Green Shoulder Quilted Jacket with gorgeous look!

by Adnan Khurshid June 20, 2015 2 min read


This beautiful green leather jacket from Leather Skin is a statement piece. Not only is this jacket beautiful, well made, and custom fit, but it is also created with fine quality, top standard materials. You are sure to get a lot of compliments with this jacket!

If you love leather goods and have a good eye for quality, you'll definitely be impressed with the leather and the craftsmanship. This 100% genuine leather jacket is made from soft lamb skin, which is one of the most luxurious leathers out there. It has a buttery soft look and feel that makes it even more unique and beautiful.The soft feel of this gorgeous leather is the perfect compliment to the vivid, deep green color. If you haven't owned a garment made with lamb skin before, you will see that there is nothing like it. The softness, look, and overall quality is unparalleled.

The quality of the details on this jacket are fantastic. It is comfortable to wear and is perfectly hand crafted. Even the lining of the jacket is awesome; its satiny and smooth and feels great on the skin. If you wear your jacket with a sleeveless shirt, a soft lining is incredibly important. The zippers on this jacket look great too; they are quality YKK zippers that are strong and perfectly installed. The zippers are set on a black material, which gives a nice contrast and a slightly edgy look.

The fit of this jacket is great, and the tips on the website for choosing the best size is very helpful for ensuring the best fit. The jacket is true to size, but slim cut for a sleek silhouette. It is designed to fit like a glove, as it is flattering and very nice to wear. It hugs the curves of the body and looks slimming while remaining comfortable and luxurious. The length of the jacket is nice; not too long or short.

The quilted detailing on the shoulders looks great; it is very similar to the quilting that luxury brands do without the luxury price tag. The extra texture and softness of the quilting really gives this leather jacket that special look. The quilting is done with care, and all of the stitching is perfectly straight and lies completely flat. It begins above the chest and extends down to the elbow area on the arms of the jacket, which creates an even more beautiful look. It flows very nicely.

The pockets on this jacket are a good size for storing your phone, keys, or other small items. Much like the front zipper, these zippers are quality silver toned zippers that slide with ease and never jam or get stuck. The pockets are very functional and not too small.

If you're looking for a gorgeous, high quality leather jacket, this one comes in lots of colors, and the price was incredible! It is hard to believe that you can buy such a fine leather jacket at this price. You can easily pay double or triple for a jacket of this quality elsewhere. You'll be excited to have this jacket. Buy this jacket by clicking here.

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