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Custom Trench Coat Options

Trench coats are an ideal outerwear for winter. They give a very classy look while keeping you all warm and comfortable. Depending on the style of your custom-tailored trench coats, Leather Skin Shop has various options for customization

Style Your Personalized Trench Coat

Expert design consultants at Leather Skin Shop are here to guide you through the entire process of getting your best custom-made trench coats. You can go for a short length or a long length, you can choose a straight fit or slim fit, and you can select the style elements for your coat, including zippers, epaulets, buttons, patches, and vents.

Fabrics for a Custom Trench Coat

We have a wide variety of fabrics and materials for trench coats, like leather, cotton, wool, polyester, cotton polyester, gore-tex, denim, and nylon. Moreover, we have multiple color choices for each fabric as well, which include khaki, stone, navy blue, camel, sand, and classic black.

Shearling Trench Coats

Slay the luxe winter look with an exquisitely designed custom shearling trench coat. A trench coat with warm and cozy shearling fur and the details of your choice adds a sophisticated touch to your look.

Trench Coat With Embroidery

Leather Skin Shop lets you design your own trench coat with beautiful thread work. We have many creative suggestions for your custom embroidered coats. We are sure that you would love the uniqueness.

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Custom-Made Trench Coats to Elevate Your Style!

Trench coats have been on the fashion scene since World War I. Apart from being functional, we all can agree they look pretty hardcore. Like many other garments with a utilitarian origin, this classic piece of clothing also came to us during the times of war when it was supplied to the officers. 

Previously, people associated it with the owner’s status quo, and today, the trench coat defines its owner’s fashion sense. It is a timeless outerwear that you can wear on the colder days of the year without sacrificing your will to look good. 

Custom-made trench coats are one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. You should definitely own a custom trench coat because it is versatile, and you can pair it with anything. With the Leather Skin Shop’s customization option, you can customize all the details for your custom leather jackets and trench coats. 

Having your own custom tailored trench coats is nothing like buying off-the-rack. It is personalized to the very core and shows your style. We take care of all your preferences related to color, fabric material, design, style and hardware details.

Order Your Custom Trench Coat Today!

A trench coat in your wardrobe adds a lot of class and versatility if you get it customized according to your existing wardrobe. Have you ever wondered how the bespoke process starts for the customization of your trench coats? Leather Skin Shop does it by carefully selecting the material of your choice and keeping your preferences as our top priority. As design experts, we also give our suggestions so you know what your end product will be like. 

For each detail of the custom outerwear, we cater to our customers’ choices, as that defines who we are. It doesn't stop here, as we add free shipping and timely delivery to the mix. Whether you want a classy coat, a custom denim jacket,  a custom vest, or custom windbreaker jacket, no minimum quantity to order gives you an added advantage. 

Leather Skin Shop allows you to check and see the end product before shipping via pictures. We understand that our customers want the perfect product just like they imagined. The customization options are endless, and we believe you can do so much more with our help and guidance. 

Customization options for trench coats include choices between double-breasted or single-breasted coats, choices on zippers, buttons, fabrics material, colors, fit and more.

Picking the Type of Fabric Material

We start by letting our customers choose the trench coat fabric or material. You can pick a natural material like real leather, cotton, wool gabardine, poplin, or cotton drill. Or, go for durable fabrics and synthetic options like sustainable jeans fabric, polyester, cotton polyester, or Gore-tex for waterproofing, windproofing and endurance. 

We are here to listen and guide you through the bespoke process with ease. If you can't decide the type of material you want, we can move forward by just getting an idea of the style you want, be it single breasted or double breasted. Our consultant will give you free design assistance and guidance on how to measure tailors' perfect fit.

Choose the Lining Material

Whether you are looking for a lining that would make your trench coat waterproof or something that is breathable, we let you choose the best one for your needs. It can be something like polyester, fleece, or cotton, etc and the lining colors of your choice.

Range of Colors, Prints, and Patterns for Custom Trench Coats

This is one of the fun parts. You get to choose the color of your custom trench coat yourself! It can be bright and vibrant or subtle and classy. We offer a wide range of colors in different materials. The popular ones for trench coats include sand, camel brown, black, navy blue, and khaki. We also offer other styles of leather coats for men, and leather coats for women, and you can customize them in the desired colors. 

You can also choose from many different designs and patterns for your custom trench coat. Or, you can go with patches and embroidery to adorn your coat, making it a statement piece.

Style Elements of Your Trench Coat

There is so much to do when it comes to custom trench coats. The wide lapels, buttons, patches, pockets, epaulets, and vents may seem insignificant details, but they are a decisive factor for the functionality and comfort of the trench coat. 

Even though people think a trench coat only has one classic look, we are here to break that myth. In modern times, the old trench coat is revamped. The old classic trench coat will never go out of style, but for the newer generation who look for statement pieces and clothes that define their personalities, there have been exceptions. For instance, you can opt for fancier pocket styles to make your coat look unique, or gun flaps for protection against water.

With so many exciting things to do, you can customize a unique statement piece for yourself with our help.

The Perfect Measure Trench Coats

Through customization, you can also select the length and fit of your coat. You need to provide us with accurate measurements, and we will tailor the coat according to them. The size should be spacious enough to be layered over casual and formal outfits, such as a morning suit. For instance, measure yourself slightly lose than you would measure morning suits or tuxedos so that you can layer the outfits comfortably without making the trench coat too snug.

Unlike off-the-rack options, a customized trench coat has your perfect size. Custom-tailored clothing fits you better and, as a result, makes you look better.

If you want more made-to-measure clothing options other than custom trench coats, you can consider getting a custom bomber jacket, custom varsity jacket, and the incredibly stylish custom motorcycle jacket.

Style Your Custom Trench Coats

Styling great outfits based on the type of your trench coats is a step forward towards an unparalleled fashion portrayal. Here are some outfit ideas:

For Men:

Go for the Classic Look

Wear a neutral-colored trench coat on your perfectly fitted suit and finish the look with formal Oxford shoes.

Keep it Casual

Wear a relaxed-fit sweater or sweatshirt on loose-fit jeans and sneakers, and pair it up with a dark-colored trench coat and sleeves rolled up to complete your laid-back look.

Layer it Up!

Wear a brown fleece jacket over with a grey turtleneck and slim-fit trousers. Layer it up with your best trench coat, preferably in a camel brown shade, and finish the look with suede boots.

You can add a bright-colored scarf with your custom trench coat, and to finish off your look, you can choose a classic watch. If you are wearing a custom leather trench coat in extreme winters, then you can pair it up with leather gloves.

For Women:

Elegant and Sophisticated

If you are wearing a black bodycon dress to an event, then pair it up with a camel or neutral-colored trench coat. Make sure to use a belt that cinches your waist and defines your curves. You should finish this look with high heels.

Casual Look

For casual days, you can pair your favorite custom trench coat over a ribbed sweater, skinny or loose-fit jeans, and a pair of boots. You can roll up your sleeves to look laid-back and relaxed.

Layered Look

On colder days, pair a warm sweater, cardigan and jeans with the trench coat. Finish off your look by pairing it with knee-high boots and a scarf.