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Great but with a little error

I love the jacket! The only thing is I order a jacket with Ce armor but I don’t have any CE armor

Good quality besides one thing

Jacket was overall good in terms of quality on the outside. However, the fabric that is used in the inside of the hand pockets is easy to rip, which happened in my case after 3 months of wear. Other than that, a good looking and fit jacket

Super woman's cut

Imagine romulan royalty with their weird jackets with shoulder pads. This is a super flattering cut for women. Not for me.

Good jacket

The jacket is great. It is good and fits very well.

Womens green leather motorcycle jacket

Beautiful coat,my wife loves it!!!
Amazing customer service!! I'll be back for more

A good jacket, but not entirely what I was expecting.

This jacket is pretty good for the price, I think. It's one of the only orange 'leather' jackets you can find online. The others which are real leather typically cost sooo much money it's not fair.

I like the colour of the jacket. I also liked that I could have it made to measure as I don't usually fit into a lot of standard womens sizes very well since i have quite broad shoulders. However, I do kinda wish there was a bit of a note on length for things. I was hoping for a shorter length and after some measuring I decided to do 21", a few inches shorter than the jackets not made to measure would be. The jacket arrived and I found out the 21" was not quite as short as I hoped it to be. You'll have to ask yourself then if that's my fault, and maybe it is, but still, it would have been nice if they could make a note or something on typical jacket lengths so some novice who's never had clothes tailored before could know what would turn out a bit longer than cropped length.

Back onto the jacket itself, I have received many compliments on it so I think it looks great, but I have a few nit picks for the fit. The sleeves are quite large in circumfrence so I find they sorta hang off my skinny arms and let the cold air drift in. I'll also say that I think that even though the material is faux leather, it is going to take some time to "break in". At the moment the pleather is very stiff and doesn't like to bend, so just know that when you're buying it, that the first two autumms you wear it for it's going to be a bit stiff. I would also say, take an inch or two of off some measurements like your waist and hips and shoulders. When buying leather type of things, it seems to make that it's good to size down and then break it in, and that it will loosen. I put all my measurements proper into the fields and I find that sometimes I feel like the jacket is a bit too bulky.

Overall, 4/5 or 8/10. It's a good jacket and the orange colour is amazing, but yeah the sleeves hang off you and it can be a bit stiff and bulky.


beyond a perfect job


hi hooman i want jacket saturday 10 to 11

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hi hooman i want jacket monday 1230

Leather vest review

I thought that the vest was put together pretty good with the exception of the zipper that sticks a little and the size which fits a smaller than I thought it would.

It was a wonderful experience. They kept me in the loop the whole way thru the process. I even asked them to make me a pair of gloves and that wasn't a problem either. I have and will continue to recommend them to my riding my friends

looks so nice!

I am really grateful that i received such a nice leather jacket . Its looks so good on me and i am 100% sure that every one would love it .Color combination and yes design is perfectly matched and made for me . Your customer services are highly appreciated .Thank you

The Perfect leather Jacket

This is quite possibly the best leather jacket i have bought. The stuff is soft but thick and smells so beautifully of leather.I am amazed with the quality as is really good leather and highly recommend .

Custom Leather Jackets
Fabrice Drocco
Great Jacket, Price and Service.

Great jacket. Very happy about the design, fits perfectly. For a custom made red leather jacket, the price was quite low. Will order from here next time I need something made.
Thanks Leather Skin.


Good quality shoe

Hat Purchase

The description was a black leather hat. The one I received was brown. It also came damaged. When I contacted about a return I was presented 2 options. I could return for a full refund, but it would not be accepted if any damage, or receive a 40% discount. Since it was damaged and I could not return I had to take the discount. Only reason why it is not 1 star is the response was prompt but I can’t recommend purchasing from this company again.

New boots

Quality of leather is good and a nice looking boot,I have two problems however,the first is even though I have slim feet and I ordered a half size larger than I normally would I find them difficult to put on but I am putting that down to
being new and hopefully will get easier with second problem is that one zipper keeps sliding down to half way as I walk so I will take them into a shoe repair shop to see what can be done to fix this.

Too Small

The jacket is beautiful! However, even after sending my measurements, the jacket is too small. I can barely get it on and it is very tight fitting!

Women Teal Leather Jacket
Barbara Graves
Lining is Sub-Par

Great fit, quality leather, color is very true to computer image. My only complaint; the jacket lining is plastic. It literally crackles like a plastic grocery bag. Too bad, because I like the jacket.

Custom Leather Jackets
Alexandros M
Best Custom Jacket Ever! Outstanding Quality and Craftsmanship!

The quality and attention to detail is unparelled, from the get go they had fast communication with me, and went all the way to create the jacket just as I wanted it, from the studs to the embroidery. Specially with the embroidery, the colors look amazing and its crafted with great quality and care. Im very pleased and will definitely will be doing business with them again.

Love it!

Fits beautifully, great color.

Beautiful Jacket

This was a gift and my daughter loved it! Beautiful jacket and great quality leather. True to size! Would definitely recommend.


We are very happy with how the jacket turned out. My son looks great! Leather Skin Shop was easy to work with, and very responsive to questions.

Leather Stitches Are Cool!

This jacket is a perfect fit and the stitching is white leather. Looks great. This is my 3rd jacket from this company and all three have been of exemplary quality.