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Summer’s in full swing, and this year it seems to be all about cool colors and less about black. A few years ago we were all about monochromes, but this season it’s pastels and greens and blues and corals which are making their mark. The season is all about sporting cool and kitschy new looks, and pairing vintage stuff with brands, and creating a unique look which would go amazingly with your own persona. Pairing up bright colors with subdued shades, and adding some summer flair to brighten up boring stuff is what we love, and this look has been put together in anticipation of a fun night out, or a great day out in a cool temperature.

When we say green is here to stay, we do mean that, and to add to the flair, let’s put together a look that goes around this smart green jacket. The best feature about the jacket is the round neck. It effectively keeps the cold out and makes you look smart. It is made of soft leather which molds around your figure giving you an excellent shape, and you should get one which fits you properly. However, with a closed up jacket like this, the ideal dressing might have been black jeans, right? Wrong! Here is where we pair the jacket up with something different.

How about a pair of pants? Not the usual boring ones in blue denim – what about a pair of funky ones? We love this stunning maroon pants – it is completely off-beat, and gives the jacket a very different look. To finish it off, add a pair of wedges – not the usual boots, but a pair of close-top wedges in silver probably, to go with the zippers of the jacket, perhaps? These YKK zippers are excellent, and are considered to be some of the very best. Jewelry should be kept simple – what about a pair of simple silver studs, and maybe something to sweep up your hair? Maybe a silver slide that can be used to put up your hair in a sleek or messy knot? Matching silver accessories always look gorgeous and this combination is truly eye-catching.

This season, go gorgeous, and do not think much about pairing. Keep your makeup mostly neutral, although with this look, if you can pull it off then wear a dark maroon lipstick, bordering on burgundy to blood red, just to add to the flavors. It is definitely eye-catching and will make you stand apart.

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