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Leather jackets have been the most sought-after outerwear in the world of fashion. They have successfully been in the limelight for decades, seamlessly blending classic elegance with style. When it comes to buying a good leather jacket, there is a wide collection of options available in the market.

Whether you buy online or shop at a store, the plethora of choices can confuse any buyer. Ranging from budget-friendly choices to a high-end, expensive leather jacket - there is something to suit every individual’s style and needs.

Follow this guide to explore how to differentiate between a cheap vs expensive leather jacket and which one to buy to make a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe.

Why are Leather Jackets so Expensive?

High-quality leather jackets typically come with a hefty price tag due to several reasons. Here is why leather jackets tend to be expensive: 

  • Quality of Leather: The type of leather used to make jackets is one of the main determining factors for the price of a leather jacket. Full-grain leather or top-grain leather is typically used instead of faux leather or synthetic materials to make a top-quality leather jacket. These are high-grade, real leather and are more expensive due to qualities such as durability, suppleness, and luxurious feel. Made from real and genuine leather, they are breathable and soft as compared to mass-produced garments made of synthetic materials.
  • Inner lining and hardware: A high-quality leather jacket is made from the best, most comfortable inner lining, such as pure cotton, viscose, silk, or satin. The natural fibers of cotton and linen last a lifetime, ensuring the lining stays in good shape for long. Warmer jackets with thick shearling or wool lining are priced higher. The use of high-quality zippers and buttons further makes these jackets durable, long-lasting, and expensive. 
  • Handcrafted: Premium quality leather jackets differ from any other mass produced garment as their making process is meticulously detailed. They are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with close attention to detail. This means each jacket requires expert craftsmanship to produce a high-quality leather jacket and can typically take up to 1-2 weeks to be ready. 

What is a Cheap Leather Jacket?

Cheap leather jackets refer to the ones that are made from low-grade leather or inferior quality synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of real leather. Unlike real, full-grain leather, these jackets are typically made from faux leather or bonded leather. Cheap jackets are neither reliable nor supple. Wearing them frequently will soon result in wear and tear, and they are unable to provide weather protection. 

Moreover, the inner lining of a cheap leather jacket might be made from inferior materials like polyester or nylon. Although functional, these inner linings may lack the luxurious feel and comfort of those found in expensive jackets. Cheaper jackets may feature less durable hardware, e.g. low-quality plastic zippers and buttons, which may not withstand extended use compared to expensive leather jackets that have good-quality hardware, such as YKK zippers. 

In terms of price points, cheap leather jackets range from $50 to a few hundred dollars, making them an affordable option for many consumers. 

What is an Expensive Leather Jacket?

A high-quality leather jacket is made from top quality leather, such as full-grain leather or top-grain leather. These materials are known for their durability, withstanding the test of time and providing optimal weather protection. They also look exclusive and are a class apart from any other type of jacket. 

Since expensive leather jackets are usually handcrafted, they involve intricate stitching and detailing through expert craftsmanship. The use of top-quality hardware, such as zippers, snaps and buttons, adds up to the price points of these jackets.  

Expensive leather jackets often feature inner linings made from luxurious materials like silk, satin, fur, or shearling. These linings enhance comfort and add to the overall premium feel of the jacket. 

High-end leather jackets also feature unique and innovative styles, with special features such as detachable hoods, fur collars, or ornamental studs and patches. Certain luxury brands release limited editions, producing a finite number of jackets with distinctive features. As a result, the limited availability of these items contributes to an increase in price. 

Expensive jackets can cost around $600 to several thousand dollars. 

Cons of Buying a Cheap Leather Jacket

While cheap leather jackets may be more budget-friendly, they often come with certain drawbacks that buyers should consider. Here are some cons of buying a cheap leather jacket:

  • Low-quality leather due to low price points
  • Show signs of wear and tear fairly quicker
  • Less durable hardware is used in cheap jackets
  • Shorter life-span compared to a more expensive jacket
  • Less comfortable inner linings that might tear easily if the jacket is worn a number of times.
  • Features less intricate stitching and detailing and often has loose threads
  • Instead of a matte finish that eventually develops into a patina, cheap jackets have a glossy finish

Where to Shop for a High-Quality Genuine Leather Jacket?

Whether you are searching for a cheap or expensive leather jacket, there are a ton of options to explore in the market. While you can get a cheap leather jacket online as well as at fast fashion stores, you should always prioritize quality. 

Luckily, Leather Skin Shop caters to the masses who look for premium quality leather jackets at affordable prices. You can rely on the quality of our jackets without having to burn a hole in your pocket. We offer a wide collection of men's and women's leather jackets at budget-friendly prices without compromising on quality. 

Moreover, if you wish to give your jacket a personalized touch, like selecting the type of leather and color or adding embellishments, we have got you covered. You can get customized leather jackets from Leather Skin Shop to express your style statement. Customization gives you a jacket that fits your body like a glove, has all the features that you like, and goes well with the clothes you currently have in your wardrobe. With a commitment to quality and competitive prices, we ensure that your leather jacket is worth each penny that you pay for it.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, the cost of a leather jacket is determined by various factors, like the quality of leather, stitching details, inner linings, and many more. Purchasing a top-quality, expensive leather jacket is a one-time investment and can be highly cost-effective in the long run due to its durability and timeless style. 


How do you tell cheap leather jackets apart from expensive ones?

You can tell the difference between cheap and expensive leather jackets by touching the jacket's surface. If it has a luxurious texture, it means it is an expensive one, and its leather quality is good. Additionally, you can look for high-end brand logos or observe the fit and overall silhouette of the jacket, as expensive leather jackets are tailored with precision. Another way to spot a cheap jacket is that it lacks the natural luster of real leather and instead has a glossy finish of synthetic material.

Should I buy an expensive leather jacket?

Although an expensive jacket often falls outside budget-friendly costs, it is a one-time quality investment. It offers both durability and longevity with superior craftsmanship, meaning it will be worth every penny of your money. 

Can I find stylish leather jacket options among cheap ones?

Yes, many fashion brands offer stylish leather jacket options at cheaper prices. While cheaper leather jackets may have some limitations in terms of quality and craftsmanship, many trendy styles are available to cater to various preferences.

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