Quilted Leather Jackets for Women

Being the epitome of versatility, a quilted leather jacket is an excellent way to amp up your fall and winter outfits.

Quilted Leather Jacket

Quilted leather jackets, also sometimes known as puffer jackets, have a unique quilted design. The jacket has padding which is made through quilting. It provides an extra layer of warmth to the leather jacket. Quilted leather jackets are soft, comfortable, and warmer than unlined leather jackets. 

Quilted jackets make an incredible style statement besides keeping you warm during the winter season. It is like any other women’s leather jacket but with added layers of insulation. The quilting of the padded leather jacket makes you look cool and sophisticated with an edge.  

Being timeless outerwear, the quilted leather coats for women are an amazing addition to your wardrobe. You can wear it casually or in formal settings. At Leather Skin Shop you can find so many varieties of the quilted jacket, plus other genuine leather products like the women’s sheepskin jacket and the women’s lambskin leather jacket.

Origination of Quilted Leather Jacket

To delve deeper into leather quilted jackets for women, let’s take a look at the origination of leather jackets. Leather jackets came into being due to the absence of the heating system in the aircraft, during the 1900s, World War II. 

Pilot and crew members wore green leather bomber jackets that kept them warm and it was usually made of sheepskin or lambskin, etc. The old bomber jackets also had lining and were used to keep the wearer warm. In modern times, quilted leather bomber jackets serve a similar purpose.

Types of Quilted Leather Jacket for Women

Quilted leather jackets for ladies are available in diverse forms, and here are a few of their types.  

Classic Quilted Leather jacket 

A classic quilted leather jacket has a quilted design on the arms and the upper half of the body. It can also have the design on the overall jacket. It is one of the most common quilted leather jackets which you can wear on different occasions. 

The classic style has a few variations, it either comes in half quilting, or the quilted shoulder leather jacket, while some come with a quilted design on the sleeves as well. 

Quilted Biker Leather Jacket 

The women’s biker jacket itself is quite edgy, and with quilting, it becomes so much more stunning. The quilted biker jacket is padded, giving a bolder style statement. Quilted leather moto jackets are popular as compared to any other motorcycle jacket styles. Get your hands on a splendid quilted leather moto jacket for women from Leather Skin Shop!

Hooded Quilted Leather Jacket

Quilted jackets with a hood are a style-packed version of the casual hooded leather jackets. You can wear these with casual wear to make a voguish outfit! It is amazing how you can transform your routine outfits with just outerwear.  

Different Colors of Quilted Leather Jackets for Women

Quilted leather jackets come in many different colors other than the black quilted leather jacket, which is what makes them so versatile. There is a color for every personal style, outfit and occasion. The red quilted leather jacket is a stylish choice to make your outfit look outstanding! Dark green quilted leather jackets look absolutely stunning and you can pair them with many different outfits. 

You can also opt for custom jackets in your choice of colors, rest assured that our craftsmanship is remarkable with great attention to detail and perfect stitching.

Explore Our Men’s Quilted Leather Jacket Range!

Apart from the great women's collection we also have amazing men’s quilted leather jackets in different styles. It's worth exploring the options whether you want to grab a unisex style for yourself, or your partner!

How to Wear a Quilted Leather Jacket for Women?

For all the fashion lovers opting for quilted jackets, here is a style guide for you!

Wear it Casually!

Causal wear goes great with the quilted leather jacket. To keep things simple choose a white ribbed turtleneck with light blue distressed jeans and pair it up with a black quilted leather jacket. The jacket should fit perfectly on the body, as it gives a well-put-together look to your outfit. 

Fun Night Outs!

Fun night-outs are incomplete without a good pair of quilted leather jackets. You can wear a printed cocktail dress and pair it up with a green quilted leather jacket and black heels. Another perfect combination for your night-outs is the classic black jumpsuit and layer it up with a black belted quilted leather jacket.  

Funky Look!

If you are into funky or punk rock fashion then this is the best look for you. Style a graphic t-shirt or a neon-colored tank top with ripped jeans, and layer it up with a contrasting quilted leather jacket.   

Black Dress With a Touch of Red!

Wear a stylish black dress with a red quilted leather jacket. This red leather jacket adds a pop of color to your outfit. For footwear, you should go for black T-strap heels.

Get Your Custom Quilted Leather Jacket from the Leather Skin Shop!

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