by Jennifer Smith February 23, 2021 5 min read

It goes without a doubt that leather jacket is premium outerwear that reigns the fashion arena since ages. From the quintessential flight jacket that US airforce personnel used to wear in the early 1900s' to the modern styles and colors available today, the leather jacket has been a forever favorite.

Besides being a highly functional clothing accessory that shields the wearer from cold, it is considered a versatile statement piece that should be a must-have in every man and women’s wardrobe.

It is incredible how the leather jacket has evolved since its inception. It is not limited to the standard brown or black color anymore. A vast range of silhouettes, styles, and colors are now available to suit everyone's taste.

Trending these days are the various shades of blue in leatherwear. Considering this vogue, the Leather Skin Shop has introduced a range of magnificent blue leather jackets. With splendid designs and strikingly admirable details, you can get a blue leather jacket of your choice from the brand’s collection.


Blue is quite a soothing color, and it represents tranquility. Outfits in shades of blue are always eye-pleasing, as they give off an unmatchable aura of style and confidence.

The regal vibes of blue make it a popular color choice by fashionistas worldwide. Moreover, blue is believed to be associated with loyalty, trust, intelligence, and courtesy, so you can opt for blue clothing essential whenever you want to execute these virtues.

Your blue jacket will not only make you look glorious, but it will also comfort the onlookers, giving off an impression that you are reachable and friendly.


Highlighted here are the top recommended blue leather jackets and how you should style them. Choose a design and the outfit idea that appeals to you the most, and flaunt your uber stylish look at casual, semi formal, and formal gatherings.


Here are the three most popular men's jackets in the color blue, which will instantly elevate your style. You can pair them with a variety of pants and shirts, thus giving you an opportunity to use maximum pieces from your wardrobe.

 1. Blue With White Black Panel Motorcycle Biker Racing Premium Genuine Leather Jacket

This splendid jacket with a form fitting silhouette and a splash of contrast is all you need to look dapper at events held during the day. You will fall in love with the jacket's deep ocean blue color. Plus, the classy detailing in white and black on the jacket's upper section makes its design unique and sophisticated.

The fact that this jacket is crafted with genuine leather makes it a worthwhile investment that will last for many years in your closet. It is a versatile piece that can help you build several dashing ensembles.

Adorn this graceful outerwear by pairing it with a grey turtleneck shirt and black chinos. A pair of black brogue shoes will rock with this outfit. Complete the look by accessorizing it with a blue dial watch and sunglasses.

Blue Combo Biker Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $269

2. Blue Unisex Premium Genuine Pure Leather Jacket With Quilted Lining

Another classic piece from the Leather Skin Shop is this extraordinarily chic and comfortable unisex jacket in rich royal blue shade. The jacket is made with 100% genuine cowhide leather, and its quilt lining makes it a perfect winter jacket.

The beauty of this jacket lies in its simple design. The front closure is zipped, and there are two side zippers, of which one is diagonal, and the other is vertical. The sleek jacket will be instrumental in helping you elevate your style game.

The jacket comes in a plain design with minimal details, allowing you to pair it with your printed t-shirts. Paired with blue jeans and suede Chelsea boots, this will give you a swanky look. A brown leather hat will be a perfect addition to perk up this casual look.

Unisex Leather Jacket

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A blue leather jacket is frequently spotted in the trending women's streetwear looks all over social media. And we can totally understand the reason for it. The combination of the color blue with a luxury material such as leather becomes a top choice for fashion divas who need to give a bold and slick style statement. Here are Leather Skin Shops' top reviewed blue jackets for women to perk up your look.

1. Leather Skin Blue Women Ladies Brando Style Synthetic Leather Jacket

This fantastic blue Brando-style jacket is a piece that you won't regret buying. The sleek cutting edge design and the cobalt blue shade make this jacket a must-have in every fashion savvy girl's wardrobe. Inspired by the traditional biker jacket, there is an epaulet collar, vertical side zippers, and the classic biker jacket front zipper.

Blue Brando Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $149

A slick leather skirt in black will make a perfectly chic combo with this jacket. With shiny black pumps and a black shoulder bag, you can give this formal look an instant flair. A delicate neck chain, bracelet, and a chunky blue ring will be the right way to accessorize the outfit.

2. Women Sky Blue Studded Leather Jacket

Studded leather jackets are all the rage these days. Women love to flaunt jackets with decorative accessories to look like a million bucks. If you too wish to add a splendid studded jacket to your wardrobe, look no other than the Leather Skin Shop's sky blue studded jacket.

It's an aesthetically pleasing piece with studs placed strategically along the shoulders, collars, and sleeves. Even the hemline is embellished, which adds to the jacket's panache.

Blue Studded Leather Jacket

Get This Jacket For Just $295

The good thing about this jacket is that you can wear it over dark blue jeans and long boots and you are good to go. Even if you don't give your outfit any more detailing, you will look ravishing.

3. Leather Skin Women Blue With Black Sleeves Shoulder Quilted Genuine Leather Jacket

Another astonishing blue leather jacket for women is this black and blue statement piece from the Leather Skin Shop. This stylish quilted jacket is the epitome of elegance with its simple yet attractive design.

This jacket's significant feature is that the flattering cut gives you a slimmer appearance. The pairing options with this jacket are many, as you can safely wear it over dresses, skirts, jeans, and even jumpsuits.

We recommend a thigh-length black dress and leggings to wear along with this jacket. Pull the sleeves up a bit for a dressed-to-kill look and complete it with ankle-strap heels, a blue tote bag, and a statement necklace.

Blue Leather Jacket With Black Sleeves

Get This Jacket For Just $254



Opting for a classic blue leather jacket means that you will be adding refined outerwear to make your fall and winter look a lot ritzier. Without any doubt, the outfits with the blue jacket will woo the onlookers, and they will appreciate your fashion sense.

Along with that, the premium quality leather of these jackets will assure you durability and comfort for many years to come. It is advised that you carefully read the manufacturer's label on how to care for your jacket if you wish for it to last longer and look the same for ages.

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