Men's Brogue Shoes

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About Brogue Dress Shoes: A Timeless Footwear For All Men!

What is a brogue shoe? The shoes with perforations or holes, often in a beautiful design, are called men’s brogue dress shoes. Brogue shoes are known as one of the most formal men’s shoes. Let's explore what brogues are or what brogueing actually is.

Brogue translates to the tiny little holes that you can see on the shoes. 

The holes punched in the leather brogue leather shoes are its identity. It means you can classify any footwear that has brogueing on it as classic brogue shoes. For example, your brogue shoes can be oxford shoe style or derby shoe style. Therefore it is safe to say that there is a variety of brogue-style shoes. 

History of Brogue Dress Shoes

Brogue for men can be traced back to the 16th century and they were not always classy footwear and formal shoes with fine designs. Initially, these shoes were made for men or laborers working outdoors. These holes helped keep men’s feet dry as the water could escape through them. 

When brogue shoes were invented the name was derived from the Gaelic word ‘brog’ which means ‘shoes.’ However, after perforation was called brogueing, men’s leather brogue shoes became a particular style of shoes with holes in them. 

The intricate nature of the shoes was not always a part of it. But after these brogue leather shoes hit the city people, it was greatly refined and by the 20th century had become a status and wealth symbol.

Types of Brogue Shoes with Toe Caps

A brogue shoe has many variations but its key features remain constant, it has perforations and a toe cap. We have classified men’s brogue dress shoes into three basic categories, all of which can help you slay the formal, semi-formal, and smart casual fashion.

Full Brogue Shoes

Also known as wingtips, full brogues are the fanciest variation of men’s brogue shoes. The most noticeable part of these shoes is their toe cap that is somehow extended with brogueing and a ‘W’ '-like design. It has a lot of brogueing on its toe and gives your shoes the classy iconic length. 

Semi-Brogue Shoes

Semi-brogue or half -brogue shoes do not have the wingtip toe cap that full brogue shoes contain. However, it also has an extended toe cap which makes it fancy, and formal. It also has heavy perforations on the toe cap while some perforations are also present in the middle. 

Quarter Brogue Shoes

Quarter brogue shoes do not have perforations on the entire shoe but just on the toe cap. It is a very simple design that you can wear to different events. This simple and sophisticated style exemplifies ‘less is more’. 

Other Types of Brogue Shoes

There are other types of brogue shoes for men as well based on their style. 

Oxford Shoes - As we said any shoes can be a brogue type of shoe if there are hand-punched holes or perforations present on them. Leather Skin Shop has stylish Oxford shoes that have brogue detailing. It is available in wingtip design and half brogueing. Oxfords with broguing are an amalgamation of two dress shoe styles! 

Derby Shoes - Brogue shoes for men come in variety and one such variety is the derby shoes. Derby shoes are already a very formal wear and to mix it up with brogue shoes, it becomes an outstanding fashionable footwear option. Leather Skin Shop has a wide variety of these shoes that add value to your wardrobe. 

Monk Strap Shoes - This is one of the most favorite footwear in men who want to look a class apart. These monk strap shoes have a buckle strap and the brogueing makes it sophisticated. These are true men’s leather shoes

Brogue Boots - If you are tired of wearing brogue shoes, here is a fun variation for you. Try men’s brogue shoes for a change. You can find brogueing on men’s chukka boots and other men’s zipper boots or classic lace-ups! 

These boots look sleek and are quite comfortable. These will set you apart from the crowd and make your entire outfit look exquisite!

How to Style Brogue Shoes? 

Styling brogues for men is not difficult but you just have to know the type of your brogue dress shoes.

Brogue shoes can be worn on any occasion from formal wear to casual wear. You can style them with a variety of outfits, but you should always consider the event. Brogue shoes are not acceptable in black-tie events so avoid wearing them at any such events. 

You should also know that lesser perforations or brogueing means more formal. If you have full brogue shoes then save it for more casual and semi-formal events, for which another option could be loafer shoes. For more formal events you should go for dress shoes. Men’s black brogues shoes are more formal than the other colored shoes with broguing. 

Another casual and fun new addition to the brogue shoe family is the brogue sneaker adds a fun element to your casual wear! So instead of wearing normal sneakers, take it up a notch and pair your brogue sneaker with casual outfits. 

Styling Ideas for Brogue Shoes

Casual Outings - If you want a look that is perfectly smart and casual, men’s brown brogues shoes will go very well with a polo shirt and trousers. Brown brogue shoes are mostly worn casually but there is no rule that you can’t wear them in semi-formal events. 

Business Attire - Men’s black brogue shoes are a business attire staple, as the color black speaks elegance. However, make sure that you are choosing semi-brogue shoes or quarter-brogue shoes. 

Outside Adventure - Have an upcoming excursion trip? Brogue boots are here to save the day. Apart from motorcycle boots or military boots, you can also go with these. Boots with broguing will elevate your aesthetics and your outfit will stand out!

Semi-Formal King - If you are invited to semi-formal events, this is where brogue shoes really shine! Instead of choosing Chelsea shoes, choose wingtip semi-brogue shoes. Be ready to look sharp in your semi-formals. 

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