Monk shoes are refreshingly unique. Unlike any other design, monk shoes feature characteristic straps. This minimalistic and humble features seems bland but monk shoes are everything but that. Their signature buckled straps give the shoe a unique outlook that makes it ideal for formal as well as formal wear.

You can find your favorite style of monk shoes depending on your personal preference. Single strap monk shoes are super elegant and polished. For added variety, however, you can get your hands on double strap as well as triple strap monks shoes. The additional straps give the shoes a shoe an exclusive and unmatchable aesthetic that you really cannot go wrong with.

If you love leather, opt for a classic leather monk shoe. Be it black, brown, two-toned or multicolored; leather is always a safe bet. If you love the lux and buttery feel of suede, get your hands on a pair of suede monk shoes in which you will find all the colors you can possibly imagine. Reds, blues, greens, and greys; there is something for everyone.

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