Men's Zipper Boots

Ditch the hassle, embrace the effortless zipper, and step into sophistication with classy men’s zipper boots from Leather Skin Shop.

Men’s Zipper Boots for All Occasions!

Men’s zip-up boots are extremely versatile, and we highly recommend every sharp dresser to have at least one pair in his wardrobe. If you are looking for something more fashionable and high-end than men’s Chukka boots and more casual than the Derby shoes, zipper boots are the best option. You can wear the zipped boots on most occasions, for casual as well as dressy events. 

Men’s boots with a zipper have a unique appeal, unlike other boots, and the zipper opening just takes the convenience and comfort to a whole new level. No more struggle to pull those boots up anymore, just unzip your boots, put them on, and zip them up with ease. 

Boots for men with zippers have etched their name in the footwear world and aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. So grab your favorite style of boots today from Leather Skin Shop. We also make custom boots for people who want to pitch in to design their own unique boots to portray their personal style!

History of Men’s Zipper Boots

Many sources suggest that men’s zippered boots were invented in the year 1851, by Elias Howe. However, there is no accurate evidence suggesting the same. We do know that the term zipper was first coined in the year 1923.

It is noted that since then, the incorporation of zippers in men’s boots has become very common and regular. Even though it was invented decades ago, it has now started gaining popularity. The majority of young adults are finding unique ways of styling these men’s leather boots with zippers in their casual and dressy outfits!

Why You Should Spend on Men’s Zip-Up Boots?

Men’s boots with zippers are one of the most versatile men’s leather shoes; here is why you should get a pair for yourself. 

Convenient Footwear

Boots for men with zip are convenient to slip in when you are in a hurry. They are easier to pull on than other strap shoes like monk strap shoes and lace-up shoes like Oxford shoes. The style is also not compromised, so that is a plus!


Boots with zippers are prone to stay new for longer because most of them don’t have laces. Boots with laces, like tactical boots, can sometimes get worn and torn easily if you are not buying high-quality leather. But the zipper is resistant to all of that. So we suggest investing in a pair. 

Age is Just a Number

When it comes to men’s leather zip boots, age is just a number. This style is compatible with all ages and you can sport the look without any hesitations. Apart from adding style and sophistication to your fit, boots with a zipper on the side are also convenient for older men to wear easily. 

Different Styles of Men’s Zipper Boots!

If you want to diversify your footwear options while wearing casual and smart casuals other than men’s loafers or custom Moccasins, zipper boots are an excellent alternative. Men’s zip boots are sleek and stylish, and they efficiently elevate your look. Ensure that the boots you choose should match the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. 

Classic Black Men’s Zip-up Boots

Even though classic men’s black boots with a zipper don’t have intricate patterns like on men’s brogue shoes, their simplicity gives them their own class. They are classy black boots that you can style with multiple fits. They are not black-tie formal, but they go very well with semi formal, business casual, and smart casual looks.  

Zipper Ankle Boots

Men’s ankle boots with zippers need no introduction as they are worn widely among teenagers, young adults, and adults alike. Men’s ankle boots with zipper on the side are the easiest to pair your tailored trousers and pants with. They come up to your ankle and give you a neat look! 

Zipper Combat Boots

Zipper combat shoes often have laces and zippers on the side. It is to maintain the tightness of your shoes, and the zipper is for efficiency. These types of zippered boots for men are pretty common among young adults and jeans and tapered trousers. 

Leather Skin Shop crafts custom-made shoes that you can customize to your liking. You can incorporate laces, zippers or just elastic in your boots as you want.  

How Do You Style Men’s Zipper Boots?

Like Chelsea boots aren’t just a fall staple, men’s boots with a zipper are here for every season. Zipper boots are very versatile, and you can wear them with formal and casual outfits. The good thing about them is they are great with everything.

Options like Jodhpur boots are not designed to tuck in your pants, but men’s zipper boots allow you to do that as well, given your jeans or trousers are fitted appropriately. 

These flattering and sleek-looking men’s black zip-up boots are wonderful for many occasions. You can pair black men’s dress boots with a zipper with a grey suit that has tapered trousers. It is recommended that the suit should be casual and not very formal. 

They also look amazing and tough when paired with distressed jeans. You can either go for motorcycle boots if you want to be a bit more edgy and adventurous, or stick to the men’s side zipper boots. Another way of styling them for the cold weather is by wearing a trench coat on top of a smart casual attire. 

If you are a fan of men’s dress boots with a zipper on the side, then you should also check out custom dress shoes options at Leather Skin Shop!

Taking Care of Men’s Zipper Boots

You should take care of your zippered boots just like any other leather shoes. It is important that you invest in taking care of these timeless footwear. High-quality leather shoes are a great investment, so you must ensure that they are well taken care of. 

  • Keep your zip boots for men secure in a boot bag so they don’t get any moisture. 
  • Buy shoe trees to keep the shape of your men’s side zip leather boots intact. 
  • Get shoe polish to keep your zip-up boots for men clean and saddle soap for the dust. 

Buy Custom Zipper Boots at Leather Skin Shop!

The class and elegance of a zipper boot that has the right fit are unmatched. You can easily achieve it by getting customized ones. Besides an awe-worthy ready-to-wear footwear product range, Leather Skin Shop promises fine craftsmanship and high-quality material for customized men’s leather footwear.

You can avail customization via Leather Skin Shop at an amazingly affordable price. 

Along with getting the perfect size, you can choose from our various design options for custom leather shoes to design a pair that you love. Besides zipper boots, we customize a range of footwear options, from custom cowboy boots to custom loafers and custom Oxford shoes. Get in touch with us to order your personalized footwear today.