Green Leather Jacket for Women and Men

Show off your trendsetting style by picking a green leather jacket that resonates with your style!

About Green Leather Jacket 

The shade of your jacket has a major impact on your overall look, with each color having its own significant vibes. The times when people wore only black or brown leather jackets are long gone. Today, colored leather jackets have paved their way into the wardrobes of fashion savvy men and women. 

Several qualities are depicted when you wear green, including vitality, optimism, happiness, and generosity. The jacket in green color exudes cheerful vibes and a winning sartorial sense. A leather jacket in a green shade pairs well with so many items that we can easily categorize it with the classics. Whether you want to elevate simple jeans and a t-shirt, want to flaunt your classy green bag, or want a hero piece for your dressy ensemble, green leather jackets are a great option to have.  

While there are numerous options for colored jackets, such as a splendid blue leather jacket or a red leather jacket on Leather Skin Shop, you can explore different shades and styles of green jackets. Add a spectacular army green or dark green leather jacket to your wardrobe, or go for a whimsical lime green leather jacket. You can choose a light green leather jacket for a fresh yet subtle look. 

Women's Green Leather Jacket Styles 

Women's fashion is all about exploring different styles, and a statement-making leather jacket is a must-have. Types of women's leather jackets are diverse, with varying styles, colors, and combinations that you can choose from. Don't think a pink leather jacket for women is the only suitable option for a feminine look. We strongly suggest going for a women's green leather jacket if you want to display a winning fashion sense. Here are some of the top green jacket styles for women. 

Casual Green Leather Jacket Variations

Choose a shade of green for your casual jacket to make an appealing contrast with your outfits. You can pick a style that suits your personality, such as a Brando style olive green leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper or a green motorcycle jacket. For a subtle layering option, go with a green bomber, and slay the fashionable look with a parrot green moto jacket. You can style casual jackets in shades of green with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

A hooded leather jacket in green is also a great piece to nail the street looks, while a plus size leather jacket in green will help you stay on trend. 

Women's Green Leather Jacket Styles for Dressy Looks

A quilted green leather motorcycle jacket with a belted waist and double breasted snaps can be your go to piece to dress up a look. A green leather blazer is also a sophisticated and stylish choice, with a tailored fit and sleek lapels. For a rockstar-inspired edgy look, go for a spiked and studded leather jacket in green.

Green jackets with decorative stitches are a great way to amp up your style, or you can go for a green and black leather jacket with a heart design for a voguish look. Alternate colors that would give a similar fashionable look can be an orange leather jacket or a stylish maroon leather jacket

Style Tip: Match your shoes or your bag with your colored leather jacket for a flawless look. A bag in a similar shade as your jacket is the ultimate way to nail a high fashion look with ease.

Green Punk Jacket

As the punk era undergoes a revival, sweeping the fashion world off its feet, now is the ideal moment to infuse the spirit of the 80s subculture, albeit with a mesmerizing spin. Instead of the classic black punk jacket, go for a green punk leather jacket with bold details, such as spikes, studs, patches, or fringes. This jacket of yours will be a splendid way to complete outfits and show the world your affinity for punk fashion. 

You can get a green biker jacket customized with punk inspired details, such as chains, belts, or studs. A personalized punk leather jacket in green will portray your eccentric style choice like no other.

Men's Green Leather Jacket Styles

There are classic options for black, brown or white leather jackets for men, while on the other are the trendsetting colored jackets. If you are eyeing a real men’s leather jacket to look dapper, go for a men’s green leather jacket in racer style, an edgy leather biker, or a rugged bomber jacket. There are jackets available in a range of styles, such as an army green leather coat, which can make you stand out in a crowd. 

Customized Green Leather Jackets

Leather Skin Shop allows you to design the green jacket of your dreams. Getting custom leather jackets is a sure shot way to create a statement look, and you can pick each and every detail of your jacket yourself. You can also add your own personal touches, such as embroidery, patches, or studs, to make your jacket truly one-of-a-kind. Before we ship it, we will share the images of your custom leather jacket to ensure your satisfaction with the design.