by Jennifer Smith September 03, 2021 7 min read

A leather jacket can never go wrong when you have to dress up in winters - but does that mean picking any leather jacket will do the job?

We don't think so!

There's a right and wrong leather jacket for everyone out there; you just have to find one that suits your style, budget, and body type.

Getting a leather jacket that hangs around your shoulders or makes you look choked up is so not the game.

That's why we will help you find the jacket of your dreams (the one that sits right with your wardrobe choices, we mean).

So are you ready to jump in and fish out a jacket that’s made just for you? Alright, let’s go!

Why Picking A Leather Jacket According to Your Body Shape is Important?

Before we get style-specific, understanding why choosing a leather jacket according to your body shape matters is essential. If you’re unsure why considering your body types is important before you make a splurge, here are some points to help you out:

  • Comfort Comes First

Sure, fashion and trends matter, but your comfort comes first. While purchasing winter staples, i.e., leather jackets, most people go for the “in” pieces and forget that this apparel item will stay in their closet for several seasons. Therefore, opt for a leather jacket you feel comfortable in, and it doesn’t make you tuck that in or pull that out.

  • Flaunting those Worked-Up Muscles

Flexing those rock-hard biceps and athletic muscles is your absolute right, no matter the weather. When you select a leather jacket that doesn’t make you look shabby, you feel a boost of confidence and can flaunt your body type without overdoing anything. 

  • Occasion-Appropriate Outerwear

Investing in the wardrobe without considering the events/occasions you’ll participate in can be a total waste. If you’ll be attending some semi-formal conferences and dinners, a bomber jacket will not suit you because of its casual outlook. Therefore, finding the middle ground to suit your fashion sense and outfit needs is always a smart idea.

  • Hassle-Free Layering

You don’t want to look choked up while wearing a leather jacket; having something that helps you layer other clothing items is essential. Heavily-pleated and ruffled leather jackets aren’t the best choice for winters when you’ll be wearing a sweater, and most probably a vest underneath as well.

Different Body Types & Leather Jackets to Complement Them

infographic types of body shapes mens

Now that you know why your body type matters for selecting a leather jacket, it’s time to shortlist some cool items that’ll keep you warm and stylish this winter. No worries if you don’t know which body type category you belong to; the following sections include all important information.

Important Note:

If you don’t perfectly fit any of these categories, pick the type you find most relevant and get a leather jacket with accessories like fitting belts and elastic bands to provide you with a streamlined fitting.

      1. Trapezoid Body

If you have a naturally well-proportioned body paired with good workout results, you’re likely to fit in the trapezoid category. People with trapezoid bodies have broad shoulders, broad chests, and thinner torsos that collectively make them look fit and strong. From bomber leather jackets to long coats, the trapezoid category can wear and rock any style, but the former is better given their proportioned bodies.

Since people with trapezoid bodies don’t have to worry about body rolls peeking through their jackets or weird bulges when they sit, bomber leather jackets are ideal for them. A sexy bomber jacket with a rogue outlook goes well with any outfit and helps you level up your style game. Elegant bomber leather jackets like this one offer excellent value for the money because you can style them with various outfits and look dashing, irrespective of the occasion.

Getting a dark-colored bomber jacket is an excellent decision because dark colors emphasize your upper body and look dashing in winters.

Another factor making bomber jackets ideal for trapezoid people is their decluttered outlook and fitted cuts; you’ll feel light and stylish wearing an elegant bomber leather jacket for sure. So, relay a vintage-cum-trendy look with a bomber jacket because it’s tailored to suit your hot body.

     2. Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

An inverted triangle-shaped body is considered sexy for men because that’s when you have wide shoulders and chest paired with a lean lower body. You look well-proportioned and strong because your upper body is muscular, and you look physically active because your lower body is lean - so it’s definitely something to flex.

If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body, you don’t need a fitted or tailored leather cut; you’ll do just fine with an unstructured leather jacket. A cafe racer leather jacket  that doesn’t tighten your shoulder muscles and relays an even outlook to your torso is a not-to-miss choice for you this winter.

Unstructured leather jackets follow clean patterns and allow inverted triangle-shaped bodies to feel aligned and fuller. If you’re purchasing a leather jacket as your everyday outerwear, an unstructured blazer is your answer because it’s best for layering. Leather jackets with furry outer layers are also some of the timeless pieces you’ll come across - if fur is your style, prefer it over a plain unstructured leather jacket and fall in love!

