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Are you looking for a warm jacket and wish to stay with that in style? Order a stylish custom suede jacket from Leather Skin Shop.

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Unlimited Custom Suede Options

The suede jacket is a classic choice for cold weather due to its soft and fuzzy touch. To make your ordinary suede jacket interesting, you can customize it. Leather Skin Shop allows you to choose each feature of your jacket.

Design And Style for Custom Suede Jackets

Get your exquisite suede jacket in any design or style that you want, be it a sleek bomber jacket, a voguish moto jacket, a minimalistic racer jacket, or a chic cropped jacket. Leather Skin Shop ensures you get your desired design and style.

Material for Custom Suede Jackets

We use the best quality material to make the perfect custom suede jackets. There are several choices, and you can pick suede produced from cowhide, lambskin, or sheepskin, according to your specific needs.

Wide Range of Suede Colors

Even though suede jackets are typically brown, which is the natural shade of suede, you can choose different colors like dark brown, light brown, black, blue, green, etc.

Embroidery and Printing for Custom Suede Jackets

You can choose different embroidery and printing to add a unique touch to your classic custom suede jackets. Leather Skin Shop offers many options for different styles of embroidery and printing.

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Be Stylish And Classy With Our Custom Suede Jackets!

The history of suede and its popularity as a material for custom leather jackets is quite rich. The term “Suede” originated from the French “gants de Suede”, meaning “gloves from Sweden.” The material was notably used for women’s gloves in 18th-century France during the Romantic Era. The material is derived from the underside of animal skin, providing exceptional softness and durability.

Suede is predominantly acquired from lambskin, but leather manufacturers also get it from cowhide, goatskin, or deer skin.  It is now an integral part of fashion, preferred by fashion buffs all around the world, specifically for jackets, bags, and accessories.

The suede jacket differs from any jacket you own and is a must-have layering option on chilly days and nights. A suede jacket looks subtle but gets you the required attention. It has a sophisticated napped finish that makes you look extremely classy. This classic jacket is indeed irreplaceable. 

Besides these durable and stylish custom suede jackets, you can also order a trendy custom denim jacket or a custom varsity jacket.  

You can style and use your suede jacket with anything. It works well with casual, smart casual, and formal outfits. While ordering a custom suede jacket, you can alter and design it to fit your existing wardrobe.  The best thing about Leather Skin Shop's customization is that our affordable service helps you save money, without compromising on quality and style.

Design Your Exclusive Custom Suede Jacket

If you want expert advice, Leather Skin Shop has design consultants who can help you through the entire process. We navigate you through the process of making custom suede jackets that will make you look no less than a fashion dream. Take inspiration from your own uniqueness and order a custom-embroidered leather jacket made from suede today. Here is how we conduct the custom process:


Before you start the customization process, our first step is to arrange a consultation with our expert design consultants. They will help you plan and execute your dream jacket. During the winter, suede jackets are in demand, and you can customize the thickness of your material and add the desired material of lining to it as well, such as polyester or nylon.

We understand that all these decisions can be overwhelming for you, especially if you are getting a custom garment crafted for the first time, so we are here for your support.

At Leather Skin Shop, we have multiple other options for you as well besides the suede jackets. You can also order a custom motorcycle vest or custom windbreaker jacket with no minimum order quantity required. 

While crafting the layout for your dream jacket, we guide you to take your measurements to get that perfect fit. You can choose to have a fitted jacket, or one with some room for layering. Who needs to purchase an off the rack jacket when you can get a personalized one with a perfect fit? A custom suede jacket will be tailored to fit you nicely, making your personality shine.

Material Selection for Custom Leather Jacket

When it comes to suede, Leather Skin Shop has the best quality sourced from the best known tanneries. Apart from suede, we have a wide range of materials and fabrics, so whether you need custom trench coats, or a men’s suede jacket, we can make it. It is important to choose the best quality material for your custom suede jackets.  You can also choose lining material of your choice, such as cotton, polyester, fleece, or shearling.

Design And Style Customization

A suede jacket has a typical look, and many people believe they can’t do much with it. But we are here to prove that wrong. You can customize the design and style of your suede jacket.  As the custom bomber jacket is evergreen, you can make your own exclusive custom suede bomber jacket by giving it your personal touch.

Add the Details

You can also choose the little details that go into making a custom suede jacket. For example, you can select the buttons, zipper style, collars, and pockets. You can think of what you might need in your jacket and what function it will provide to decide the best features for it.

Ensuring a Satisfied Customer With Every Order

Not only that our bespoke process ensures a suede jacket that will fit perfectly, we are proud to win customers' hearts by providing excellent customer service.

Style Your Custom Suede Jackets Uniquely

Even though suede jackets are versatile, here are some of our favorite looks for you.

For Men:

Classic Style

A suede jacket can be worn in a classic fashion. Wear it over a neutral-colored shirt and khaki trousers. You can choose any color that appeals to you, but we suggest wearing the typical light brown suede jacket to retain the classic look. Black loafers will go really well with this look. You can also wear a watch with this.

Smart Casual

You can wear your suede jacket with a plain or light-patterned button-down shirt tucked in chinos. Complete the attire by adding minimalist sneakers or loafers.

Creative Touch

If you want to be creative with your look, choose a custom suede bomber jacket in two shades and pair it up with jeans and a T-shirt. You can wear chunky sneakers with this look and add accessories with a watch and a baseball cap.

For Women:

Look Classy

Wearing a maroon suede custom jacket is so much in style these days. You can style your classic maroon suede jacket with formal attire that is in a neutral tone. You can wear a white or cream button-down shirt with khaki pants. A pair of heels in a nude shade or black will look good with this outfit. For accessories, you should keep them minimal, for example, small metal earrings.

With a Dress

If you love to wear dresses, then pick a knee-length neutral-toned or black dress, and pair it with a suede jacket in maroon or dark brown color. You can wear sneakers or Ugg boots with this look.

Smart Casual

If your style is smart casual, then suede jackets are perfect for you. You can wear one over a plain top tucked in a pencil skirt or formal trousers. For footwear, you can choose strappy sandals.