Men's Monk Strap Shoes

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Monk Strap Shoes - One of the Most Classic Styles for Men

Monk strap shoes are timeless classic footwear for men, unique shoes that you can dress up and down. If you want something in between Oxford shoes, known for being the classiest formal closed lace-up shoes and the Derby shoes, known for being casual open lace-up shoes, then Monk strap shoes are the one for you. 

Monk strap shoes are stylish and versatile. You can see celebrities wearing them with sleek or eccentric looks on red carpets as well. They can be great casual shoes, and you just have to marvel at the art of dressing properly for that. They are different from any other boots or shoes, but when it comes to comfort and style, monk strap shoes top the list!

History of Monk Strap Shoes

As the name suggests, Monk Strap shoes were initially made to be worn by the Monks in the Middle Ages. These shoes helped them travel long distances and do hard labor easily. Monk Strap shoes have a religious history. But after multiple changes centuries after centuries, they have evolved, being completely different from their origin.

Men’s monk shoes became popular in 1970 after their appearance became more polished in the 20th century. 

Today these shoes have become a staple in every man’s closet. Due to their outstanding style, people are inclined to diversify their footwear collection from more than just men’s loafers and their close cousin, custom Moccasins. 

Double Monk Strap Shoes Vs. Single Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap men’s dress shoes have buckles and straps on them to fasten them up instead of laces. They can be made of leather or suede material, depending upon your choices. At Leather Skin Shop, customer preferences become the blueprint and you can order customized monk straps or any custom boots and shoes that you need.  

The suitability of single and double-monk men’s shoes might have been debated, but it all comes down to the event you are going to and your personal opinion. Single-strap monk shoes are ideally worn at formal events in business attire. 

Meanwhile, double monk dress shoes are for occasions like weddings, business casual events, informal gatherings, and religious festivities. So when you decide to buy one make sure to narrow down your needs and requirements. 

Single buckled, black monk strap shoes made of premium leather are ideal for professional and business formal attire! 

Various Styles of Monk Strap Shoes

Other than double and single-strap monk shoes, there are many other styles worth exploring. They are indeed one of the most versatile men’s leather shoes!

Double Monk Strap Shoes

Men’s double-strap monk shoes have two leather straps that meet on the other side with a metal buckle. It is a unique shoe style to the men’s zipper boots, and it is easy to slip in as well. 

Single Monk Strap Shoes

Single monk strap shoes have a single strap that goes across the front of the shoes to meet the metal buckle. It is one of the most sleek and classic styles of monk strap shoes, much different than other strap shoes or boots like Jodhpur boots.  

Wingtip Monk Shoes

Wingtip monk shoes are a combination of the two classic designs. It has a wingtip cap toe with brogue details, and depending on your preference, it can have a double or single strap. The fusion of Monk strap shoes with men’s brogue shoes make a design that is worth opting for a unique look. 

Plain Toe Monk Shoes

If you are a fan of minimalist style, then plain-toe monk shoes are for you. They have a sleek and stylish design with no brogue detailing on their toes. It is kept simple for formal use. 

Monk Strap Boots

If you want to try something different than the Chelsea boots this winter, then Monk strap boots are the perfect option for you. It is a classic boot with the signature single or double-monk strap boots. With monk strap boots for men, you get the best of both worlds, comfort and style!

Monk Sneakers

Want to try something new but comfortable? Monk strap sneakers are just the right footwear for you. They have sneaker soles but with the stunning look of single or double-monk strap shoes! 

Monk Loafers

Monk-strap loafers are a combination of loafers and monk-strap shoes. Loafers are great for smart casual attire, and the monk straps give them a polished look. If you want to customize your loafers avail.. Leather Skin Shop’s option for custom loafers. 

Suede Monk Strap Shoes

In comparison with the leather monk strap shoes, suede leather shoes are appropriate for smart casual and casual wear. Suede strap shoes for men are a great alternative to leather shoes, and you can pair them up in many different manners. 

Monk Strap Chukka Boots

At Leather Skin Shop, there is a great variety of these fashionable shoes. They have the uniqueness of both chukka boots and monk strap shoes. They are trendy and voguish, which help elevate your entire look!

How Do You Style Men’s Monk Strap Shoes?

You can style your men’s monk strap shoes in many different styles. The right pair diversifies your footwear collection and gives you a variety of wardrobe options to explore from. 

For Formal Occasions

For formal events, you can pair your men’s monk strap dress shoes with suits and tuxedos. You can wear it at weddings, galas, red carpets, etc. They are comfortable and look extremely stunning. Men’s black monk strap shoes are designed to fit formal events, and suits.  

You can get custom dress shoes made of the finest European leathers or your preferred type of leather from the Leather Skin Shop.

For Semi-Formal Occasions

Occasions like weddings are semi-formal events. If you are looking to experiment with your footwear and want to wear something other than men’s chukka boots, wear monk-strap chukka boots. 

They are perfect with suits and tailored trousers, and the variety of colors can help you match the right one with your outfit.  

For Smart Casual Occasions

For your next dinner party, evening brunch or business gathering, give monk strap shoes a chance. They fit perfectly in the smart casual category as they go very well with chinos, trousers, and blazers. 

If you want you can even get custom leather shoes from Leather Skin shop!

For Casual Wear

For casual weekend hangouts, instead of pairing your tactical boots or motorcycle boots, you can wear double-strap monk shoes. They complement skinny jeans or blue slim-fit jeans. Pair your jeans with a plain shirt or button-down shirt not tucked in for a laid-back look. 

To keep it winter-appropriate, you can throw on a leather jacket over your outfit. 

To Do and Not To Do List for Monk Strap Shoes

Here are some do’s and don’ts of the versatile monk-strap shoes. 

  • Do not use Monk strap shoes in laid back casual style, as they are best for formal and smart-casual events. 
  • Do not wear it with athletic wear!
  • Do not wear double buckle monk shoes at professional or formal events. 
  • Do not forget to coordinate the color of your belt with the shoes.
  • Do wear sophisticated formal suits and trousers with your monk strap shoes.
  • Do wear black single monk strap shoes with formals. 
  • Do go for dark brown or other colors if the occasion is laid back and not formal. 
  • Do wear single-strap monk shoes at semi-formal and casual events. 

How Do You Keep Your Monk Strap Shoes Safe?

Keeping your leather shoes safe is a priority. To keep this timeless footwear shiny and intact, here is everything you should be doing. 

  • Buy a boot bag to keep your leather monk strap shoes safe. No moisture enters this way, and they also do not dry. 
  • Buy shoe trees, as they help keep the shape of your leather shoes intact. A good leather shoe must be sleek and stylish. 
  • Buy shoe polish to keep your leather shoes shiny!
  • Make sure you have saddle soap to dust off any dirt from your shoes before you start polishing them.

It is not too hard to keep your leather shoes well, all you have to do is invest in good protection products.  

Buy Custom Monk Strap Shoes at Leather Skin Shop!

Leather Skin Shop has the best variety of shoes and boots. You can also get custom-made shoes from us. We customize high-quality leather footwear, and our options vary from custom cowboy boots to custom Oxford shoes. 

Monk strap shoes are the epitome of style, comfort, and trend. It has gained popularity in recent times, all thanks to its outstanding style. It is not like any other footwear, and its versatility sets it apart. So get your Monk Strap shoes today from Leather Skin Shop!