by Jennifer Smith February 27, 2020 5 min read

Anyone that loves their leather jacket (which is everyone who has ever owned a leather jacket) counts the days till winter. That is when your beloved jacket can come back out to rescue you from all the horrible fashion around you.

On the other hand, if you do not own a leather jacket, we know you love surfing the leather jacket market for something special. And while you do that, you can’t help but picture yourself in every other leather jacket you see.

We know what the uncertainty can feel like, and we know all the answers to all your questions. Let’s answer them one by one:

How Are Leather Jackets Supposed to Fit?

While it may be true that leather jackets have a unique versatility that helps them fit snugly on not only its own sizes but similar sizes too. However, the real essence of buying a leather jacket is the fact that it offers superior fitting. So, why would you buy a jacket that does not fit you perfectly?

Moreover, if you do buy a size that is not perfect for you by a margin, you are going to feel it and see it when you wear it. So, when it comes to fitting, the following points are essential

  • The Shoulder:The leather seam of the jacket must always line up to your shoulder. If the seam is too far back, it will feel tighter on your shoulder, and the sleeve will seem short. On the other hand, if it is too loose, the sleeve will fall, and the jacket will feel like a burden to carry.
  • The Sleeves: The sleeves should be tight enough to line close to your actual arm, but loose enough not to hinder your arm movement. The length of the sleeve must be to the end of your wrists. If the shoulder lines up, the sleeve will probably be the perfect length.
  • The Armholes: The higher the armholes are placed, the better it is for fitting.
  • The Length: Length is an arbitrary factor, especially when it comes to women's leather jackets that have specially designed short jackets. The general rule is to always have a jacket line up with your waistband.

How Can You Tell if a Jacket is a Real Leather?

  • The smell:Leather tends to have its own signature smell. This smell is typical only of genuine leather and cannot be added to fake leather.
  • Check for Pores and Irregularities: Since genuine leather is sourced from an animal and not manufactured in a machine, it tends to have its own irregularities. Of course, they are not uniform across different articles, so we cannot tell you what exactly to look for. But one thing that can give away fake leather is its pores. Genuine leather will have irregular patterns for pores, while fake ones have perfectly uniform ones.
  • Flame: Real leather does not catch on fire. It smells like burnt hair. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, will catch on fire.
  • Water: Genuine leather tends to absorb water if you drop some on it. With a fake, it will just puddle up over it.
  • Price: Real leather is never cheap. So, you can gauge by the price that the seller demands.

Given the number of scams, it is not rocket science figuring out scams in leather jackets. Therefore, before buying a jacket, you should be able to identify real leather from synthetic. To be sure, rely on the provided guidelines.

How to Reuse Your Old Leather Jacket?

Since leather jackets have enough material, they can be transformed into a variety of things. You can make the following things from an old leather jacket:

Make a notebook cover: Leather notebook covers look pretty chic.

Make a Simple wallet: If you know a bit of stitching, you can make a simple wallet. If you don’t know this art, take help from someone who knows this art.

Go for DIY Leather bracelets: DIY leather bracelets look fun. You can make them with the help of YouTube videos.

Make leather jewelry: Girls just love leather chokers. You can easily make it and show off your beautiful collarbone.

How do You Treat a Leather Jacket?

To treat your jacket, follow these steps:

  • Use water and a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt and dust from your jacket.
  • Do not apply any cleaners without testing them on a hidden area first.
  • Let the jacket air-dry. Do not use hot iron on your jacket or leave it crumbled.
  • Once dried, apply a coat of leather conditioner to the jacket.
  • Leave the jacket to air-dry after applying a coat of leather conditioner.

The most important point in taking care of your leather jacket is the realization that the jacket is valuable. In order to ensure that the jacket maintains its softness and smoothness, it needs proper care.

You should understand that you must keep your jacket out of the water and away from heat. Heat is what really causes leather to crack – which is one of the biggest problems as the jacket ages.

Where Can I Buy Leather Jackets Online?

Leather Skin Shop is one of the premier brands dealing in leather jackets and goods in several segments and at several price points. Most of all, leather skin shop handles extremely responsive customer care in case of any complications and sells what they claim to sell.

How Much Does a Good Leather Jacket Cost?

The cost of a good leather jacket can range anywhere from $500 to $2000. The price will vary according to the design, the detail, and accessories that you see on the jacket.

Which Color is best for Leather Jacket?

Colors are a personal choice when it comes to leather jackets. While the basic colors of brown-black and sometimes blue have their own popularity, the introduction of new color ranges such as pink, green, ice blue, maroon and several other colors by manufacturers are pretty exciting. So exciting that sometimes the basic colors now look may look boring.

Leather Jacket- not a conundrum anymore!

The only reason that you have not bought yourself a leather jacket after surfing the market for so long is that you fear for yourself.

What if the jacket you bought didn’t fit?

What if it was fake leather?

You don’t know how to treat a leather jacket, or perhaps you don’t know where to buy it from, the color the cost and so on.

But as long as we are here,

you never have to worry about these as we answered them all for you!

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