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Leather Skin Shop’s reliable customization services ensure the creation of a one-of-a-kind custom leather jacket that reflects your persona and style.

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We offer a plethora of customization options at your fingertips. Our custom leather jackets perfectly blend the customer's creativity and the expertise of our design consultants, graphic designers, and leather craftsmen.

Premium Materials

Only the best quality leather from the most reputable tanneries makes it to our workshops. Whether you want a custom suede jacket or sturdy cowhide, soft sheepskin, lambskin, or thin and breathable goatskin for your custom jacket, you will get the best quality.

Unique Design Options

The fascination for choosing customization over store bought clothing is that you can make your own leather jacket in the design you like. Go for an elegant custom leather coat, a custom bomber jacket, or an uber chic cropped moto jacket.

Embroidery & Printing

If you want something that sets you apart from the crowd, go for a custom printed leather jacket or a custom leather jacket with embroidery, embossing, studs, or other adornments.

Color Choices

The color options for women’s and men’s custom leather jackets are endless. Black, blue, green, burgundy, orange, you name it. Experience the perfect fusion of style and personal touch with custom leather jackets. Order one in the leather color you love and a well-resonated style.

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About Custom Leather Jackets

Getting your dream leather jacket for women or men isn’t cheap, especially if you want to incorporate your preferred features into it. It is an investment that will help you with layering and fashion needs for decades. As custom leather jackets are made from scratch according to your requirements, the investment must be well thought out.

Over the years, Leather Skin Shop has built a strong reputation for creating high-quality, ready-to-wear, and customized leather garments. With customization being our forte, we strive to put our heart and soul into customized leather jackets. When you need a leather jacket that fits perfectly while portraying your persona, relying on Leather Skin Shop’s digital customization platform is a decision you will never regret. Positive reviews from customers who ordered custom leather jackets prove our mettle as the most trustworthy custom leather jacket maker.

Reasons To Order A Custom Leather Jacket

Going the bespoke route for your leather jacket is one of those decisions that establish your sartorial prowess. Unlike mass-produced jackets, a custom-made leather jacket is handcrafted by a single artisan, explaining its quality.

The customization gives the customer complete control over what they want to wear. Therefore, custom leather jackets are totally unique, with each aspect speaking volumes about the person’s style sense. Whether you want custom-made film jackets to recreate the look of your beloved movie character or want a classic jacket that fits you like a glove, customization makes your dream come true.

How A Custom Leather Jacket Is Different From Off-The-Rack Options

Custom jackets are unique, handcrafted garments designed according to the specifications chosen by the customer. They are tailored to the individual’s specific measurements, guaranteeing an incredible fit. Custom leather jackets for men and women are hence superior to mass-produced off-the-rack options.

Getting a Jacket With All the Desired Features

With customization, you can find many custom options for every aspect of your custom leather jacket. You chose the material, style, color, and all the additional details, making a personalized leather jacket that will stay with you for life. You may want threadwork on your custom bomber jackets or specific hardware for your custom trench coats. Your wish becomes our command!

Superior Quality

With customization, you get to pick from an exclusive range of materials, which guarantees the excellent quality of your jackets. Whether it’s premium grade suede for a custom suede jacket or synthetic material for custom faux leather jackets, the material is durable, lasting a lifetime.

Custom Made Leather Jacket With the Ideal Fit

The tailored leather jackets are just the right size for each customer. There are many ways to describe the fit you aim for, including regular sizes (XS to 4XL), relaxed, slim fit, skinny, petite, short, plus-sized, or oversized. Men can go for big and tall sizes if needed.

Still, your best bet is to go for custom-fit leather jackets by providing your body measurements. You can refer to our size guide to learn how to measure yourself for custom leather jackets.

Goes with Your Current Wardrobe

While designing your custom leather jacket for women or men, you can choose the colors and styles that complement the rest of your clothing. You can go for a classic custom leather blazer that goes with most of your casual outfits or custom motorcycle jackets in contrasting hues to complete edgy outfits. Brides-to-be can purchase a unique Custom Bride Leather Jacket for themselves that will also come in handy with fancy outfits later on.

