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Days, when fashion was painful and uncomfortable, are long past. Today, designers all over the world focus on creating clothes that make women feel empowered, both in terms of comfort and style. Designer clothes are made to boost self-esteem, and make women look like the fashionistas they want to be.

Each year, numerous designers come up with a theme and base their dresses and accessories on it. This time, most of the designs showcased in Paris, NYC, London, and Milan were focused on ‘power.’

The reason designers chose to work around this theme was the momentum the #metoo movement gained worldwide and gave women all over the world a chance to come forward and share their experiences.

According to an American survey, 80% of women and approximately 50% of men have been sexually harassed or assaulted at some point. These statistics are not only alarming but depressing as well.

Because the movement had such a significant impact on people, designers at these renown fashion weeks came up with animal prints, capes, and other trends that speak volumes about feminism and what it stands for.

So, if you want to look sexy this autumn and pay tribute to the movement, here’s a lookbook that will guide you on what to wear this season.

Prowl with animal prints 

The animal print was one of the most prominent designs you could spot effortlessly on all the runways. While leopard-printed coats and stylish leather bags were undoubtedly the most obvious ways this trend presented itself, you can get some serious style power with snake, cheetah, and zebra patterns too. While it’s always safe to stick to neutrals, you can shake up things a little with more vibrant colors like red and yellow.

yellow animal printsred animal print

A rule of thumb to follow here is to stick to one garment as far as animal prints are concerned. Otherwise, you may overdo the effect. Except for Tom Ford’s red leopard pants and shoes and a few others, most designers kept one item in animal print for a strong overall impact; such as either the footwear, skirt, dress or the coat. 

Brown is the new black

Each year, designers presenting their works of art at the runway pick up and revolutionize a trend of the yesteryears. This time around, it seems like they were cumulatively obsessed with the 70s fascination of browns.

You could find literally every shade of the color on the runway either in the form of a monochromatic look or combined with contrasting colors to create a certain impact.

women in browncat-walking in brown

Want to achieve the perfect autumn look? Don’t just stop with brown dresses and coats because the fashion industry also had an impressive collection of beige and camel accessories to match any outfit. Looking at all these models cat-walking in hues of brown, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this year brown is the new black.

Embrace the tweed trend

If you want to adopt a unique look but don’t want to lose your fashionista status, the tweed fashion trend is what you should go for. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu experimented with tweed coats and paired them up with varying textures, styles, and colors.

tweed clothing tweed fashion trend

The remarkable thing about tweed clothing is that it will not only make you stand out from the crowd but will also keep you protected from the cold outside. Don’t be afraid to embrace designs that are loved by the Scottish and the Irish, and say yes to diversity.

Level-up with layering

One great way to prepare for the autumn/winter season is to stock up on a lot of coats and jackets. The layering trend is no longer limited to wearing shirts and coats over each other but has evolved into something a lot more eccentric.

trench coatsLong coats

However, before you start imagining a look where you wear all the coats in your wardrobe, remember that there’s a thin line between being adventurous and looking clumsy.

You could maybe use 2-3 coats with a scarf to pull the look together to make sure that the layering doesn’t backfire by making you look like a hippie. Also, to stay with the trend, you can combine your latest leather jackets with coats and even belt scarfs with trench coats for the ultimate look.

Bring on some spicy silver

Nothing says sassy and sexy like a little bit of silver. Whether it’s the downright delicious dress showcased by Alberta Ferretti or the sci-fi suit by Giorgio Armani, this is an essential color you need in your wardrobe.

Sliver dressSliver jacket

If you’re not into silver dresses and would like something a little-toned down, you can invest in a coat with a shade of silver. To complete the look, make sure you combine the outfit with accessories and footwear that complement the style.

Power play with the leather dress

While silk and velvet are the defining fabrics for the traditional female, a woman clad in a leather dress exudes confidence, strength, and charm. The autumn catwalks featured models wearing both short and mid-length dresses that will blow your mind away.

If you’re heading out to a meeting and want to come off as a professional who doesn’t compromise on style and is prepared to slay, this is the look you should go for. On the flipside, fitted and nicely cut leather dresses can also be worn on dates, as long as you remember to accessorize accordingly.

women in blackShiny black

For most people, looking sexy in autumn is an almost impossible feat because you’ve to protect yourself from the bitter cold. However, thanks to creative designers from all over the world, you can dress up in style this season too and take on the world.

Paired with the right autumn jackets and coats, you can follow the latest trendy celebrities in fashion industry and shake things a little with adventurous outfits that compliment your personality and taste.

So, gear up on some of the essentials we’ve talked about and head out to show the world just how fashion forward you are.


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