Leather Blazers for Women

An awe-inspiring collection of Leather Blazer for women is here to help you redefine sophistication with an edge! Shop at Leather Skin Shop for this beautiful leather jacket style.

Leather Blazer - An Iconic Piece

Leather blazers have evolved into a must-have garment, being easy to pair, comfortable, durable, and timeless fashion pieces. They are not just iconic clothing essentials, but also quite functional. Constructed from sturdy leather and quality lining fabric, they keep you warm and stylish at the same time! 

Leather blazers have an edge that revamps the class of all your outfits. They don’t look bulky like other winter jackets but give a sleek, shapely silhouette. If you are in a hurry, just throw on a leather blazer jacket over your day-to-day outfits as they look good with almost everything. 

Blazers came into the limelight after celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber wore it on different occasions. 

These leather blazers for women have also been a focal point for many high-end designers, but Leather Skin Shop brings you a premium quality collection of blazers at affordable prices. So, if you want to look trendy, elegant, and chic then leather blazers are the way to go! 

Different Styles of Leather Blazers for Women 

Leather blazers come in different styles, and here are some of the best ones you can go for. 

Oversized Leather Blazer

The current-day leather blazer is often oversized. Due to its chic vibe and charming appeal, people prefer this silhouette even more. This is a versatile garment that you can sport in many different ways. Plus, it looks good on people of all body types. 

Plus-size women specifically love this leather jacket for women as it makes them appear slim and shapely. The large silhouette is perfect for street-style fashion. 

Classic Black Leather Blazer

Even though women’s leather blazers come in various shades, the classic black blazer has a unique appeal to it. It is one of the timeless fashion garments that everyone must have in their closet. Black leather blazers for women are also amazing for business casual looks, and they exude the ultimate girl power energy. 

Minimalist Leather Blazer

If you are a fan of minimalist fashion then this one's for you. Minimalist blazers are plain, and free of any awkward embellishments or designs. 

You can pair a minimalist blazer with multiple different articles like wearing over printed dresses or layering under leather coats for women. It enhances your looks, making your outfit look put together. You can find an impressive range on Leather Skin Shop! 

Hooded Leather Blazer

It is an amalgamation of a hooded leather jacket and a basic leather blazer style. The hood attached to the blazer makes it appear comfy and chic. It is a must-have if you want pairing options with casual wear.  

Red Leather Blazer for Women

If you want to experiment with your looks then choose a red blazer. It is a bold statement to make but it is an amazing way of expressing your inner diva. At Leather Skin Shop we have a great quality red leather blazer with buckles.

This cute leather blazer is a worthwhile addition to your closet even if you already have the classic black leather blazer. Leather Skin Shop also offers custom leather jackets service if you want a particular color or style of leather blazer.

Faux vs Genuine Leather Blazers

For women who do not want to wear genuine leather blazers, we have a great alternative. You can go for a faux leather jacket for women. They are equally stunning and you don’t have to compromise on following trends. 

At Leather Skin Shop you get genuine leather blazers for women who want to make a style statement. The top-notch genuine leather material quality is hard to get but we ensure that our customers have the best. We have jackets and blazers in different types of leather, such as a women’s sheepskin jacket or a women’s lambskin leather jacket

How to Wear a Leather Blazer for Women?

For all the fashion enthusiasts here are some fashion-forward ideas for you, complete with pairing options, shoes, and accessories!

Blair’s Gossip Girl Inspired

If you are a fan of the famous TV series ‘Gossip Girl’ then you may have noticed the coats and blazers Blair often wore in different colors.

So with that inspiration, you can also opt for a leather blazer as you go out for a non-business occasion. Pair a suede skirt maroon skirt with a plain black or white turtleneck, and layer it up with a leather blazer. For shoes, wear stylish maroon stilettos.

Comfy Airport Fashion

Thanks to celebrities and bloggers, the airport has now become the place to show your taste in fashion. Every once in a while there is an A-list model, or our beloved celebrity wearing unique and inspiring leather blazer outfits at the airport. 

The gist of airport fashion is to be stylish and comfortable. Here is what we have put together. Wear a plain neutral-colored shirt with baggy denim jeans or black sweatpants then couple it up with a comfy leather blazer. If you want to wear something other than the blazer, leather bomber jackets are a great option for travel outfits. 

90s Revival

Pair the two classic 90s fashion pieces together as a reminiscent of the gold ol’ era! Both slip dresses and leather blazers are trends from the '90s. Due to the TikTok fashion trends, both have become popular again. This is how you can wear it. 

Select a beautiful silk slip dress in colors like sage green, maroon, black, or grey, and pair it up with your cream leather blazer. To make an effortless confident appearance you can also lightly drape the blazer over your shoulders. 

Street Style Look 

One thing that instantly comes to mind whenever we think of leather blazers is street fashion. To slay the ultimate street style look, you just have to drape a black oversized leather blazer over a white hoody or a sweatshirt. For the bottom wear, pair it up with black leggings. 

Business Casual 

If you are a businesswoman or if you are looking for smart business casual outerwear for your work attire, this is it! Business casuals do not have to be a formal shirt or a casual suit, it can be so much more. Here is what you can do to make your outfit much more interesting. 

Wear a pencil black skirt with a white tucked-in button-down shirt and layer up with a black leather blazer for women instead of a formal or casual coat. 

You can also pair a loose trouser with a fitted silk blouse and drape your leather blazer over it. 

Get Your Custom Leather Blazer from the Leather Skin Shop!

There is nothing more beautiful than wearing well-fitted leather blazers, coats, or jackets. It brings out the best in your outfit. 

Leather Skin Shop has a huge variety of ready to wear leather jackets at an affordable price. We have everything from the leather coat and blazer to the women's biker jacket. Plus, our customization option makes it possible for our customers to choose the style, fit, and designs for their jackets. A personalized jacket is something that everyone must have. 

Leather Skin Shop excels in making the custom jacket of everyone's dreams. We want to make sure that our customers have the best quality products. Our aim is to help you get the perfect fit and style for your wardrobe.

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