One-of-a-Kind Custom Leather Jacket

As your jacket is personalized, it stays totally unique. Wish to replicate the iconic outfits of movie legends? With Leather Skin Shop’s custom service, you can order custom movie leather jackets. Get custom varsity jackets worn by sports stars or an appealing studded leather jacket similar to that worn by celebrities to make a fashion statement!

Unleashing Your Creativity

You will enjoy the process of designing your own leather jacket. While brainstorming the jacket features with our design consultants, you can let them know your requirements, and they will help you choose the best. You can show your penchant for creativity by going for custom embroidered leather jackets or exude your simplicity with a plain leather jacket. You can also order custom logo leather jackets for merchandising purposes.

Bespoke Options For A Custom Made Leather Jacket

At Leather Skin Shop, we have created a step by step bespoke process on how to customize a leather jacket. Our team of design consultants, graphic designers, and skilled craftsmen work tirelessly to create each custom leather jacket perfectly. After you upload photos of the desired design and fill out the form on our website, the design consultant will ask questions about your dream jacket design. The consultant will note the preferred design and convey it to the craftsman through sketches. To better understand how it works, click the link to read our steps for customization.

The following aspects are considered during customization, and you can explore the available variations for each feature.

Finest Quality Materials

You can pick top-quality leathers for your jacket, ranging from cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin, and lambskin leather to less common but extra sturdy horsehide, buffalo hide, or deerskin leather. For spring, you may need a lightweight jacket, like a cotton-lined goatskin jacket. For colder seasons, custom parka jackets are more suitable for insulating you.

Lining Material Options

We have a vast range of lining materials for customized jackets. You can go for cotton, polyester, satin, real sheepskin shearling, quilted insulated lining, or a removable warm liner. You can go for custom printed lining instead of plain lining.

Styles of Custom Leather Jackets

If you need a jacket for semi-formal and formal looks, simply go for a classic-length custom leather vest, blazers, and coats in simple designs. For casual wear, men can opt for moto jackets, bomber jackets, or waist-length shearling jackets. Women can go with cropped styles or oversized hip-length jackets. You can even get a voguish custom punk jacket.

Closures and Pockets

The size, number, and placement of pockets are up to you. If you order custom vintage jackets, go for a front button closure with wide, flapped pockets. Or you can go for front zipper closures and zipped pockets.

Custom Jacket Hardware

Your customized jacket can have the hardware of your choice. We use high-quality YKK zippers and snaps for jackets, plus all sorts of studs and rivets for your custom studded leather jacket.

Special Features

When customizing a leather jacket, you can add specific details, such as double-breasted closure, tuxedo collar, unique lapels, belts, hood, or removable fur collar. You can buy a removable hoodie for your custom leather hoodie to make your jacket more functional for any season. Other specific features to select are insulation and waterproofing.

Printing and Patterns

To beautify your jacket, we can do sublimation printing or different patterns such as floral, striped, or kaleidoscope. You can also get printed cosplay jackets, a great way to reveal your love for a certain character.

Embroidery and Embossing

A custom embroidered leather jacket looks incredibly fashionable, with your signature style truly executed. You can get your desired design embossed as well, flaunting your custom embossed leather jacket as an icon of your style sense.

Personalization Options

You can get logos, initials, monograms, and graphics engraved on your customized leather jacket through printing, embroidery, embossing, or custom patches. Or, you can put a personal message, quote, flag, or special pattern on your jacket to make it unique.

Once your jacket's design is finalized and we quote the price (subject to the design details), you can place your order. You can get any sort of jacket customized via Leather Skin Shop, such as custom leather jackets or custom windbreakers, with no minimum quantity restrictions. When your jacket is completed, we will contact you to show photos of it before shipping it to your address to make sure you are happy with it.