Men’s Tactical Boots

Men's tactical boots are footwear that blend rugged durability with head-turning style. Browse the collection at Leather Skin Shop and lace up your next adventure in style.

Choose Men’s Military Boots for a Change!

Men’s tactical boots or military boots are also interchangeably known as combat boots. Military boots are said to be the chunkier and heavy-duty version of the men’s Chukka boots. Tactical shoes will surely enhance your casual fits and make them so much more interesting. 

It's important to understand the difference between tactical boots and combat boots. Tactical boots are lightweight, basically built for agility, traction, and comfort, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Combat boots prioritize protection and durability, designed for the rigors of war and harsh environments. Military combat footwear sometimes feature a steel toe cap for added endurance.

Military boots are often associated with heavy-duty jobs like police, and military but recently they have been trending in fashion. Their popularity is based on how comfortable, durable, and versatile they are. They are great if you want to amp up your footwear collection more than just men’s loafers, and Oxford shoes as you can use them with many outfits.

These boots are a bit different in style from all the other men’s leather shoes or boots in your closet. They do have lacing, but some may also feature side zippers. At Leather Skin Shop you can order your own personalized custom boots as per your preferences. 

History of Men’s Tactical Boots

Tactical boots have their roots way back, as early Romans used to wear them. Later in the 1st century, they were being used by soldiers and civilians. During the English Civil War soldiers wore boots similar to the military combat boots. World War I brought these boots into further limelight, French, American, and Belgian soldiers were wearing these. 

Army combat boots gained popularity among soldiers due to how comfortable and functional they were during wars. Finally, by the 1970s these army shoes became popular among civilians. All thanks to their entry into the punk rock scene. They are also used among law enforcement officers, military personnel, and air force crew.

These boots became furthermore popular as the punk rock and heavy metal scene expanded. They are also no longer as heavy-duty and have alterations as compared to the original ones. 

Different Types of Tactical Boots

Tactical boots for men differ from footwear with intricate designs such as men’s brogue shoes. But there are a few types that we can break them down into. 

Military Combat Boots

Classic combat shoes, also called police tactical boots, are one of the most versatile boot options. You can dress it up or down. Combat boots have a sleek look. It is an ankle-length boot with chunky soles and laces. Even though they are boots with laces their appeal is completely different and casual from other lace-up shoes like Derby shoes.

Police Tactical Boots

Police combat boots, also called patrol boots, are usually black in color and have a classic look. Tactical boots offer great ankle support and protection. They are heavy-duty yet comfortable. 

Military Motorcycle Boots

Military motorcycle boots are a combination of military tactical boots and motorcycle boots. At Leather Skin Shop you can find these amazing pairs of boots in an appealing brown color as well. The boots have a rugged appeal and you can wear them to level up your look!

Suede Military Boots

Suede Military boots are more casual than leather military boots for men. They are stylish and a great alternative to leather boots. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is a must-have boot for you as they are waterproof, light-weight, and best for rough terrains, and wet conditions.

Military shoes are unique and functional, they keep you warm and they are a great companion for your long walks. If you don’t like straps on your shoes like Monk strap shoes or Jodhpur boots. They also often come with a zipper on the side for ease and can be identified as a sub-type of the men's zipper boots

Various Ways of Styling Combat Boots!

Tactical boots, once reserved for military personnel, have become a popular fashion statement for the modern man. Their rugged good looks and undeniable practicality make them a versatile choice for various occasions. But how do you style them? Here are some ideas:

Jeans And Military Boots

The first and most important rule of wearing jeans with military or tac boots is that you don't need your jeans to be too baggy or long.

Choose regular or slim-fit jeans, or go for cuffed jeans which are an amazing option too. With jeans, you can style a plain tee in neutral or dark colors, and for cold weather, you can layer up with a bomber jacket or a trench coat.  

Knitwear And Military Footwear

Military boots are amazing footwear for winter. You can pair up your knitted sweaters and jeans or tapered trousers with these boots. To layer up for the extreme weather, you can go for long leather coats and leather jackets. 

Even though Chelsea boots are famous for fall weather for a change you should often go for the tactical work boots. 

Formal Suits with Military Boots

Military style boots are not the most ideal option for formal suits but there is a way you can style them with your suits. You need nice sleek black tactical boots that you can pair up with a navy suit or a tweed suit. 

You can customize your dress shoes option by shopping at Leather Skin Shop for custom dress shoes or casual footwear like custom loafers and custom Moccasins. If you want something else than the men’s black tactical shoes, customization is the way to go. 

Buy Custom Military Boots at Leather Skin Shop!

Leather Skin Shop uses high-quality leather material for footwear. We aim to give you optimal comfort with unwavering style! We have the best custom-made shoe options that allow you to be creative with your custom leather shoes. 

Military boots are versatile, comfortable and stylish. Their punk rock appeal is still popular among young adults and you can try the rebellious vibe for yourself. Due to its edgy style, you should go for the clothing options like leather coats, trench coats, leather jackets, and bomber jackets with leather pants, distressed jeans or regular and slim-fit jeans. 

At Leather Skin Shop you can find customization options from custom cowboy boots to custom Oxford shoes.