     3. Rectangular Body

No torsal curves and a straight upper body? No problem because the choice you’ll find in leather jackets is truly exceptional! These coats are longer than other structured and minimalist leather jackets that end at your waistline and don’t provide coverage around the hips. Sure leather pea coats aren’t long enough to compete with overcoats; they are reliable medium-level alternatives for them.

Ever thought of a formal leather coat that gives you a fuller look without overpowering your other outfit details? If not, a pea coat is your buddy. Long leather coats with ruffled/fluffy collars will beautifully complement your shoulder and torsal muscles without looking overdone. A men’s army leather coat with a stylish collar and buttoned closure will make your winter fashion classier and comfier; try and see yourself.

If you have a rectangular body, avoid pleats, additional pockets, and lapels on the jackets because they can make layering difficult. A leather pea coat gives you that drool-worthy look you’ve been longing for; get a leather coat and dash some elegance to your wardrobe choices.

     4. Oval Shaped Body

Slimmer shoulders and rounder abdomen don’t make the most desired body shape because buying clothes that seamlessly fit such bodies is a toughie. Luckily, this doesn’t feel like a problem when you have endless motorcycle jackets to choose from.

Your leather jacket should be snug but not too tight to make your oval shape body visible (honestly, nothing is there to hide, but you’ll surely like a well-aligned look better). When you wish to feel the warmth of knitwear under the leather jacket, leaving some room for it is mandatory.

Plus, having slim legs means you cannot get a loose-fitted leather jacket that’ll feel more like hanging around your waistline than wrapping it. Biker jackets’ cuts and exceptional fitting make them ideal for oval-shaped bodies if you seek style and comfort alongside.

Since motorcycle leather jackets like this supremacy one have well-defined shoulders and tailored cuts, they effortlessly give you a dapper look. Biker jackets don’t have much detailing around the hem, so you feel slimmer and comfortable despite having some extra rolls around the stomach. Biker jackets’ wide shoulders make you look defined and muscular, eventually boosting your confidence - a motorcycle jacket can never go wrong when you find the perfect size and cut!

     5. Triangular Body

People in this category need leather jackets that elongate their bodies and create an illusion of well-proportioned muscles. You don’t want to amplify your shoulder muscles and look equally huge from top to bottom, but you need a leather jacket that balances your sloppy shoulders and rounder stomach.

Structured blazers and zipper jackets with padded shoulders  are the perfect choices for triangular-shaped bodies. These jackets’ padded/pleated shoulders make you look equally wider all the way down and relay an antique charm because of their add-ons.

When you decide to get a structured blazer, look for one with zips, pockets, and pleats on the chest region. These add-ons create a box-like look and complement your sloping shoulders without ruining a leather jacket’s rustic charm.

Key Takeaways Before You Leave

  • If you want to amplify your upper body muscles, get a leather jacket with chest pockets, pleated shoulders, and ruffled collars.
  • People with heavier lower bodies, i.e., triangular ones, should prefer minimalist and short-length leather jackets that don’t impact layering.
  • Classic colors are always better than flashy and seasonal ones since you can style them with practically anything.
  • Pea coats are better than biker or bomber jackets if you’re inclined towards formal attires more.
  • Plain leather jackets are always in style, while ruffled and furry ones come and go out of trend; choose wisely.
  • Opting for tight leather jackets is not the wisest choice because you will be wearing layers underneath, and you don’t want to suffocate yourself.
  • Structured leather jackets (those with pockets, pleats, and zippers) are ideal for trapezoid or skinny bodies.
  • A leather jacket that reaches below your waistline is indeed warmer and more comfortable than shorter styles.
  • Buttoned closures are better than zippers because they are more comfortable and don’t limit your choice. ]

That’s A Wrap!

Buying a leather jacket is often a big splurge, so it’s wise to understand its vital aspects beforehand. From selecting a color to finalizing the cut that’ll help you rock the winter fashion like a pro, do your research a pick a piece that ticks all boxes off your list.

We have explained the primary body types and leather jackets that seamlessly fit them to ease your winter shopping. Get a leather jacket that perfectly complements your body shape, is in fashion, and offers excellent value for your money.

We wish you luck with your winter shopping haul!

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