Men's Motorcycle Boots

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Motorcycle Boots - A Bold Choice!

Motorcycle boots, also known as bike boots for men, are typically made of full-grain leather material (given they need to be highly durable and sturdy). Even though some designs might have laces or a zipper, those with a metal buckle one are the most popular and authentic. People often compare motorcycle riding boots for men with Jodhpur boots, but these two are completely different in design, function, and style. 

With a pair of stylish motorcycle racing boots, you can make your outfits unique. It is a myth that only bikers can wear motorcycle boots. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, then you should definitely give them a try. They look tougher than other types of men’s leather shoes

Men’s motorcycle riding boots are also very convenient to wear and comfortable while riding a bike! You can easily slip into these motorbike boots without the hassle of tying laces to hit the city streets. Even though every footwear has its own appeal, there are no other shoes that can replace the rugged biker boots. 

What is the History of Motorcycle Boots?

What we now know as motorcycle boots were originally made for the firemen, to protect them from danger and give them comfortable mobility. They were known as ‘Engineer Boots’ in the 1940s. They had two harness-like metal buckles at the ankle and knee shaft for adjustments. 

The footwear for motorcycle riders were also once interchangeable with the ‘Harness Boots’ which were invented back in the 1830s.  

Motorcycle shoes for men eventually became popular in the 1950s and 60s due to the rise of the motorcycle culture. They were used as the ultimate shoes to ride a motorcycle. It also has earned its name as the sport bike boots. MC boots bring a much needed diversification to your wardrobe as they are different from classic shoes like men’s loafers or Oxford shoes.

At Leather Skin Shop you can also order custom boots that can have laces, zippers, or buckles. Other than the motorcycle boots, we also have unlimited design options for custom loafers and custom Oxford shoes. 

Jodhpur Boots Vs. Motorcycle Boots for Men

People assume that these two shoes, Jodhpurs and moto boots, have a few things in common. First of all the look has a resemblance. Secondly, they were both used to riding a horse and motorcycle respectively. But now both of them are not exclusively used for just these activities. 

Jodhpur boots are used by men who want to look unique and show off their taste in fashion. In short, they give off a more unique, fashion forward look. Meanwhile, boots for motorbikes are used by men who want to look hip and give a rockstar vibe. These boots make your outfit come to life!

The unique thing about motorcycle riding boots is that they are designed to be riding boots which give protection to the actual bike riders. However, they are not limited to the biker clan anymore, as they make you look incredibly stylish.

Even though these boots are quite versatile, you can’t wear them with formal wear. For such occasions, you should stick with the common men’s shoes like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, and even monk strap shoes for smart casual outfits.  

Different Styles of Riding Boots or Motorcycle Boots

Men’s riding boots are of various styles, and you can make them work for multiple outfits. Here is a list for you! 

Full-Grain Leather Motorcycle Boots

These are the classic boots in premium quality. They come in different colors and are quite popular among bikers. It is like a must have gear for their protection, and the style is also very appealing with its metal buckles on the ankle. They are indeed the best motorcycle boots with their durability and appeal. 

Zipper Motorcycle Boots for Men

Many motorcycle boots for men come with a zipper which helps in adjusting for the perfect fit. They secure your feet with their sturdy look, easy to wear, and are perfect for an adventurous day out. A good alternative to these are men’s zipper boots

Laced Motorcycle Shoes

While it is convenient to slip into classic motorcycle boots, laced motorcycle riding shoes have their own appeal. They look very trendy and stylish and are versatile. So you can pair them up with many casual outfits! 

Suede Motorcycle Boots

If you are looking for an alternative to the leather moto boots then opt for ones made with suede. Suede boots go well with casual and smart casual attire. They also have an iconic rugged vibe! 

At Leather Skin Shop, unique motorcycle boots in suede are for sale, with metal clasps designed to add to the flair.

Motorcycle boots are a completely different genre of footwear and you can’t compare or replace them with any other boots or shoes like the famous men’s Chukka boots, and Chelsea boots

How to Style Motorcycle Boots?

You can wear your motorcycle gear with style, and add motorcycle boots with your cool and trendy attire!

However, you don’t need a motorcycle to wear these stunning boots! Motorcycle boots for bikes can be styled for other casual and street style outfits. The modern style has adapted these boots to showcase a rebellious look. You can have fun exploring different looks with your boots. 

Casual Jeans Look

Motorcycle boots and denim jeans go hand in hand. They are an outstanding pair that complement each other, especially for a rider outfit. 

So if you want to look stunningly rugged then take your blue distressed slim or regular fit jeans and wear them with these men’s biking boots. This classic combination always wins! You can go for a tuck-in look for the jeans or use cuffed-up jeans as well. Both have their own charms. 

For shirts, keep it simple and plain. Go for neutral or dark color t-shirts or casual shirts like white, black, navy, brown, etc. 

Winter Casual Look

If you are not a biker and want to wear these boots then winter and fall are your time to shine. You can pair them up with the usual jeans and T-shirt while layering up with a motorcycle leather jacket or a leather bomber jacket.

Since you are wearing leather motorcycle boots, the upper leather jacket will contrast very well with it, giving you a voguish look. You can also experiment with colors and go for brown, dark brown or tan motorcycle boots instead of black ones. You should also match your jacket with the color of your biker boots to complete the look.   

Trendy Leather Look

You can go a level above and pair your leather motorcycle boots with leather pants. Trust us, this is one of the best motocross outfits that will look outstanding on you. To pair it up go for a plain black or other darker-colored T-shirt. 

If you want to add more edge to your outfit and give it that rockstar-hip look then add a spiked leather jacket on top. This look is a bit bold and it is going to turn heads wherever you go for an adventure!

Things to Avoid with Motorcycle Boots (Or Riding Shoes)moto

If you are wearing motorcycle boots here are a few things to avoid. 

  • Make sure that your legs are covered, shorts do not mix well with motorcycle boots. They are also not functional as bikers need to cover their leg and feet for protection and better performance anyway. 
  • Motorcycle boots are not formal footwear so do not try them out with formal suits. 
  • A bike is not necessary to wear your moto boots. 
  • These boots are not an ideal pair for chinos and formal trousers. 
  • Stay clear from blazers, and other sleek looking jackets. 

How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are one of those boots that are used roughly so you need to care for them. These boots look rugged and rough, so if you don’t feel like polishing these boots there is no harm in that. In fact, it adds more character to your boots. 

These low-maintenance boots, however, require some attention. You should keep a check if there is any wear and tear, and also don’t let them get extremely dirty! Especially if you are not a biker. You should also make sure that the leather doesn’t get extra wet. 

For people who wear them for fashion, you may want to keep them clean but it is not necessary to polish them to become shiny.

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