Men's Chelsea Boots

From Victorian invention to this century, men’s Chelsea boots have not lost their spark and popularity. Buy these versatile boots at Leather Skin Shop!

About Chelsea Boots for Men

The iconic Chelsea boot is one-of-a-kind in every sense. Its slip-on style makes it easy and popular among the masses. Unlike many shoes like sneakers which suit only casual wear, the Chelsea boot can be adapted for casual wear as well as formal wear. 

Chelsea boots are different from any other lace-up shoes like the Oxfords and Derby shoes. They are ankle-length boots and there is no lace or buckles on them like monk strap shoes or Jodhpur boots. Instead, they have a tab to pull them on easily. So you can easily differentiate since Chelsea boots are unique. 

Chelsea boots are mostly made of leather and suede and consist of a low heel.  

How Did Men’s Chelsea Boots Became Popular?

The history of Chelsea boots dates back to the 1850s when Queen Victoria wanted comfortable shoes on her feet for walking and riding her horses. So her cobbler, Sparks Hall took it upon him to make these boots with vulcanized rubber. It then became famous among everyone for how easy they were unlike men’s zipper boots. Sparks patented Chelsea boots, and at that time they were known as paddock boots.

Later famous artists, socialites, and other famous names known as the Chelsea set started wearing this footwear. They were a common sight on the famous street in Chelsea, West London: the King’s Road. Due to all of this, we now know them as Chelsea boots.

During the 50s and 60s, the Beatles also wore these but with the exception of Cuban heels added by famous designers. It led to further popularization of these boots which were also known as the Beatles boots at one point.  

Different Styles of Men’s Chelsea Boots

Men’s Chelsea boots are men’s leather shoes that have never gone out of style. We have a great variety of men’s Chelsea boots on sale, so let’s take a look at the types you can opt for.

Classic Plain Chelsea Boots for Men

The plain classic style leather Chelsea boots are famous for being versatile. Color plays a huge role when it comes to these boots. If you want to wear Chelsea-style boots for men at formal occasions, then a black pair of Chelsea boots is the way to go. It can be a cool alternative to custom Oxford shoes.

Similarly, for smart-casual events, you should opt for brown leather Chelsea boots for men’s wear. These plain boots have a smooth leather look and sleek design, making your attire impressive and sharp. Instead of brown Chelsea boots for men’s wear, you can also go for custom Moccasins, which are also good in smart casuals. 

Suede Chelsea Boots for Men

Suede Chelsea boots are a great alternative to the classic men’s leather Chelsea boots. Suede Chelsea boots for men are one of the casual Chelsea boots varieties. 

The men’s black suede Chelsea boots have a relaxed vibe while the classic black Chelsea boots for menswear give more of a sleek, urban look.  

Brogue Chelsea Boots for Men 

Brogue Chelsea boots are worn as smart casual wear. It gives a unique look to your entire outfit, just adding these brogue boots can amp up your attire. If the broguing expands on the shoes other than the cap toe then you should consider wearing it casually. Brogue Chelsea boots can be styled similarly to the usual men’s brogue shoes.  

Chunky Chelsea Boots for Men 

Picking the right type of soles of men’s heeled Chelsea boots are important as they are often worn as walking boots. So make sure you buy the right Men’s chunky Chelsea boots that are suitable for your unique needs.  

In Chelsea boots, there are rubber and leather soles. If you want to wear the boots under a suit then it is best to get leather soles. For a casual and rugged look, you should choose rubber soles.

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How to Style a Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are quite versatile so there are multiple ways to style them. There are many lace-up boots like men’s Chukka boots but due to the ease of wearing Chelsea boots, they are popular. 

Black Chelsea boots are the best option if you are going for a polished and smart formal look. You should pair your sleek classic black Chelsea boots with a grey and black suit. They also look good paired with a navy blue suit as well. 

They are a great alternative if you want to switch your cap-toe Oxford shoes or formal men’s loafers for office wear. To add variety to your formal footwear, you can order custom dress shoes from Leather Skin Shop at an affordable price. You should match your belt with your boots in formal wear to pull the entire outfit together. Leather office bags also go great as an accessory. 

Brown Chelsea boots are great for bottoms like tapered chinos, trousers, and even jeans. Just make sure the bottom wear is not too baggy. It looks amazing if you are planning to hang out with your friends and family. 

Also, choose leather dark brown boots if you are planning to engage in outdoor activities as lighter shades of brown and suede Chelsea boots can easily become dirty. You can also swap colors and go for burgundy, or tan Chelsea boots men’s wear available at Leather Skin Shop.  

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