Leather Cowboy Hats

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Cowboy Leather Western Hats: Wear With Style

The leather western hat is arguably the most recognizable element of a cowboy’s iconic appearance. With its signature curved wire brim and pinched top, the vintage leather cowboy hat is the most popular part of Western wear. Hats with a cattleman crease is also one of the most desired styles. Made of supple leather, the cowboy hat provides comfort, protection, and style.

Like all of today’s fashion statements from old times, western hats used to be there to serve a purpose, but now in the modern era, it is more for fashion than function. 

Western leather cowboy hats are a popular choice among musicians and actors, apart from cowboys, cowgirls, and rodeo athletes. This is one item that is truly traditional to the West. There is so much history to unravel with these leather western hats for men. For example, differently colored hats have different meanings. Interestingly, how a cowboy shapes and creases his hat signifies his identity in society.  

History of The Cowboy Leather Western Hat

In the early to mid-19th century, when American pioneers and settlers moved westward, the harsh conditions of ranching, cattle herding, and life on the open range demanded modifications to their attire. At this point, the birth of the cowboy hat through American hat makers proved to be a practical solution, protecting the wearer from the sun, while the high crown allowed ventilation and guided rainwater away from the wearer’s face.

Throughout the 19th century, the hat’s design continued to evolve due to regional differences, climactic conditions, and preference of materials. John B. Stetson, in the late 1800s, introduced the revolutionary “Boss of the Plains” hat that had a wide brim and a smaller crown with amazing durability, comfort, and style for the time.

Types of Leather Cowboy Hats

As mentioned, a lot of different regions gave birth to a lot of different iterations of the men’s leather cowboy hats. This resulted in a wide variety of cowboy hat types. Let’s explore the major ones.

Braided Leather Cowboy Hats

The simplicity of braided leather cowboy hats makes it so iconic. It usually has a distinct braided feature right on its base. You can wear the classic brown leather cowboy hat as it is a favorite among all the cowboys and ranchers back in the day because of its versatility. And we can now witness that the hat’s appeal was timeless. 

Punk Top Leather Cowboy Hats

Punk top leather cowboy hats are an amazing spin on the classic cowboy hats. They look phenomenal and elevate your style. For all the punk rock lovers, this is the perfect hat for you. 

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Open Crown

With a crown that is not pre-creased or shaped, the Open Crown black leather cowboy hat allows the freedom of the wearer to shape the hat according to their appearance. If you’re googling “leather cowboy hats near me,” this one should be your choice because of its flexibility, versatility, and the ability to give you a personalized fit. 

Vintage Leather Cowboy Hat

Since the origin of cowboy hats has been from the 19th century, the vintage appeal is always there. Vintage cowboy men’s leather western hats are a highly popular choice for both casual and formal occasions. 

For women desiring the vintage cowgirl look, consider opting for a black leather cowgirl hat.

Bowler Leather Cowboy Hats

More popularly known as the Derby hat, this black leather western hat has a round crown with a small brim that’s also rolled. These are the leather cowboy hats for men that aren’t traditionally from the Wild West, but they got accepted in contemporary Western fashion. It is even worn when one needs an alternative to common cowboy hats. 

How to Style Cowboy Western Leather Hats?

As much as men's leather western hats are popular, these meticulously handcrafted hats can be quite tricky to style. While wearing a top hat, you have to understand which side is in the front. To simply spot it, look for a small bow tied to the sweatband on the inside of your leather hat. On the left side, there should be a buckle or feather plume tucked under the band. 

Keep it Simple

Styling a cowboy should be simple. An outfit with a brown men’s leather jacket paired with a t-shirt, distressed jeans, and men’s leather shoes look great with a brown cowboy hat. However, you can also style it very plainly with a button-up shirt, jeans, and a pair of men’s zipper boots. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go for tactical boots. As for the shirt, solid-colored tees or flannel shirts can work too.

Punk Rock Dream

You can also consider your punk rock side while choosing a cowboy hat. The hat gels well with an all-black attire. Pair your versatile black jeans with a distressed leather jacket and finish this daring look with a pair of classic ankle boots! 

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The Biker Look 

Leather cowboy hats can be so much more than a Western-style accessory. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast go with a biker cowboy hat and pair it up with a leather motorcycle jacket to add an edge to your look. 

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The Suede Look 

For the perfect all-suede look go for a vintage-style cowboy hat made of suede and wear it with a men’s suede jacket and suede Chukka boots. You can layer your suede jacket over a white shirt and a pair of tapered jeans. If you want something more rugged then choose suede brown leather jackets

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1.Are leather cowboy hats good?

Although being water-resistant and extremely sturdy, Leather cowboy hats are quite hot in the summer season. leather cowboy hats, on the other hand, are fashionable and one-of-a-kind. They also come in various hues that are exclusively available in suede and Leather. The materials mentioned above for your cowboy hat come in various styles.

2. Should a cowboy hat be sleek?

Cowboy hats are designed to accommodate the natural form of your head. Thus they should fit snugly on your brow and back of your head while feeling a little looser at the sides. If the hat is excessively tight, you may get headaches. It'll fly off or continue to twist around on your head if it's too loose.