A style if shoes we all love and adore universally, brogues are a staple. Their versatility knows no bounds. Their sturdy and robust design makes them incredibly durable. The best part, however, is that they look amazing on anyone and everyone.

Men’s brogue shoes come in a huge variety. On the spectrum of formal to casual, brogue shoes can be found all across. Formal brogue shoes feature minimalistic patterns and subdued detailing. The casual ones are louder and bolder featuring a greater pattern covered area. Depending on your need, opt for the style you think is best for you. Perhaps the most signature brogue shoe style known to the world is that of a classic tan and black pair of leather brogue shoes.

Wear them with everything ranging from a leather jacket, jeans and a tee, maybe over a pair of chinos, a button down and cardigan, or even with a suit; brogue shoes are super multipurpose. Needless to say, every penny spent on a pair of brogues is money well spent.

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