Spiked & Studded Leather Jacket for Men and Women

Wearing a studded or spiked leather jacket is the best way to look like a million bucks and show off your unique and daring style preferences!

About Studded Leather Jacket

A studded leather jacket can be the most glamorous piece in your wardrobe, making you stand out each time you wear it. Studs and spikes are metal embellishments available in many sizes and shapes and enhance the appeal of a jacket.

Outerwear with spikes or studs are not gender specified. At Leather Skin Shop, you will see lots of mens as well as womens studded leather jacket styles for sale. Now, let's move on to learn the fascinating history behind these style-packed staples and their types.

Spiked Leather Jacket: Origin and Rise to Fame

Spikes added to a garment is not a new fad. Frequently used on armors, collars, and bracelets to stay protected, the pointed spikes portray the “beware” and “Keep a distance” vibes. It is exactly what the ardent followers of punk and rock wanted to personify when they started wearing leather jackets full of stud details and spikes. The 1970s, which is said to be the golden era of punk and rock, saw an emergence of these jackets, with punk lovers showing off their nonconformity to traditional styles in fashion.

Leather jackets with spikes, once worn only by the punks, are now a fashion staple opted for by fashionistas for a badass look. There are many different styles if you want a men's or womens studded leather jacket, You can make a powerful style statement with a spiky leather jacket. Whether you opt for a studded leather moto jacket or a jacket in black leather with spikes on the collar, it's up to you.

Studded Leather Jacket Variations

As the design and placement of metal snaps and spikes on a jacket made with leather can be different, several types of studded leather jackets exist. Women’s studded leather jackets may vary in design and colors as compared to a leather jacket with spikes for men. Here are the most sought-after spiked jacket styles to go for.

Spiked Aviator Leather Jacket

An aviator or bomber leather jacket with metal ornamnetal detailing is an excellent way to show that the party isn’t over, even in the cold season. The jacket's classic fit and ribbed waist and cuffs keep you warm and snug while allowing you to layer as required.

Studded Leather Jacket Biker Style

The studded leather biker jacket is the most popular for an edgy look. You can build a splendid looking street-style outfit for both men and women with it. There is a difference in cut and silhouette in a men's spiked leather jacket and a spiked leather jacket for women in biker style, though the detailing, adjustable waist belt, number of zippered pockets and placement of spikes could be similar.

Punk Inspired Spiked Jacket

If you are basking under the influence of punk fashion, a punk studded leather jacket is just what you need. The studs and spikes on the punk leather jacket can be emblazoned in the form of a rebellious phrase or a band name that you love!

Contrast Jacket With Spikes

Don’t want to get a usual black leather jacket? Get one in a red and black combo with metal ornamental details or any other color contrast that you love to take your edgy fashion game up a notch.

Fully Studded Jacket

A fully studded jacket made of leather is an extravagant piece of clothing that can literally steal the attention away from everyone else when you wear it.

Leather Outerwear with Shoulder Spikes

The shoulder area on your outer layer garment is highly noticeable, so that you can get a jacket with spikes on the shoulder instead of a fully studded one. This will allow some subtlety, as the rest of the garment has little to no detailing. 

Studded Jacket with Fringes

Fuse the boho aesthetic with the glam punk by going for a studded fringe leather jacket.

Leather Jacket with Gold Studs

Get a splendid gold studded jacket for men or women from Leather Skin Shop. As it stands out from any other type of outerwear, a black jacket with gold studs is a style move that never misses the target of making an impression.

Embroidered Studded Jacket

To take the fanciness to a whole new level, opt for an embellished leather jacket with embroidery that enhances its look. It can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, perfect to layer your dresses, jeans outfits, or casual jumpsuits.

Jacket with Star Shaped Studs

You can get a star-studded leather jacket in a beautiful color of your choice, such as a pink, purple, or red studded leather jacket.

Get a Custom Studded Leather Jacket

A personalized garment is always an infallible fashion move. While we have ready made options for sale, you can go for a custom studded leather jacket according to your choice. Men looking for a customized men's studded leather have multiple design options. That doesn't mean that there isn't much for our uber-chic female customers. Get a women's spike coat or blazer made of leather in any color and style you want.

You also have several color options besides a black studded leather jacket or a white jacket with beautiful silver spikes. You can also go for multiple jacket styles or a studded leather coat.


1. Will studded leather jackets go out of style?

Studded leather jackets are a stylish fusion of retro and contemporary styles and have been a sought-after choice of fashion savvy men and women for decades. They're definitely staying in trend for a long time.

2. How can I take care of a leather jacket with spikes?

As it is a statement piece that you wear to define your style, it is vital to maintain a studded leather jacket. Clean it with a barely damp cloth when needed and dry it immediately with a dry cloth to prevent studs from becoming rusty.

3. Can I wear a leather jacket with studs in the rain?

It is not recommended to wear your studded leather jacket in the rain can ruin the leather and make the metal studs rusty.

4. What to look for when buying a studded or spiked leather jacket?

When buying a leather jacket with studs, look for the quality of the leather and the jacket's lining. Inspect the quality of studs as they shouldn’t be of low quality that could come off easily or acquire rust. Also, look for a jacket that goes well with your personal style.