by Jennifer Smith November 18, 2020 5 min read

Running wildly across the store searching for that one item you had your eye on!

Struggling to get to your desired aisle without getting crushed by the crowd.

Long queues, waiting at the doors from before the break of dawn.

Yes! You guessed it right! It is that terrific time of the year when companies and brands get generous, and shoppers go crazy!

The Black Friday sales are here! And we cannot be more excited!

When do Black Friday sales start, you ask! Well, black Friday will be officially held on November 27th, 2020, this year. However, we all know how different this year has been, and so will be our black Friday shopping. But Thanks to God and the technology that we live in a time where like everything else, Black Friday sales online are also available.

What to Buy this Black Friday?

Black Friday shopping can be a complete waste of time and energy if you don’t have a goal in sight. Without knowing what you want and which stores are offering the best Black Friday sales, you won’t be able to use this event to its full advantage.

 And we don’t want that! That’s why we are here with 8 of the best things to buy this time of the year, especially if you are a leather-fan and want to update your winter wardrobe.

Black Friday Leather Items for Men

1.     The Classic and Timeless – Brown Leather Jacket


Get this Jacket For Just $149

You can never go off with a brown leather jacket. Everything about a tan-colored leather executes class, fashion, style, and luxe.  We know that they are trendy and will not be going out of style anytime soon.

You can just slip on the classic brown jacket and go anywhere! It can be pulled off effortlessly with formal as well as casual attires. With the fine stitching, rugged outlook, and comfortable wear, this brown stylish leather jacket will surely make you the talk of the town!

2.     Shine on With a Shiny Black Jacket

Classy Black Bomber Leather Field Jacket

Get this Jacket For Just $269

Leather jackets are all about making a style statement! And with this shiny black leather jacket, you will be able to make a great one! It gives a stylish twist to a traditional black leather jacket. The glossy and polished texture, the shiny silver zipper, and the chest pockets – every part of this jacket adds on to its class and sophistication.

The addition of buttons in the front and buckles on the collar gives it a sporty look and an urban finesse at the same time. This flashy yet elegant jacket speaks for itself! Moreover, the slim-fitting of this jacket will make you look even more charming and sexier! Wear this jacket, and nothing can keep you from going places!

3.     Get your hands on the perfect black-and-fur combo

Men Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar

Get this Jacket For Just $295

There is just something about black leather jackets that make everybody go gaga. And when you pair that with a furred collar, you have hit the perfect jackpot! This Black Friday, get your hands on this classic combo by getting the black genuine leather jacket with white fur collar.

This jacket is a pure classic and timeless head-turner.  It is all you can ever need to amp up your style and make an impressionable entry at any gathering. Where the black leather will help you give a charming vibe, the smooth and velvety fur collar will keep you warm and comfortable. This is not something to miss in these black Friday sales as LSS is going to offer the biggest discount on this Black Friday by using code BLACK15, enjoy 25% off Sitewide.

4.     A pair of Brown Derby shoes can never disappoint


Get this Shoes For Just $199

Shoes can either complete your whole look or can turn your attire into a disaster! So, selecting the right pair of shoes to go with your outfit is quite crucial. Thankfully, with this brown derby brogue wingtip shoes, you can never go wrong! They work equally well with formal as well as casual attires and complements with all colors.

Moreover, with the correct care, you can keep them with yourself for a long time. These shoes are the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance, class, and fashion to your attire. They are a must-have for every men’s shoe closet!

Black Friday Leather Items for Women

5.     A Pink Jacket must be a part of every woman’s wardrobe

Women Hot Pink Biker Jacket

Get this Jacket For Just $259

Owning a pink leather jacket is essential for every girl! Adding this hot pink biker jacket to your winter wardrobe will help you make a bold and impeccable fashion statement with minimum effort! This jacket will give you a great fitting, and its glossy texture will help you shine a little brighter at any given day!

The stylish vertical zippers and the chic collar designs will make your stand out. Additionally, sheep leather makes it one of the most comfortable and long-life pieces of clothing.

What else can be said about it when it as HOT in its name?

6.     Shine Brighter with a Black-and-Gold Starry Jacket

Leather Skin Women Black Genuine Leather Jacket With Gold Stars

Get this Jacket For Just $395

Love to be the focus of attention and the talk of the party? This black leather jacket with gold starts is what you need! Get this jacket in the upcoming Black Friday sales, slip it on, and go to a party or a dinner, and trust us, you will make people swoon.

The golden sequins, the stylish zippers, and the trendy collar-style will make you the embodiment of glamour, chic, and panache. This bold and contemporary design with vertical pockets, ribbed textured sleeves, and buckles on the waist will make you a star of the night, quite literally!

7.     Vintage for the win – Black Biker jacket with gold zippers


Get this Jacket For Just $249

Black and Leather are the two things that go with everything, are always in fashion, and can never let you down! So how can their combination be anything but perfect? This black biker jacket with gold zippers for women is the epitome of style and flawlessness. The biker style gives a modern twist to a traditional jacket. It is perfect for everyday wear as well as suitable for parties and dinners.

This lightweight and comfortable jacket will help you embrace your rebellious, wild side while dressing like a fashionista!

8.     A Chic and Handy Leather Tote Bag

High Quality Leather Tote Shoulder Business Bag For Any Formal Occasion

Get this Bag For Just $99.99

A handbag is every girl’s best friend! And what could be better than combining style, accessibility, and practicality all in just one bag? That’s exactly what this leather tote shoulder bag does!

With different portions and large pockets, this bag can hold all of your necessities. Moreover, the chic design, variety of colors, metal hooks, clasps, and zipper will make your entire look a huge success! Be it your office, a formal dinner, or a girls’ night out - this bag can accompany you anywhere and everywhere!

Parting thoughts

Black Friday is the ideal time to upgrade your wardrobe as you can get everything you like, without having to spend a fortune! It’s best that you do your research in advance to be sure of what you want! Because let’s face it! How long do black Friday sales last for you to research and shop the same day? Not long enough!

Well, the most-awaited event for all shopaholics, black Friday sales, is right around the corner. So, research, research, research, and bookmark your desired items so that you do not miss anything!

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