Looking quite dapper, in a chic black leather jacket, perhaps an article of a high-street brand… I noticed the label when a friend of mine slung it on a chair. The lining was speaking for the label it belonged to.

That time, my mind whispered, “It’s pretty costly.” The story dates back to the day when I went out with a couple of my friends to get my hands on this hard-to-catch luxury.

Three problems that I faced were:

  • Jackets that I loved were burdening my pocket
  • Jackets that fell in my range were not worth-having
  • I couldn’t get a customized jacket

These three problems gave rise to one thought, “what are you going to do about it?” This thought took me to the point where I decided to start a business of my own.

I kept my eyes on four main things: Class, Durability, Affordability, and Style. My goal was to make the commingle of these four traits, so I did.

I took this as a challenge, and moved with the approach of “Get the quality and fashion you deserve at a price you can afford.” Hence, I brought the idea of “Leather Skin Shop” to life.

We took the finest craftsman onboard, carefully observed the industry, and brought forth some of the best articles that previously were far-fetched for people.

By eliminating all the superfluous overheads, we introduced elegant, durable, and premium quality leather jackets that don’t burden the pockets.

Amid all, I didn’t forget the element of customization. You deserve to wear what you love. Therefore, I gave exclusive access to customization so that people get what they love and make most out of their money.

I call the magnet of customization a “welcome respite.” Remember that “You deserve to feel like a Million Bucks.”

We do it differently

Worth-applauding raw material

The vehement choir of authenticity speaks for us. Expect to get the premium quality Cowhide and Sheepskin leather.


We have homed pro craftsman. With their support, Leather Skin Shop offers your premium quality leather jackets that are perfectly stitched according to your size.


You deserve to own the finest quality leather jackets. Our products don’t burden your pockets and offer value for every penny you spend.

High Quality & design

All our jackets are designed as per your specific measurements. This means no ill-fitted measurements. They are personalized and offer value for money


We adore customization, so do you. Our digital door is there to customize your jacket as per your wish. Whether you want us to add some more studs or want a completely different design, we are there to serve what your eyes crave for.