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Buying a leather jacket is an investment worthy of your money, but it can be quite heavy on the pockets. However, it is an essential part of completing your wardrobe much like owning a branded handbag. A classic leather jacket is an iconic staple to any man or woman’s closet, lasting for forever and ever with the advantage of adding oomph and charm to various types of outfits. There are very few outfits that cannot be paired up or worn under classic statement handmade leather jackets.

The leather jacket is one fashion investment that will never go out of style and the more it ages, the better it gets aesthetically appealing, charming and comfortable. It can add a bold and edgy touch to conservative attire as well.

This staple fashion statement will never get old and whether you are wearing a little black dress for a cocktail occasion or you are wearing skinny jeans with a casual t-shirt, this accessory will add glamour and finesse to your look. Here is a list of seven handmade leather jackets that are affordable and won’t cost you an arm or a leg to buy:

1) Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Leather Biker Jacket in Black

If it is your first time in purchasing an original leather jacket, this black biker jacket for men is a classic design and can add an edge to any casual look that you may be aiming for. It has an adjustable belted waist and pockets which can be utilized in numerous ways. The jacket costs $237 and has a retro look to it. It is very reminiscent of the Ryan Gosling inspired wardrobe look and at the same time also reminds of the jackets worn in the Hollywood movie, Grease.



It is an exclusive design by the brand Asos. Asos is a British fashion and beauty store that retails more than 850 brand names, and this jacket is from their “Reclaimed Vintage Inspired” line. It is affordable and sleek and has good bang for the buck so as a first buy, this piece of clothing cannot go wrong for you.

2) Vernon Jacket by Finery London



This Vernon Jacket for women is by the brand Finery London and is in a smooth, navy blue color. It has a front with a double zipped fitting and has to detail on the elbow of the sleeves. For ladies, it is a chic and sophisticated look to aim for.

Whether it is winter or autumn, this original leather jacket will add that essential bit of layering to any outfit that you are putting together. This jacket is made from original lamb leather and retails at $379. However, you can avail a 30% discount and get it at $265 if you buy it now.

Finery London is another British fashion brand for women which has gained momentum over the past few years since it launched very recently in 2015. The designers housed by this brand are formerly from ASOS and Top Shop.

3) Kirwin Leather Moto Jacket

This sleek, brown original jacket from Nordstrom can compliment and flatter any look that you are trying to put together. It boasts a very southern-style brown color with a minimal-style look, and it retails for $350. The brand is an American fashion line based in Montreal, called “Bernardo.”



You can pair up this classic caramel brown jacket to add some toughness to a girly white maxi dress, or you can glamorize your everyday skinny jeans work look by wearing this jacket on top. Just like the retro black jacket, a no hassle brown jacket can be paired up with almost any attire.

4) Leather Skin Women Pink Quilted Gold Studded Skeletons Genuine Leather Jacket



This bubble gum colored, shiny original leather jacket for girls can add a pop of color and glitz to any outfit whether it is a day event or night time occasion that you are attending. Priced at $189.99 and available at LeatherSkinShop, you can make a high profile fashion statement with this jacket.

The style and color of this jacket are quite similar to the kind of jackets adorned by the supermodel sisters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. Being quite unconventional, a pink leather jacket redefines the stereotypical soft feminine look associated with this shade of pink and gives it a power-packed, sexual and trendy appeal.

5) Uterque Leather Jacket

This white, creamy leather jacket is well-fitted and extremely comfortable. It has an elaborate front and is adaptable for both formal and casual occasions. This classic biker leather jacket can be adorned with a multitude of different outfits. Victoria Beckham has been spotted many times sporting a similar cream-colored leather jacket and who else is a better fashion icon to follow than the posh fashionista herself.



Uterque is a Spanish fashion brand which has a presence in over 12 countries across the world. This jacket is priced at $275 and is accessorized with gold colored metal zippers instead of the stereotypical silver. It is cropped from below which also makes it look chic and high-end.

6) Boda Skins Classic Biker Jacket for Men

This jacket has been created with 100% premium sheepskin leather and yet is priced at only $569 which makes it a piece worth spending your hard-earned money on. The jacket is a classic design styled with silver colored hardware such as the zips and the buckles.



Boda Skins is another fashion brand which was initially launched exclusively on the internet, and it had a store on eBay. The brand is famous for its leather jackets and Napa leather which is endorsed by some very high maintenance fashionistas such as Khloe Kardashian and Olivia Palermo.

7) Mango Oversized Leather Jacket



This redlining black jacket is perfect for having a dash of color for the guy who is covered in black attire more often than not. The finish and stitching of the coat are worth the $299 it is being retailed at.

Mango is another Spanish originated company. Mango’s designs are a staple in the fashion industry and very popular among young, fashion-forward consumers.

If this list does not comprise of the items you are looking for you can always get a custom leather jacket made by LSS as per your own specifications.

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