Men’s Derby Shoes

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Men’s Derby Shoes Vs Oxfords!

Derby shoes for men are slightly more casual than Oxford shoes which are worn for a semi formal or formal occasion. However, they are more formal than men’s loafers. A common man may get confused between Oxford and Derby shoes as they have laces unlike monk strap shoes or men’s zipper boots. However, if you look closely, you will find the main difference. 

So, what are derby shoes? Derby shoes have an open lacing system, making them much more comfortable than Oxford shoes. It means that the quarters (back of the shoes) are sewn on top of the vamp (front of the shoes), and the eyelets of the shoelaces are sewn on top of the quarters. The eyelets of the shoes are also not joined on its end like Oxford shoes, making them adjustable for people with broad feet. 

Oxford shoes, on the other hand, have the eyelets of the shoelaces sewn under quarters and the quarters sewn under the vamp. It makes the eyelets join at the end, making it a closed lace system. These shoes are formal and worn mostly with a black tie outfit as they create a clean-cut look, giving a sleek touch to your attire. 

Derby footwear is the epitome of semi-formal and smart casual. You can pair them for formal attire too, depending on the style of Derby shoes you choose. However, they are mostly used on casual and smart-casual occasions. They are not as suitable for street-style looks as tactical boots or motorcycle boots

Different Types of Derby Shoes

There are many different styles of Derby shoes. Explore the types to learn why they are one of the most versatile men’s leather shoes that you must have in your wardrobe. 

Plain Men’s Derby Shoes

Plain men’s Derbys are one of the simplest derbies with no broguing and cap toe on it. It has a vamp and quarters and is worn as formal shoes in black color. Plain-toe Derby shoes do not have any broguing on them. You can wear men’s black derby shoes on suits for corporate events or stick to your custom Oxford shoes from Leather Skin Shop. 

Other color variations like men’s brown Derby shoes, dark brown Derby shoes and even men’s Derby shoes in tan color are not as formal as men’s black Derby shoes. 

Wingtip Brogue Derby Shoes

Wingtip Brogue Derby shoes are one of the men’s casual Derby shoes, and you can wear them in casual settings. These men’s Derby shoes have an extended cap toe in the shape of a ‘W’ and broguing on the cap toe. 

The tips for wearing brogue derby shoes are similar to the men’s brogue shoes. They come in various colors, and you can check out the complete collection at Leather Skin Shop, along with other footwear options such as Jodhpur boots

Suede Derby Shoes

Men’s suede Derby shoes are more casual than the usual leather Derby shoes. You can wear these casual derby shoes on relaxed, smart casual occasions. They look great with jeans, chinos, and other casual outfits. They can be a good alternative to custom loafers. 

Derby Military Boots 

If you are a fan of boots, like men’s chukka boots and custom cowboy boots, this is the perfect footwear for you. It is a fusion between military boots and men’s leather Derby shoes, you can check this out at Leather Skin Shop! You can wear them in place of Chelsea boots!

Buy The Perfect Custom Derby Shoe

Leather Skin Shop offers premium quality custom-made shoes. Our ready-to-wear collection has all the Derby shoes you are looking for, from plain-toe Derby shoes to Derby loafers. You can order a variety of custom leather shoes after choosing the designs from our extensive collection. From custom dress shoes to custom boots and custom moccasins, choices are boundless to ensure your footwear wardrobe is awe-worthy.



Oxford shoes are regarded as more formal than derby shoes. But, in any case, both are suitable for formal occasions. They may be worn with a suit as well as jeans. On the other hand, Derby shoes allow those with broader or narrower feet to fit better since the lacing parts allow for additional tightening options.


They might have been called for an Earl who had large feet. The actual origins of the Derby are unknown, although it is believed to have grown from the ideas of numerous influential people.