Men's Zip Up Boots

About Men's Zip Up Boots

As soon as the colder months arrive, fashionable hunks cannot wait to wear their stylish men’s zip up boots. Men's boots come in a variety of styles and are considered wardrobe mainstays. Whether you are looking for a style move that never misses its mark, optimum comfort, or going with the trends, men’s zipper boots are definitely a way forward option.

Zipper boots for men are easy to wear, absolutely stylish, and a worthwhile investment in your style arsenal. To make sure you spend wisely on a product that lasts, browse Leather Skin Shop’s men’s leather boots with zippers and choose the one you love the most!

Everyone from fashion influencers, stylists, and men’s fashion connoisseurs vouch for zipped boots for men as they are highly functional, sturdy, and attractive. Read on to know why and how these boots can help you nail a variety of outfits.

What Makes A Quality Pair of Men's Zip Boots?

A lot goes into making a perfect pair of men’s zip-up boots, such as the appropriate design, comfort, quality, and ease of putting them on and off. Some additional qualities can be weatherproofing and insulated lining, depending on whether you would wear them during wet or snowy weather. When you are buying men’s zipper boots, ensure they check the boxes for the following features.

The Right Fit

Wearing a pair of side zipped boots in the correct size is vital to get that snug, supportive feel. The shoes should not look bigger than usual on you, nor should they be uncomfortably tight. Your ankles, toes, and whole foot should have just enough room to move, plus there should be a little space behind your heel.

At Leather Skin Shop, you get up to 22 standard sizes to choose from. Plus, the option to customize your boots is available, so that the usual sizing issues can be avoided.

Premium Quality Material and Craftsmanship

If there is one feature that is a deciding factor for the perfect look, durability, comfort, and style of your men’s zip up boots, it is the material they are made with. Boots made with low grade material cannot match the upscale look of those made with top quality full grain leather.

Leather Skin Shop sources the finest quality leather and suede, which is turned into a splendid pair of zip boots by skilled craftsmen. Attention to detail and top quality stitching ensures the longevity and sleek look of the boots.


What causes men’s zipper boots to have the edge over other styles of boots? It’s the quality of being absolutely tractable. Putting your zip up boots on and off is easy and quick, making them a very practical option when it comes to adventurous activities.

Comfortable Lining

Your skin comes into contact with the inner lining of your side zip boots, so its important for it to be highly comfortable. The type of lining can depend on the season, as insulating material would be appropriate for the cold weather, while you need moisture wicking and breathable lining for summer.

Good Grip

Comfortable insoles and sturdy outsoles are vital features of zipper boots for men. Insoles are the footbeds where your foot rests. It's a game changer when they give the support and cushioning your feet need, especially if you have to wear the boots for long, or for adventurous activities.

Well made, flexible, and lightweight outsoles are essential for similar purposes. They should have a good shock absorbing quality, plus they should be durable enough to stay in good shape even if you walk on rocky terrains. Leather and rubber outsoles offer a good grip.

High Quality Zippers

Ever invested in a piece of clothing or shoes that became useless after the zipper failed? Good quality zippers ensure that your men's zip up boots are tractable. You get the additional benefit of temporarily ventilating your feet by unzipping your boots. At Leather Skin Shop, we use top quality YKK zippers that get better with use. They won't snag, rust, or stick, prolonging the life of your boots.

Different Styles of Men's Boots with Zippers

There are different styles of boots available that have a zipped closure. Here are the ones that comply with contemporary fashion standards and make you comfortable.

Men’s Ankle Boots with Zipper on Side

Talk about a type of leather boots that are the epitome of masculinity, and ankle zipper boots would top the list for sure. They are a perfect combo of style and comfort and are incredibly versatile. You can wear ankle boots with a zipper closure with jeans for a casual look or with slacks for a put together, sleek look.

Men's Zipper Chelsea Boots

Zipped Chelsea boots are definitely the most stylish form of men’s laceless boots. They have a characteristic elastic panel on the side that adds both function and style to the footwear. The side zipped Chelsea boots look great with tailored pants to give a smart look while pairing equally well with jeans for an edgy look.

Chelsea boots come with a side zipper, but they can also come in a front zip. Front zip boots are a trending style that offers ease of wearing plus a unique look, great for fashion forward street style ensembles.

Side Zip Work Boots

Want to get your hands on footwear that is rugged, provides optimum safety, and still categorizes as a stylish pair of shoes? Then you must go for work boots with a side zipper. They have a thick outsole that can absorb shock efficiently, plus a cushioned insole and lining to give your feet and ankles the best support. They also have a lacing system, which is excellent for tuning your fit after you zip them up.

Men's Leather Zip Boots

Shorter in length than ankle boots, these side zipper boots are an excellent option to pair with smart casual or street style outfits. They often come with broguing on the top, which adds to their sophistication.

Military Side Zip Boots

Also known as combat boots, these are immensely sturdy, heavy-duty boots integral to the fashion-savvy man’s style arsenal. They have significantly chunky soles and a lace system that works in conjunction with the side zipper to give you a perfect fit.

How to Liven Up Your Outfits with Men’s Zipper Boots

Zipped boots are one of the most functional footwear, keeping your feet warm, protected, and supported. They are known to add an unparalleled style to your look. In order to ensure a dapper look, follow these tips when you choose to wear side or front zip boots for men.

  1. Never wear your boots loosely. Get them in the right size, and if they have laces, tie those properly for a snug fit.
  2. If you are wearing side zipped boots with pants, opt for slim fit or straight pants. Don't go for wide legged pants.
  3. Choose the color of your boots wisely. Men's black boots with zipper and brown zipper boots are pretty versatile, and will go with jeans and pants in a variety of colors.
  4. When wearing jeans, never tuck them inside the boots.
  5. Don't cuff your jeans with boots. Always wear them stacked for a sleek, suave look.
  6. Choose the right style of boots with your outfits. Men’s zipper Chelsea boots are suitable for a look that leans towards formality, while laced up ankle boots with zipper on the side are great for casual looks.