Men's Chukka Boots

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Wear Chukka Boots with Style!

Chukka boots are a timeless investment to men’s staple footwear. They pair well with everyday boring outfits as they add a unique style to them. Chukka boots are a stylish option for people who are looking for something other than casual men’s loafers, or custom Moccasins. 

Chukka boots have evolved from their original form to much more sophisticated footwear for men. You can dress up or dress down with them.    

The Chukka boot is the true embodiment of classic elegance, ideal to pair with casual and dressy attire. You should invest in these versatile boots.  

History of Chukka Boots

The name Chukka was originally coined after the name Chukker which is a Hindi word that means moving a round circle. Chukka means a seven-and-a-half-minute period in the Polo game. They originate from India but by a British man named Nathan Clark. 

Clark found the need to introduce heavy-duty shoes to the British army in World War II as their other option was lightweight desert shoes. It was made with two leather pieces stitched to its rubber soles. They become a durable yet comfortable option. 

Later these shoes traveled to Britain with the Duke of Windsor and they became a hit among common civilians. It is now a stylish ankle-length boot with three laces and the toe shape can vary slightly. Its thin leather sole provides the comfort of walking for men. These amazing boots soon became a staple in every man’s life as they adapt extremely well to almost all outfits. 

They look very classy if you are looking for other options than Oxford shoes, and Derby shoes, Chukka boots are the best option for you. 

Desert Boots VS. Chukka Boots for Men

Originally people used to confuse the two but the difference is huge. Desert boots belong closely with the chukka boots family, with lightweight construction, unlined interior, and crepe rubber soles (often light-colored). They are generally considered more casual due to their relaxed design.

Chukka boots on the other hand have either dark or light-colored thin and hard leather soles. Desert boots are a relaxed version, you can wear them comfortably for casual wear. Chukka boots are the icons of versatility and they can make your outfit look stunning. 

If you are looking for a change and want to experiment with your footwear options then choose Chukka boots! At Leather Skin Shop we have a wide range of leather boots and shoes to match your style. 

Different Types of Chukka Boots for Men

Chukka boots are one of the most versatile men’s leather shoes. Every man must have one of these in their closet to style in various ways. Here are some of the classic and unique types of Chukka shoes. 

Leather Chukka Boots

The icon of comfortable sophistication, Men's Leather Chukka boots are the perfect fit for your closet if you are looking for something that works for both casual, smart-casual, or semi-formal. They are also much more durable and give you a sharp vibe. 

Initially invest in either black or a darker shade of brown color in Chukka boots as they can be paired easily with most ensembles.

Suede Chukka Boots

If you want a casual option in your closet then men’s Chukka boots in suede are worth the choice. They look amazing and amp up your look. There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to casual men’s suede Chukka. You can buy navy grey, or the simple ones; black or brown.

Chukka Sneakers

Here's a street style version of Chukka boots for casual looks. Men’s Chukka sneakers are comfortable and stylish with a sneaker-like sole while the top part is like standard Chukka boots. They have a slightly polished vibe than the casual sneakers. 

Different Colors of Lace-up Chukka Boots

Chukka shoes for men come in different colors and you can have fun while experimenting!

Classic Black Chukka Boots

Wear the classic men’s black Chukka boots with a semi-formal outfit to make it outstanding. You may feel like wearing monk-strap shoes on such occasions but men’s black Chukka would also work great. Black Chukka dress shoes look great with your suits too. 

Tan Chukka Boots

Tan Chukka boots are a unique but stylish option for casual looks. If you want to elevate your casual fashion game then wear tan-colored Chukka boots! They give a rugged vibe to your look. 

Blue Chukka Boots

Blue Chukka boots are a suave and different footwear choice. But it is a better one to make especially if you are looking for a change. Chukka boots are a man’s staple footwear for fall, and if you already have Chelsea boots then we recommend investing in the classic Chukka boots. 

How to Wear Chukka Boots?  

Chukka boots add a fashionable edge to your look and you can’t help but feel confident while wearing them. Here are a few fun options for you to wear with your Chukka boots. 

Jeans with Chukka Boots!

Chukkas for men are one of the best casual footwear, and they look great with jeans. You should make sure that your jeans are tapered if they should end above your Chukka boots. 

You can pair your jeans with your favorite plain polo shirt and if it's winter then throw on a bomber jacket on top! Elevate your look by wearing bright-colored socks that will make a standout appearance. 

There are no restrictions on the color and style of jeans but we recommend choosing a regular fit or slim fit with this look. 

Suits with Chukka Boots

Since Chukka boots are not formal shoes, they work well if you want to tone down a formal look. They are great for pairing with a semi-formal outfit as well but are great to pair with casual suits and blazer outfits, just like Jodhpur Boots

Black dress Chukka boots can be worn on your suits to make them appear smart-casual. You can also pair tan or dark brown Chukka boots with a navy suit. Just make sure that the hem of your trousers doesn’t come over the boots. However, in suits, black Chukka boots for men are the obvious choice. 

If you want personalized dress shoes then head on to Leather Skin Shop. We can craft custom dress shoes and other types of shoes such as custom Oxford shoes and custom Loafers. 

Shorts with Chukka Boots

Chukka shoes for men's versatility don't know any bounds. To elevate the style quotient, you can even wear them with shorts. You can throw on a plain T-shirt with beige shorts and pair them up with suede Chukka boots. It looks trendy and stylish! 

Styling Tip: Wear khaki or other neutral-colored shorts that are just above your knees. Anything shorter than that would make a very casual and awkward choice. Also, avoid cargo shorts. 

They are unique and cool like men’s brogue shoes. If you want to go for a particular type of boots, you can get custom boots from Leather Skin Shop.

Can You Wear Chukka Boots in Summer?

Chukkas are different from classic winter boots like men’s zipper boots or motorcycle boots. You just have to make sure that you are ready for the unexpected summer rain, so for that choose men’s waterproof Chukka boots. For the warmer season, you may want to wear them without socks!

How to Take Care of Your Chukka Boots

Buying an amazing pair of footwear is not everything, you must take care of them. Here are a few tips for you to consider. 

Begin with lightly dusting your Chukka boots with a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris. Then proceed further with a gentle soap to clean your boot’s surface. Avoid making your leather boots too wet, as it is not good for them. 

After finishing this procedure, move on to polish your shoes with a mild conditioner. This treatment will keep your Chukka boots shiny and new while protecting them from drying out. 

After treating your boots, you must store them well. If you don’t wear your Chukka boots regularly then make sure to stuff them with newspaper before storing them away. This will retain their shape. Keep away from sunlight to avoid any sort of fading, and also keep them in a well-ventilated area so there is no moisture build-up. 

You can keep your beloved Chukka boots safe and free from wear and tear for a long time by following these steps. 

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