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Burgundy/Maroon Leather Jackets for Men & Women

Rich, warm, and cozy; such is the aura of good fall colors. Earthy neutral tones are staple, solid hues that are just as versatile as they are trendy. For that in-between weather, you need something to keep you just warm enough. There is nothing more appropriate for the task than a good old leather jacket. For the fall season, what could be more fitting than a thick, rich and gorgeous maroon leather jacket?

Maroon is a regal color. Bold yet subdued, stark yet sophisticated; maroon exudes the most exquisite and luxurious vibe. A maroon leather jacket is the best pick for those who are looking to play with color but not go too bold. It pairs well with an array of ensembles and colors. Our personal favorite, however, is to with an all-black ensemble to let the jacket do all the talking.

If you are concerned about availability in terms of style, worry not because, at Leather Skin Shop, you can have it all. Harboring an exciting assortment of the best faux maroon leather jackets, here you will find everything from ranging from a maroon leather moto jacket to a faux leather varsity jacket. Simple yet stunning, maroon is a truly unique color. Find your favorite men’s and women’s maroon leather jackets at Leather Skin Shop.