Men's Jodhpur Boots

From riding shoes to making their way to every man’s closet, Jodhpur boots are unique and functional. Shop for these wonderful boots at Leather Skin Shop.

Jodhpur Boots - A Class Apart

Jodhpur boots have a class of their own, as they are unlike any other boot you may have seen. They are sleek ankle boots that are often underrated since other styles of ankle boots, like the Chelsea Boots, took the limelight.

Jodhpur boots for men are versatile, but people often get the styling part wrong. You can wear this sophisticated style of footwear in a casual or semi-formal way. It can be worn with a suit, but the suit should be casual. They are one of the best leather boots portraying a refined style and are also available in suede. Of course, the suede counterpart is more casual than the leather one.  

History of Jodhpur Boots - From Riding Boots to Your Closet!

The stylish men’s Jodhpur boots became famous after the invention of the Jodhpur trousers. Before the existence of Jodhpur trousers, people wore knee-length boots to protect their calves, but later, the trousers made it easy to wear these ankle boots. 

Jodhpur trousers are fitted from the knee to the hem and wider at the calves. It was also high time that the expensive knee-length leather boots got replaced. Jodhpur boots, like any other boots such as men’s zipper boots or laced boots like men’s chukka boots, are easy to slip on as well.

Jodhpur ankle boots became popular by the year 1920 among Polo players as they were not just functional but also uniquely stylish. People loved wearing them and styling them with their Polo fits.  

From people using it for riding and playing Polo, Jodhpur boots are now being worn by fashion enthusiasts and people who want to diversify their footwear options apart from men’s loafers or their stylish custom Moccasins. Jodhpur boots are the ultimate example of elevated casual or smart casual looks. 

Men’s Jodhpur Boots - Main Features

Men’s Jodhpur boots are one of the most desirable men’s leather shoes. Even though there are strap shoes like monk strap shoes, the style of Jodhpur boots is different. 

Characteristic Features of Men’s Jodhpur Boots

Jodhpur boots are ankle boots with low heels and rounded toes. It has two parts; the vamp and the quarters. Both these parts are completely made of leather and sometimes suede. They are sewn with a vamp on top of the quarters. It also features a strap and a buckle, the strap goes around the ankle through a loophole. 

There are two styles of Jodhpur boots:

  • There are two straps, buckle end and free end. The buckle end is attached to the inboard of the boots and goes halfway across the ankle. Depending on the right and left boot, it goes counter-clockwise and clockwise, respectively. 

The free end is attached to the outboard of the boots and goes all the way through the ankle. Depending on the right and left side of the boot, it goes clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively.

  • In the other variation of Jodhpur boots, the two sides are attached on opposite sides of the boots, with a buckle on the outboard side and the free end on the inboard side. The free end goes halfway across the ankle to get through the buckle. 

People often confuse the Chelsea boots with Jodhpur boots, but both are very different. To get the style that you desire, order custom boots from Leather Skin Shop. 

Different Style of Jodhpur Boot!

Jodhpur Boots doesn’t have intricate designs like men’s brogue shoes, but there are some options that you can choose to wear as per your personal preferences. 

Leather Jodhpur Boots

Leather Jodhpur boots have a sleek and elegant style, and they are also one of the best Jodhpur boot styles. Leather looks more formal than suede. However, they are not as formal compared to the other formal shoes like the Oxford shoes or the Derby shoes. So if you want to wear a casual suit or trousers, then you should consider investing in Leather Jodhpur boots. 

Suede Jodhpur Boots

Suede Jodhpur boots are more casual and unique. Leather boots have their own classic appeal, but suede is an equally nice alternative. If you don’t want to wear leather boots, then these boots with an exclusive feel and a soft nap are the perfect boots for you. 

Brown And Black Jodhpur Boots

Brown and Black Jodhpur boots are one of the most common ones. If you want something different and sleeker than tactical boots, then you should invest in Jodhpur boots. They are great for casual occasions and can make you look fashionable with minimal effort. 

Leather Skin Shop has a splendid collection of such jodhpur boots along with other custom-made shoes, especially custom leather shoes. 

How Do You Style Men’s Ankle Boots - Jodhpur Boots?

Jodhpur boots can be styled in various ways. You can style your new pair of these boots with jeans, chinos, and tailored trousers. Make sure that you are not tucking in your pants, as this is not what they are designed for. The Jodhpur design is different from the rest of the boots. If you tuck in your pants, then it won’t look flattering at all. 

Jodhpur boots can be worn and styled for any season, be it fall or winter. They are different from your usual motorcycle boots, so they will draw attention. 

You can pair it up with brown or navy chinos with a turtleneck and a faded denim jacket. Smart casual attire really brings out the Jodhpur boot’s look and style. It is for people who want to go the extra mile for fashion. 

How Do You Take Care Of Your Jodhpur Boots?

We believe in investing in less but better quality fashion articles. If you buy high-quality leather boots or shoes, it is extremely important to take care of them. Here is how you can do that: 

The most important thing is to get a boot bag to keep your Jodhpur boots free from moisture and away from drying. Shoe trees are another thing you must invest in to protect the shape of your leather footwear. Shoe polish will help you maintain the color, while saddle soap is there to remove any dust from your shoes before you start polishing. 

Buy Custom Jodhpur Boots at Leather Skin Shop!

Leather Skin Shop offers incredibly stylish and durable custom leather shoes and boots. From custom cowboy boots to custom Oxford shoes, custom loafers, or Jodhpurs, we can make it just the way you prefer. The choices are endless. We are one of the most reliable when it comes to custom dress shoes, as our material and craftsmanship quality is top-notch. 

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Traditionally linked with horseback riding, the snug fit, low heel, and elegant appearance of Jodhpur boots allow them to be worn with suits and sport coats alike.


There are two significant distinctions between these footwear styles: Jodhpur boots are typically constructed of the finest leather and are exclusively worn while riding. They are intended to be worn with jodhpurs, as the name indicates. Paddock boots feature a thicker sole and are designed for use around the yard.