by Jennifer Smith April 05, 2021 5 min read

Let me guess – you are probably scratching your head, wondering, "How can someone wear a leather jacket in the summer?" Hearing about leather jackets, all you can think of is "hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable!" Right?

Let me tell you something; you most definitely can wear a leather jacket in the summers! Sure, it can be a challenging look to pull off but never impossible. (Don't worry, we got some tips for you at the end of this article to help you wear them in the summers!)

Not only are they absolutely iconic –  and they will never go out of style. And if they are never going out of style, they are an excellent investment!  

And honestly, sometimes, we all just want to feel like Rosa Diaz.  

Without further ado, let’s make our way to some of the leather jackets that will help you ROCK  your summer style!

1. Women Pink Brando Belted Leather Jacket – with shoulder epaulets!

A little piece of advice for you all: don't wear a dark color leather jacket in the summers because it will only increase the temperature. Instead, try on some light colors to reflect the heat and stay comfy!

This light pink leather jacket marks that box! The front zipper and the epaulets make it the perfect design to wear anytime, any day!

Don’t worry about whether pink leather jackets are trendy or not; if Gigi Hadid is wearing them, what's to stop you?

Women Pink Brando Belted Leather Jacket

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How to style it?

The best way to style it is wearing it over a white shirt with jeans and some boots to give you that sexy look!

Another way to style it by wearing it over a cute little white dress and maybe some heels – if you are feeling cute!

2. Leather Skin Women Pink Spike Skeleton Studs Leather Jacket

With the previous jacket marking the light color box, this ticks the light color and the cool jacket box!

The spikes and skeletons studs on this jacket just tremendously add to the look – making it an absolutely dreamy one. Everyone’s eyes will be on you and their jaws on the floor.

Studded leather jackets are incredibly sexy. I mean, look at Bella Thorne and tell me she doesn’t look like a complete baddie in the studded leather jacket.

Leather Skin Women Pink Spike Skeleton Studs Genuine Leather Jacket

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How to style it?

You can wear your regular outfit – a white shirt with black pants – and wear this sexy jacket on top.

Or, you can pair this up with a short and sexy black skirt and look like the baddest girl in town. Or maybe a cute little skirt – it’s all up to you!

3. Floral Leather Jackets!

You must have heard of floral dresses, but have you heard of floral leather jackets?

Because let me tell you – they are a vibe!

They will successfully give you the summer vibe you need – with the beautiful flowers on top of the leather jacket.

How to style it?

Wear it with a floral dress – floral jacket over a floral dress!

Floral Leather Jackets

If you are not sure about that, you can pair it up with a simple dress that is close to your heart!

Lastly, you can do the basic and pair it up with your jeans and shirt, and you're good to go!

Looking to spice it more? Throw it over your arms. *wink*


4. Biker Jacket for the biker boys!

Biker jackets are made to protect you from the wind when riding your motorcycle. And if you have seen Riverdale, you know how good it looks. (yes, I am indeed talking about Jughead)

If you are one of those boys and are ready to cruise on the highway, you need to get your hands on a biker jacket, pair it up with jeans, boots, and you will be ready to drive your motorcycle and drive everyone crazy!

And why not go for a biker jacket other than black – how about brown?  

Note: Make sure to buy the jacket with lightweight fabrics, or else you will NOT have a good time in the heat.

Men Black Motorcycle Biker Leather Jacket

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5. Distressed leather jacket for your work

A distressed leather jacket is a perfect alternative to a blazer for work – trust us on this.

And if you work in a place where there is always air conditioning, this leather jacket will be your best friend. The edgy look is exactly what gives it fame for business.

You can complete the style by wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Everyone’s eyes will be on you.

Men Distressed Maroon Red Vintage Genuine Leather Jacket

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Some tips on wearing a leather jacket in summers:

  1. Always – ALWAYS – go for the lightweight fabric. This will prevent you from becoming uncomfortable and sweaty in the warm weather, or else you might not feel so good. Plus, you can wear it in winter as well, over a sweatshirt, and it will be just great.
  2. Go for light color jackets. Yes, I already told you this tip above, but let me repeat and EMPHASIZE how important this is. Dark color jackets will only intensify the temperature.
  3. Pair up the leather jackets with light clothes. The ideal summer outfit that contains a leather jacket is a leather jacket over a light summer dress.
  4. Do not wear too many layers. We already know how hot it can get in the summers. Wearing too many layers below the leather jacket will do nothing but increase the chances of you being suffocated – literally. The heat will get to you. So, don’t wear too many layers!
  5. You can wear leather jackets at night. Once the sun sets, the temperature drops – which is the perfect time to get out your leather jackets and throw them on. Look at us, finding out ways to rock on a leather jacket even in summers – and successfully so!
  6. Leave the front of the jacket open. Zipping or buttoning it up will only make it hotter to wear. Allow your body to breathe.
  7. Check the leather outwear. If it has cotton lining, it is the one for you. It does not add any warmth, which makes it perfect for summer. On the other hand, the satin lining does add warmth and so, do not wear those in summers. They are suitable for winters only.

Nail the summer style game!

Looks like you are prepared enough for the summer to show up now. Make sure you keep in mind all these points, and you are definitely ready to blow everyone away.  

If you have any other tips or recommendations you can add to this, feel free to comment down below.

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