by Jennifer Smith April 19, 2021 5 min read

What screams more vintage than distressed leather jackets?

Obviously, the worn-out look is the most attractive thing about them. I mean, once you lay your hands on one of these, it seems quite hard to take them off it.

And why is that? It’s a versatile look, after all!

Have you grabbed a notebook and pen yet? Since you are looking for some extra exclusivity, it is time you start making notes.

Make yourself comfortable on the nearest couch, because we are about to show you how to rock that vintage look without getting a custom leather jacket.

Ultimate Coolness: Guide101

Now that you have settled down, we’ll be taking you on a tour guide in the city of fashion.

Can you guess our stop for the day? Yes! You’re right.

We’re taking you to the distressed leather jackets town tonight, so if you want to go, you better gear up.

The level of sturdiness and edginess you are going to get once you put that jacket on; incomparable.

Here are some of the best distressed jackets you can find, along with how to style them perfectly:

1. Men Distressed Tan Red Leather Jacket

Men Distressed Tan Red Cow Leather Jacket With Metal Hoops Front Zipper Buttons

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Ah, this jacket is the perfect cowboy look.

This is the piece of your ensemble that will get you featured in the video of Old Town Road.

The electrifying combination of tan and deep red is certainly an eccentric piece for your wardrobe.

It is unique, stylish, manly, and not at all traditional. I mean, what else do you need then?

The silver-studded buttons at the front and the metal hoops at the front closure pockets give it a more dapper look. And let’s not forget the old collar look which never seems to be getting old after all!

Here is all you need to become the limelight:

  • A navy denim shirt
  • A pair of navy jeans
  • A tan red leather jacket
  • Dark brown leather Chelsea boots

But that’s not all, is it? You need accessories too. How about a tan suede belt and a beige wool hat? Sounds just about right, sir!


2. Not Your Typical Brown Leather Jacket

Men Two Tone Brown Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket

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Uh-huh. That’s correct. What you are looking at is out of the range of typical brown jackets.

So, what makes it really different? Hmm…

Of course, it’s the two-tone!

For all the fashion geeks out there, what can be better than the two-toned trend on a leather jacket? The interchanging light and dark shades of brown are bound to be a winner wherever you go.

This is something that Chris Evans would definitely wear. You know what that means, right?

It means you are going to score a hell of a lot of points with the ladies if you get this jacket on.

But wait. That’s not just it. Another great thing about this particular jacket is the collar.

The buckle closure on the collar will surely leave a delightful first impression on people. That, combined with the antique zippers on it, brings out the perfect, worn-out but charming look.

To take your casual outfit up a notch, here is all that you need:

  • A grey sweater
  • A pair of navy blue jeans
  • The two-toned distressed leather jacket (of course)
  • Brown suede boots

Oh, and dark brown sunglasses would make this look even sexier. So, let’s add to the list as well.

3. Men Distressed Grey Biker Leather Jacket

Men Distressed Gray Biker Leather Jacket

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We all need some grey in between our black and white lives, don’t we?

Turns out, grey in the form of a distressed leather jacket was exactly what went missing from our lives.

Well, don’t worry.

To all the men out there, if you want to elevate your wardrobe a bit, here is just the thing for you.

While we all adore leather jackets, this one has a unique class to it, one which is truly hard to find.

Whether you’re in your 40s or at the start of adulthood, this timeless design is going to work for you each and every time.

The quilted patches on the jacket are on-point, making it look even more fashionable.

A major plus point to this jacket is that it’s not all show. Along with the two front zippers to keep your hands warm, you also get a chest pocket in case you run out of space.

Moreover, you will definitely love the feel of it!

The soft material feels amazing to the touch. And the best part? It means that even with the rough and tough look, you will be most comfortable.

For the hot and hardcore look, you need:

  • A white long-sleeved shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Grey distressed leather jacket
  • Black leather Chelsea boots

Again, sunglasses do have the ability to make you look like a hero, so, a pair of black ones would do great here.

4. Men Distressed Maroon Leather Jacket

Men Distressed Maroon Red Vintage Genuine Leather Jacket With Front Zipper Closure

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The simplest designs turn out to be the most elegant ones.

Such is the case with this snazzy maroon leather jacket, with its plain yet graceful look. And this is exactly why people fall in love with it so quickly.

There is absolutely nothing too fancy about it, but it certainly has a class of its own.

Whether it is a party or an informal business meeting to attend, this jacket will make you feel like the top fashion icon in the room.

For the ever-stylish look, you need:

  • A black t-shirt
  • Charcoal jeans
  • Maroon Leather Jacket
  • Brown suede Chelsea boots

5. Women Snake Leathered Maroon Leather Jacket

Snake Leather Distressed Pattern Women Dark Maroon Red Leather Jacket By Leather Skin


Distressed leather jacketsare one thing, but those comprising of snakeskin? That is another story.

A snakeskin patterned leather jacket is bound to make you feel like a model.

Ladies, trust me, you will be kicking boring right out from your outfit once you try this on.

The deep maroon color makes it super appealing, and of course, combined with the snakeskin pattern, you can make the world your runway.

The texture, the color, the whole jacket gives off a rich and alluring vibe. So, whatever you pair it up with, one thing is certain: you are not going to look poor at all!

Also, the belt buckles on either side, along with the single-breasted front zip, make the jacket even more classy and intriguing than it already is.

To rock that fierce, celebrity look, all you need is:

  • Black crew neck t-shirt
  • Black skater skirt
  • Snake leathered maroon leather jacket
  • Black suede over the knee boots

Since accessories make up our outfits, why not throw in a leather belt and a black quilted leather cross-body bag?

Just so you know, this jacket works in many combinations, even formal dresses.

Therefore, business meetings won’t be so dull after all, hehe.


Since distressed leather jacketsare not going out of style anytime soon, you might want to grab one for yourself today.

However, you got to make sure that it complements your outfit.

The styling options above are just a few ways on how to make your outfit work, but there are a million other ways to do it too.

So, don’t be hesitant to add a bit of you in your outfit. We’re sure you are going to make it look dazzling, no matter what! Good luck.

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