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If you have ever been in a market to purchase a jacket, you know that the decision is not easy. There are many fantastic options, from casual denim ones to enigmatic trench coats to practical fleece hoodies. However, what takes precedence over all kinds of jackets is the perennially popular and in-style leather jacket.  Leather jackets have a class of their own, unmatched by the other outerwear belonging to the same category since they are effortlessly chic and stylish. While the classic black is all the rage since forever, men’s distressed leather jacket is fast becoming increasingly popular amongst the millennials.

It is because it exudes a raw power and looks commanding while adhering to the faded, worn-in look preferred by the current younger generation. Before you invest in the more rugged version of the cult classic, make sure to choose one that fits perfectly and adds form and structure to your build. Once you have selected the best fit for yourself, styling it will be a breeze.

Nonetheless, here are some great ways to wear your distressed leather jacket in style:


A distressed leather jacket screams casual style. Therefore, you can pair it with a simple white T-shirt and jeans to improve the basic combo drastically. The result is a fresh, sexy look that works for a day out on the streets or a night out drinking with friends.

You can go for the hugely popular white trainers or casually smart Chelsea Boots depending on the time of the day.

The uncomplicated tee and jeans combo serve as a blank canvas for a heavily distressed coat to shine on in all its faded glory. The ultimate look is a quintessential style that is very easy to pull off and carry.     

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If the white T-shirt is too much of a “good boy” look for you, you can always replace it with a V-neck black shirt for a more brooding outlook. You can team up the shirt with chinos or dark washed jeans to provide an edgy background for your roughed-up jacket. To complete the dark, mysterious, and dangerous look, accessorize with chunky, beaded bracelets and cool shades.

On the other hand, you can spin the enigmatic outlook into a quirky, playful one by donning a fedora or a boater hat. The simple addition of the trendy headgear can help you exude a boyish charm if that’s more your forte.

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The right amount of distressing in just the right places can be a game changer for the classic leather outwear. Therefore, if you have to get ready for a date-night and are unsure about a casual outfit or a proper tailored look, opt for the distressed leather jacket with your eyes closed.

The next most crucial question is what to wear underneath the coat. A V-neck plush cashmere sweater oozes class and style, and goes brilliantly with a leather coat, cured or otherwise. Pick a color that complements your jacket and team the upper layers with simple straight jeans or chinos. You can also wear a white tee that peaks through from the top of your sweater’s collar to tip the scales towards uber-chic.    


A treated leather jacket is the ultimate fashion pick for many style enthusiasts. The versatility of this leather jacket is that it rarely needs any elaborate styling to look good. Because the coat is the star of the show, the central element of your outfit, the rest of the pieces compliment the main attraction and simply complete the look. Therefore, you can pair this slightly oversized jacket with the most basic of printed T-shirts, and it will still look edgy and stylish.

Moreover, it is important to note that distressed jacket already has so much going on with it. If you try to team it up with something too flashy or colorful, it will rob the real essence of the jacket. Therefore, a monochromatic or a simple patterned shirt is fine, but a simple top is an ideal choice.


Very few people can pull off the denim on denim look. While it was one of the most dreaded combinations of the yesteryear, it is making a regular appearance on the fashion circuit recently. You can also wear the double denim with confidence and panache if you team it with your trusted piece of the distressed jacket.

The leather coat holds the ultimate prowess to transform the off-duty staple outlook into an outfit that belongs on the runway. However, if you are wearing the jeans top and bottom in tandem, make sure that they are of similar hue and in a clean, unwashed tone. To synchronize the final look, opt for shoes that belong to the same color palette as your jacket. Any other shade will throw the entire appeal of the outfit. 


While it may sound absurd, cured jackets can also be worn with an attire that is more formal. Of course, the coat should not be too heavily distressed but only slightly faded. Handsome brown jackets work exceptionally well with the traditional formal style. You can group the jacket with a slim-fitted button down white shirt and dressy slacks. Add a matching brown belt to round-off the look. A nice, snug fit will earn you further brownie points.

A general rule of thumb when opting for a more traditional look is to avoid bulking up your pockets phone, wallet, keys, etc. since this can ruin the silhouette of the jacket. You should aim for an appearance that is more streamlined and sleek. 


You can also accessorize your outfit with a simple stole or muffler, depending on your destination and weather condition. It adds another dimension to your ensemble and makes you stand out of the leather-cladding crowd.

Distressed leather jackets are a crowd pleaser. Moreover, they never go out of style and are always your safest bet when you are in a hurry to get dressed up and go. With tons of colors, styles, and forms available on LeatherSkinShop, at competitive prices, you will surely find one that is perfect just for you!


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