Monk Strap Shoes for Men


When it comes to men's formal shoes, most of us perceive that there is limited variety in terms of design and style. From the classic oxford shoes and brogues to the more casual loafers and sneakers, there is a shoe style fit for any occasion. A shoe design that most people seem to be somewhat unaware of is monk shoes. While their name makes monk shoes sound primitive and plain, their reality is far from it.

Monk shoes are refreshingly unique. Conventional shoe designs feature laces or zippers. Unlike any other design, monk shoes feature characteristic buckle straps. Not only are monk shoes super stylish, but they are also more convenient as compared to regular lace-up shoes. If you are on the go, just slide on your monk shoes, strap them on, and you are good to go. These minimalistic and humble shoe design features seem bland, but monk shoes are everything but that. Their signature buckled straps give the shoe a unique outlook that makes it ideal for formal as well as formal wear.

You can find your favorite style of monk shoes, depending on your personal preference. Single strap monk shoes are super elegant and polished. For added variety, however, you can get your hands on double strap as well as triple strap monks shoes. The additional straps give the shoes an exclusive and unmatchable aesthetic that you really cannot go wrong with.

If you love leather, opt for a classic leather monk shoe. Be it black, brown, two-toned, or multicolored, leather is always a safe bet. If you love the luxurious and buttery feel of suede, we recommend getting your hands on a pair of suede monk shoes in which you will find all the colors you can possibly imagine. Reds, blues, greens, and greys; there is something for everyone. If you are in search of something versatile that you can sport with anything and everything, neutral tones are always a safe bet.

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