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Design custom leather jackets with your own choice of color, design, embroidery, print etc.

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We allow you to design a completely unique custom leather jacket that best matches your style. Choose the options and design a jacket customized to you!

Leather Types

Pick the type of material that you consider the best, such as Lambskin, Sheepskin, Goat Skin, Buffalo hide, or Cowhide. Quality material determines the durability, level of warmth, and splendid look of your jacket.

Design and Colors

Let not the vast variety of colors and designs of leather jackets puzzle you. Pick a color that goes well with your current clothing options. Choose a style, such as a biker style, bomber style, or cafe racer style according to your personality.

Embroidered Leather Jackets

Embellish your customized jacket with a favorite quote, your logo, or any other design with intricate embroidery.

Printed Leather Jacket

Custom leather jackets with high resolution prints to portray your smashing fashion sense to the world!

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About Custom Leather Jackets

When the various ways to look sensational are in discussion, there is one that every style conscious being would agree to, as it works like a charm. It’s owning a completely customized, magnificent leather jacket! Being the classic, timeless, and incredibly fashionable pieces that they are, custom leather jackets are an absolute necessity for any man and woman who values style. Even a capsule wardrobe with a few staples cannot be curated without a piece of classy leather outerwear. -Choosing a reliable custom leather jacket maker and putting heads together with them to carefully design your jacket is the best thing you will do to make sure you get the perfect look. Not only that, but the process will be absolutely enjoyable for you, letting you unleash your creativity.

Custom Leather Jackets: Making You Stand Out in a Crowd

With each of its components customized, a leather jacket will give you an unparalleled style. When choosing the features of your custom leather jacket, make sure it aligns with your current wardrobe, so that outfit creation isn't a hassle later on. Having said that, even if you wear the customized jacket with a basic t-shirt and jeans, everyone would be awestruck with your look.

How a Custom Made Leather Jacket Would Be Different From Ready to Wear Options?

If the step wise process of getting custom leather jackets feels cumbersome to you, think about it! Each step of the bespoke journey ensures that the jacket checks all the boxes, making them a must have wardrobe staple. You get an all in one package with them including style, right fitting, distinctiveness, longevity, and even functionality. Let's describe some of the best reasons to opt for custom leather jackets.


No need to waste time looking for the perfect jacket off the rack. When you decide to invest in a jacket, you are looking for a set of features, such as a certain type of leather, a particular style, color, and detailing. It's hard to find all of these in a single jacket, which is why searching takes so long. This is the reason that you ought to order women's or men's custom leather jackets without leaving your home.


The custom process begins with the choice of material, which lays the foundation of a well made jacket. The use of premium quality cowhide, goat skin, sheepskin, or lambskin leather for your customized jackets makes it highly enduring. In addition to that, Leather Skin Shop we use expert craftsmanship to build jackets that stand the test of time quite well. Taking care of these results in a highly durable piece that would last a lifetime in your wardrobe.


When you make your own leather jacket, you carefully choose the color, style, and material that would accompany your current wardrobe options very well.


Rather than getting inspired by a ready to wear jacket's design that hundreds of people would wear, it is you who decide which design elements would be added to the jacket, ensuring it is one of a kind. A custom made leather jacket is distinct, valuable, and reflects your own style.

Ideal Fit

Custom fit leather jackets are an asset in a wardrobe. The comfort level, ease, and confidence that a well fitted jacket gives you are incredibly amazing. Unlike an off the rack option, custom jackets are crafted keeping your specific measurements in mind.

Creative Freedom that Gives an Unparalleled Style

If you wish to go beyond conventional designs, customization allows you to experiment as much as you like. Wearing a personalized leather jacket helps you feel a lot more confident as compared to ready made staples.

Custom Leather Jacket By Leather Skin Shop

While the points above may be convincing enough to compel one to go for customized leather jackets, you need to find the best custom leather jacket maker to assign this chore. Without any apprehension, you can safely rely on Leather Skin Shop’s expert design consultants and highly skilled craftsmen, who make the customization process successful each time. They are adept at making men's and women's custom leather jackets of all types. Our customers rave about the bespoke leather jackets that they order from us, and frequently send feedback on how each and every detail speaks volumes of our dexterity and dedication. From sourcing the best material for your custom leather jacket and high quality stitching, to the embellishments and finishing touches, each one of the customized leather jackets are created with perfection. There are multiple options that you can pick when brainstorming a personalized leather jacket for yourself.


Whether you desire to get a custom suede jacket or one made with full grain leather, we can make it for you.


There is an array of designs and styles of leather jackets that woo us, such as the biker jacket, or a fur lined leather jacket. If you want to wear a particular style, we would assist you to get one. You can go for a custom leather coat or jacket in a design that resonates with your personal style.


Just pick a color for your jacket, and we will bring into being what's only a fantasy in your head till now.


Custom embroidered leather jackets and custom printed leather jackets look fancy, and are a huge trend these days. You can choose any sort of design element on your custom jacket.