Distressed Leather Jacket

Grab a distressed leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop and go for an exclusive worn, and rustic look!

About Distressed Leather Jacket

The older the leather, the better it appears. All the scratches, marks, and discoloration acquired over the years give a highly appealing character to leather and also add to its softness and comfort. When a similar look, like a worn out leather jacket, is created on new leather, it is known as distressed or worn out leather. 

A distressed looking leather jacket is a great option for people who love a worn, vintage leather jacket but do not want to wait for years to achieve the look. These jackets are especially popular these days due to the emergence of retro and vintage trends in contemporary fashion. The men’s leather jacket in distressed look is a fashion statement that exudes effortless style and sophistication.

Several techniques give a rustic, broken-in appearance to new leather, such as using sandpaper, oil, or abrasives. Using such elements creates scratches, making a rough leather jacket. The process of creating a distressed leather jacket may also involve treatment with various chemicals that create a distressed finish for a double toned leather jacket.

Men's Distressed Leather Jacket Variations For an Exquisite Style

At Leather Skin Shop, the distressed real men’s leather jacket is available in many different styles, colors, and designs. Each of these rustic leather jacket is unique and trendsetting, and you can easily pair it with t-shirts, jeans, or trousers, depending on the occasion. Here are some of the most popular variations of the distressed leather jackets for men:

  • Distressed Brown Leather Jacket 

A brown leather jacket is the ultimate solution for a classic and rugged appearance. And when you opt for a distressed brown jacket made of leather, it gives off vintage vibes, perfect for a dashing casual look. Pair it with khakis, a solid black t-shirt and brown rugged boots for a handsome look. 

  • Distressed Black Leather Jacket

Black is synonymous with versatility, and a distressed black jacket can be a valuable addition to a dandy man’s wardrobe. You can go for a monotone look with it by opting for a shirt, jeans, and boots in black, or unleash your sartorial prowess to create a fashion forward look with it. 

  • Distressed Leather Bomber Jacket 

The distressed leather bomber jacket is a timeless piece that has been popular for decades. It is perfect for casual wear and can be a go-to pick whenever you want a comfortable yet classic layering option for your outfits.

  • Distressed Leather Motorcycle Jacket 

Distressed leather can easily take a beating, which makes it perfect for motorcycle jackets. A distressed moto jacket in a minimalist style or a Brando style leather biker jacket can epitomize a rugged, rebellious, and masculine appearance. You can wear this tough leather jacket with jeans and brown boots for a stylish and edgy look. Another variation of distressed moto jackets is a hooded leather jacket which looks even edgier. 

  • Two Tone Leather Jacket 

A type of vintage style jacket is where it appears in double tones. The look is achieved by treating real leather in a way that it has two shades on its surface, one lighter and the other a bit darker. The contrast between the two tones creates a distinctive and stylish look, for example a distressed brown or blue leather jacket with a light and dark tone. Two toned leather jackets have a depth and character that makes them highly sought after by leather buffs. 

  • Worn Vintage Red Jacket

Nothing can beat the sensational look of an aged leather jacket in red. You can get an eye pleasing red leather jacket made with distressed leather to give off an individualistic vibe. You can opt for leather jackets in bright red shades or a maroon leather jacket with a worn appearance. 

  • Distressed White Leather Jacket 

A great benefit that comes with a white leather jacket made with distressed leather is that you can experiment with clothing items in different colors and patterns with it. You can create a quirky look with it or a refined look with black jeans.  

  • Distressed Colored Leather Jacket 

Besides brown, black or white, you can also pick a distressed green, tan, grey, or orange leather jacket from our collection and slay the colored leather jacket. Colored distressed jackets look incredibly stylish and are a great addition to a fashion savvy man's wardrobe. 

  • Distressed Studded Leather Jacket

If you want a bold and edgy style, nothing is better than a distressed spiked and studded leather jacket. The metal ornamental details add even more character to the jacket, making it a true rebel style statement.

Customized Distressed Leather Jackets 

If you want a truly unique worn-out leather jacket, consider getting a customized one. At Leather Skin Shop, we offer custom leather jackets, letting you choose the color, style, and design elements to create a jacket that is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only would each feature of your custom jacket be as you like, it would fit you perfectly as it is made with your specific measurements.

Caring For Your Distressed Leather Jacket

To keep your worn leather jacket looking great for years to come, it's important to take good care of it. Firstly, you must avoid getting it wet as the superficially created scratches and marks would absorb all the moisture. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight for long. Also, use a leather conditioner specified for distressed leather to maintain it without altering its appearance.