Leather Jacket for Men

Just like the leather bomber jackets for men, a bomber jacket with quilted patterns offers both comfort and edge. The ribbed cuffs and hem provide a snug fit around the wrist and waist blocking the winds while effortlessly elevating any look!

Biker Quilted Leather Jacket

An emblem of the ruggedness of the biker culture, a biker quilted leather jacket is a stylish wardrobe staple for edgy men. Other cool fashion items are the Cafe racer leather jackets and motorcycle jackets with quilted leather. They are an absolute choice for men who like making powerful statements with their ensembles!

Custom Quilted Leather Jackets

Above all, a leather jacket with customized quilting is the way to get a fit that hugs your chest just right. Experiment with materials from faux and lambskin to a Suede jacket for men. Pair it off with custom leather pants to look snazzy and chic!

Outfit Ideas with Men's Quilted Leather Jackets!

Men’s quilted leather jackets are known for their versatile styling options. They offer boundless ways to build edgy and fashion-forward ensembles. Here are some clothing ideas to get you started!

Casual Day Look

Put on a white T-shirt, distressed jeans, and a brown quilted leather jacket. Add suede Chelsea boots to complete the ensemble for a carefree yet fashionable look.

Night Out in Black!

If you’re looking forward to a night out in town, opt for a black quilted leather jacket layered over a black turtleneck. Pair it with dark wash skinny jeans and black combat boots to look effortlessly dapper!

Funky Street Style

Add some funk to an average street style wearing a red quilted leather jacket. Underneath, add layers of a graphic print t-shirt or a black silk vest. Pair with ripped black jeans and high-top sneakers for a bold and vibrant outfit.

Formal Attire

You can never go wrong with the quilted leather jacket in formal settings!  For a modern take on formal wear, pair a blue quilted leather jacket with charcoal pants and a white button-down. Finish it off with brown leather shoes and you’re ready to steal the spotlight!


Don your black quilted leather jacket with hoodie and pair it with a band tee and distressed black jeans. Complete the look with black combat boots and a black beanie to build a monochromatic edgy ensemble.

How to Store a Men's Quilted Leather Jacket

While turning heads with your quilted leather jacket, you cannot forget to give it the love it deserves! Ascertain that you store your leather jacket properly to preserve its lustrous shine and signature quilting.

Store your men’s quilted leather jacket in a clean space away from fine dust. Cover it with a breathable garment bag to protect the leather from dust and light. Find a cool and dry site that is free of any moisture to store it. You don’t have to hang it on a metal hanger. It may lead to stretching. Instead, use a padded hanger or lay it flat in a garment bag.