Custom Bride Leather Jacket

Want to look and feel your absolute best at your wedding? Wear our elegant custom bride leather jacket and give your wedding outfit a unique look.

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Custom Bride Leather Jacket Options

We want your wedding to be memorable. What better keepsake than a custom wedding leather jacket? Add blingy details to it, get it personalized, or pick unique features for it; the choices are abundant.

Embroidered Wedding Leather Jackets

Get your leather jacket embroidered beautifully, and show off your unique style at the wedding to make it memorable. You can design a custom leather jacket patch for the bride's jacket as well. We provide a wide variety of custom embroideries with different patterns and words. We can embroider your name or any small quote you want, or we can make a floral pattern on the back.

Type of Leather for Custom Bride Leather Jacket

We want you to have the perfect experience, so we are here to provide you with the best quality leather. With Leather Skin Shop, you never have to worry about the quality, as we source the best leather from cowhide, sheepskin, lambskin and goatskin.

Printed Bride Leather Jackets

There are so many custom printing options for the bride to choose from. We can print your name on the back of your custom-made bride leather jacket; we can also print flowers, the word “bride” and Mrs. XYZ, you name it.

Couples Leather Jackets

You can make your wedding look even better and more memorable if you get a couple's custom wedding leather jacket. It is a wonderful idea for the new couple to try twinning at the wedding party with their matching leather jackets.

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Make your Wedding Exclusive with a Custom Wedding Leather Jacket

A custom bride leather jacket can also be used as a warm layer over the wedding dress if the wedding is in winter. This is the most recent wedding trend, and if you are looking to make your marriage outfit interesting, you should choose a custom-made bride leather jacket. You can also get a customized jacket designed to give someone as a bridal shower gift.

Custom wedding leather jackets are a new trend in the market, and there is so much you can do with it. The best part about a custom wedding leather jacket is that you can wear it even after your wedding, giving a statement look to any outfit. 

It is an exciting task for you and your bridal party to design your wedding leather jacket. Many brides also go for a custom denim jacket, but the edgy and cool vibe of a custom leather jacket is unbeatable. 

There is also so much variety when it comes to custom leather jackets. You can choose a preferred design, like a custom bomber jacket or moto jacket. We have different color and shade options in leather as well, which benefits every individual. Some of our favorites are ivory, light brown, and classic black jackets or a custom white leather jacket. 

When it comes to showing off a personalized leather jacket, your wedding is the best occasion to try that. We at Leather Skin Shop make sure that you get the best product for your big day!

Design Your Own Bride Leather Jacket

A wedding is a personal event, something that stays close to your heart forever. We understand that, which is why we make sure that each and every step to design your leather jacket is planned with you.


As a bride, you would know how important planning is. So, for your custom bride leather jacket, we make sure to keep you in the loop for each and everything. 

With proper planning with our design consultant, you can execute the perfect wedding leather jacket. We also make sure that it fits you perfectly. If you want to order customized jackets for your bridesmaids, we help you with that, too.

Material Selection

From the wide range of leather materials we have, you can select the one that goes well with your ideal custom bride leather jacket. It’s up to you whether you go for cowhide, sheepskin, or lambskin. We also have different colors in the leather that we offer, like white, beige, ivory, and black. Most brides want a white or ivory leather jacket, but a classic black leather jacket is irreplaceable. 

A good alternative to a custom leather jacket is our custom denim jacket. We have the best material you can get for women's genuine leather jackets at Leather Skin Shop.

Design And Style Customization

For your “just-married” leather jacket, you don't have to compromise with anything. There is so much you can customize, like adding different patterns, designs, and prints to it. You can add things like save the date, Mrs. XYZ, your name, Bride, forever and always, etc. You can also get your custom embroidered jacket.

You can choose the style of your custom bride leather jacket, like a bomber style jacket or a custom varsity jacket style, a motorcycle leather jacket, etc.

Add the Details

At weddings, it is all about the minor details. You can add rhinestones, studs, or pearls to your custom wedding leather jackets, making them stand out. Our design consultant will brainstorm the design with you, suggesting whether you should decrease the quantity of the embellishments or increase it according to the dress and theme of your wedding. You can also select the color and type of zipper. You can also select to have a zipper or buttons. 

You can also play around with pockets, add them, put studs or pearls on it, add floral napkins or pocket squares, etc. 

Besides the splendid bride jackets, Leather Skin Shop has multiple other options for you as well. You can also get your hands on our custom trench coats or custom windbreaker jacket with no minimum order quantity required. Make sure to place your order time ahead of the wedding date, so that we can deliver it before your wedding day.

Styling Custom Wedding Leather Jacket

After you have decided to wear a custom bride leather jacket, the next step is to buy it and style it. Every person is unique and different, but here are some of our favorite styling for brides.

Pure Elegance!

If you are a bride who wants pure elegance in your wedding outfit, then go for an ivory or white leather jacket instead of a darker shade. It will help if your gown is skin fit or mermaid style, as it would add more to elegance. With this look, instead of using a veil, you can go with a side hair piece.

Bold And Unique

If you are the kind of bride who wants an edge to your outfit, then we suggest going with a classic black motorcycle jacket. You can have custom printing and embroidery on the back and even add some rhinestones or studs to make it look edgy. It would look wonderful if your dress is mermaid style.

Make it Cropped

If you are going to wear a flowy ball gown style dress to your wedding, then it is best to choose a custom bride leather jacket that is cropped and finishes right at your dress's body. 

You can wear a veil with this style as it would look so unique and different.

Themed Custom Wedding Leather Jacket

Considering the theme for your wedding, you can go with a splendid custom wedding jacket with the adornments of your choice. Wearing your customized leather jacket for the wedding or other events will make your look even more appealing, and you can try to make it as unique as you are.

For the Happy Couple

Involve your partner in this fun custom wedding leather jacket thing. It will be a memory that you can cherish for a lifetime! You can customize your partner's jacket similar to yours and get Mr. and Mrs. written on the back of your respective jackets.

Preserve Your Bridal Custom Leather Jackets for a Lifetime!

Your customized bridal leather jackets will stay with you for a lifetime if you preserve them well, taking care of the following steps: 

  1. Do not dip your custom wedding leather jacket in the water, as moisture is not good for the leather and embellishments. 
  2. You should use a damp washcloth and leather conditioner to clean your jacket.
  3. Also, make sure that it doesn't stay in direct sunlight for a long time. 
  4. It is also recommended not to keep it folded for a long time since cracks may appear.