Women's Leather Jackets

Whether you are looking for timeless elegance or want to portray an edgy look, anything is possible with a splendid women’s leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop!

About Real and Genuine Women's Leather Jackets

A women’s leather jacket is one of those essentials that defy mediocrity in fashion. Whether you wear it over a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit or a blingy slip dress, you are definitely going to make heads turn with awe. The legacy of leather jackets for women dates back to the mid-twentieth century, but they are still considered an “it” style icon. 

The significance of women’s leather coats and jackets lies in their versatility, as they can potentially transform any outfit. At Leather Skin Shop, we have a collection of the best leather jackets for women, each crafted with meticulous detail. Each stylish leather jacket is a perfect blend of comfort, vogue, and durability. 

Whether you want to shield yourself from the cold or just want to make a spectacular style statement, a women’s leather jacket is your no-fail choice. We have jackets made of premium quality real leather or genuine leather, and each of them can be an indispensable wardrobe staple.  

Leather Jacket for Women: Limitless Variety on Leather Skin Shop

When it comes to the variety of women's leather jackets, Leather Skin Shop does it best. On this page, there is a vast spectrum of options for sale, ranging from classic to trendy styles. You can get jackets made of different types of leather, such as a soft leather jacket for women or suede leather jackets. You can also get exquisite women’s designer leather jackets to reflect your sartorial prowess. Here are some of the impeccably stylish choices that you can make. 

Women's Leather Jackets with a Fur Collar

Talk about outerwear that epitomizes luxury and warmth, and a ladies' leather jacket with a fur collar comes to mind. The soft, supple, and durable leather exudes class, while the fur collar adds opulence to the jacket. The jacket can be a good choice when you want to layer your winter and fall outfits with something that elevates your style quotient while successfully keeping you toasty. 

Women’s Leather Coats

If you are looking for a sophisticated look, leather coats for women are a timeless staple. You can wear them on a casual outing or to a formal event; the versatility is unmatched. Fusing fashion with comfort, these styles of women’s leather coats also stand the test of time with their durability. 

Women's Leather Jacket with a Hood

Another style of women’s leather jacket that serves functionality and fashion is the hooded leather jacket. These come with an attached or detachable hood, the latter giving you the freedom of detaching the hood whenever you don’t need it. The hood adds a cool element to your jacket, making it a highly versatile piece for every fashionista’s wardrobe. 

Women’s Real Leather Jackets

Women’s real leather jackets offer a great deal of comfort, endurance, and appeal. At Leather Skin Shop, you can get jackets made of 100% pure cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin, and several other types of leather. With sturdy construction and impressive designs, our real leather jackets will last for a lifetime in your wardrobe, getting even better as they age. 

Women’s Genuine Leather Jackets

We have a wide range of high quality genuine leather jackets for women in our collection. Easier on your pockets, these jackets exude a flawless style and can be highly versatile. Whether you are looking for a black or brown leather jacket made of genuine leather or are looking for a particular style, you can get it via Leather Skin Shop. 

Women’s Suede Jackets

Who can dislike the soft nap of suede and the exquisite look it gives? If you are a suede aficionado like most fashion savvy people, women's suede jackets from Leather Skin Shop are a must-have staple in your wardrobe. The unique texture of these jackets is absolutely amazing, and their design and details will give you a distinct look.

Biker Jackets for Women 

There is a women’s biker leather jacket for every fashionista, whether you are looking for classic women’s racer jackets or uber-chic Brando-style biker jackets for women. Biker jackets also go by the name of motorcycle or moto jackets and give off edgy vibes with a dash of rebellion. A subcategory of this style is the racer jacket, which has a round collar and a straight front zipper. Those who crave a distinctive look and a bold style statement can pick any of the motorcycle jackets available in our collection. 

Women's Leather Bomber Jackets

For a casual chic look, bomber jackets are a classic choice. The iconic design of women's leather bomber jackets includes the ribbed collar, cuffs, and cinched waist. Bomber jackets aren’t just warm and comfortable, they are quite versatile as well. Being timeless, a bomber jacket can potentially give you an amazing layering option with most outfits for years to come. 

Women's Genuine Leather Blazers

Women’s genuine leather blazers can be a pick when the intention is to exude professional elegance. However, a leather blazer for women is not just a staple for a formal or business casual look. They can be equally versatile for street style looks. 

Women’s Long Leather Jacket

Looking for an extra layer of protection for your fall, winter, or early spring looks? A women’s long leather jacket can be an excellent choice. These long jackets are a perfect mix of functionality, style, and comfort. 

Women’s Spiked Leather Jackets

You can slay the high end fashionista’s look with our studded or spiked leather jackets. The edgy, glamorous look of these jackets is due to the metal spikes, which can be available in many different types, such as conical, flat-headed, or round studs. Leather jackets with gold hardware are also included in this category, which can be opted for an unconventional chic look.  

Pick a Colored Leather Jacket for Women

Colored leather jackets can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can pick vivid or muted colors according to your choice and personal style. A black leather jacket is the first choice of many women who are seeking versatility. Or, one can go for an alluring black leather blazer for women. 

However, diversifying your choices gives your style a much needed break from the normcore classic looks. You can still stay subtle and go for a brown leather jacket, which will give a touch of natural elegance to your look. Or, you can opt for a stylish blue leather jacket for a distinct look. 

If you admire colors, the choices are abundant at Leather Skin Shop. From a classy red leather jacket to a sophisticated grey or maroon leather jacket, you can browse several different styles. Or, satiate the femininity in you by opting for a pink leather jacket

Order a Custom Leather Jacket for Women 

While our collection of women’s leather jackets is vast, you can manifest your fashion vision with a custom leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop. Customizing allows you the freedom to choose the design, material, colors, and every other element of your jacket according to your preference. But the best part is that a custom leather jacket for women is tailored to your exact measurements. You can go for a plus size leather jacket or a beautifully fitted leather jacket.

Our reliable customization service ensures that your jacket truly reflects your individuality. We make and ship custom orders on time, avoiding unnecessary delays.

Care for Women Leather Coats and Jackets

Once you invest your money in a gorgeous leather jacket for women, you should ensure its proper care and maintenance. Clean it once in a while with a slightly damp washcloth, and condition it regularly to maintain its suppleness. As you preserve its appeal, it will stay in good shape for decades, allowing you to enjoy the impeccable style it provides.