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Plus Size Leather Jackets for Men & Women

All of our jackets can be crafted to your body shape & size

Plus Sized Leather Jackets for Women

Women are objectified for their body shapes and sizes all over the world. Plus Sized Leather Jacket for women are not easy to find on brands...Read More

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Men’s Plus Sized Leather Jackets

The fashion industry has evolved through time. Strong men and women are defying stereotypes by flaunting their self-assured curves and spreading jo...Read More

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About Plus Size Leather Jackets

Unlike some of the biggest brands in the industry, Leather Skin Shop is not confined to society’s standards of sizes and offers clothing items for people of all size ranges. We have a massive collection of plus size ranges, including plus size leather jacket, plus size moto jackets, plus size leather vests, etc. So if you do not fit society’s standards of sizes, then this is your brand if you are looking for leather clothing items.

Notably, a plus-size leather jacket is an item that can be incredibly challenging to find, and even if you find one, it would be a more daunting task to find plus size trendy jackets. LSS not only provides plus size genuine leather jackets but also has a vast collection for big and tall mens leather jackets as well as women. We do not believe in society's beauty standards and cater to all body types, whether men or women.

Despite offering the standard size ranges of small, medium, large and extra-large, we have a different size range for people who do not fit the regular sizes, xxxl leather jackets.