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One of the most trending colors for fall and winter 2022 is red and its varying shades. You can either go for a pop of color through red in a neutral outfit or go for bolder fashion choices, such as a red leather jacket. The exquisite feel of leather and the bold and bright crimson hue are sure to increase your style meter reading!

Owning a red leather jacket in a style that suits you will definitely set you apart from the crowd of people wearing basic colors. However, learning how to create outfits with a red leather jacket is vital to nail the look.

After reading our outfit suggestions, you will be amazed at how versatile a red leather jacket can be. You can style it in so many ways, elevating it to the position of staples that can be kept in constant rotation throughout the year. Let's dive into the array of red leather jacket ensembles for fashion savvy women. 

Red Leather Jacket: Why Should You Go for One?

Going for black or brown leather jackets is a standard way to build your wardrobe, as these are considered the classics due to the versatility factor. However, it is the wide variety of eye pleasing colored jackets that help you portray your actual persona. To be specific, red leather jackets give a strong statement, exhibiting qualities like power, passion, confidence, and a bold attitude. It is a key color for fall and winter and is especially associated with the holiday season. Fuse it with staples in green, black, gold, and plaid patterns for awe inspiring holiday outfits.

Going for a gorgeous jacket in a shade of red is definitely worth it. If you consider the fact that it is available in so many styles and will help you create a wide range of outfits, you should opt for it without second guessing. Another reason to go for it is that leather jackets are a timeless fashion. So if you clean your red leather jacket properly, and it is of good quality, it will stay in good shape for years to come, giving you abundant stylish outfits.

How To Style A Red Leather Jacket?

While we cannot emphasize enough on the versatility of red leather jackets, the fact that many women feel hesitant to buy one cannot be denied. No matter how dazzling a red leather jacket looks, women and men might feel apprehensive of experimenting with it. The fear of not being able to do justice to its styling is the prime reason for this doubt. While our red leather jacket outfit guide has many impressive outfit ideas that you can take inspiration from, we will first make the seemingly daunting task easy for you. To nail the outfits with red leather jackets, you need to follow four basic steps.

  • Going for the right jacket in red color.
  • Pairing clothing essentials in complementing colors. Red and black outfit ideas work the best, but you can also go for white, grey, beige, blue, green, and yellow combinations
  • Creating a silhouette that suits your body type and,
  • Rounding off with the right accessories.

Fashionable Outfits with Red Leather Jacket for Women

If you are wondering what to wear with a red leather jacket, a diverse range of clothing items look with it. You can pair it with different styles of tops, jeans, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, knitwear, and dresses.

Accessories also play a vital role in making your red leather jacket outfit look stunning. For now, the generous dose of outfit ideas with the red leather jacket are here to inspire you.

Outfits With Different Styles Of Red Leather Jacket

Leather Skin Shop has a vast collection of red leather jackets, showcasing contemporary and classic designs to help you channel your inner fashionista. Here are the top trending styles of red jackets and how you can build outfits with them.

Red Leather Biker Jacket Outfits For Women

You may have styled the black biker jacket with absolute aplomb till now, but it's time to move out of your comfort zone and go for a sassy red biker jacket. The red biker jacket is a raging fall trend for 2022, giving you another reason to opt for it. Here are three ways to style your Red Brando style biker jacket.

  • For a no fail red and black outfit idea, wear a black turtleneck over black slim fit jeans and don your classy red moto jacket over it to slay the street style chic look. Black ankle boots and a black cross body bag would seal this ensemble fashionably.
  • A red biker jacket over a Breton top and a black tennis skirt is another way to show your incredible style. Round off this look with black strappy sandals.
  • Go for a cropped red biker jacket, and wear it with a green ribbed top and black jeans for a cute casual look.

Red Bomber Jacket Outfit

Nothing can beat the comfort of a leather bomber jacket. Grab a plain red one to add some pop of color to your wardrobe. A bomber jacket in a darker shade of red, such as burgundy, would pair well with a beige sweater dress in a bodycon style fit.

You can round off the look with a pair of burgundy or beige leather heels and a matching mini dress.

Outfit with a Shirt Collared Red Leather Jacket

If you are not up for the edgy style of a biker jacket and want a sophisticated look, a shirt collar jacket may be the right option for you. The minimalist style of the jacket gives you a sleek look, perfect for layering over a black top and flare pants. The smart casual style outfit is perfect for a professional brunch. Complete the look with black tassel loafers and a chained shoulder bag.

Red Varsity Jacket Outfit

No more associated only with athletes and college graduates, varsity jackets have paved their way into mainstream fashion. Also known as the letterman jacket, they are incredibly popular in red and its various combinations.

You can style a red varsity jacket with athleisure outfits, street style outfits, and casual chic outfits. A splendid way to stay relaxed while oozing style is to wear a cream colored jumper over a white t-shirt dress and layer the outfit with an oversized varsity jacket in red. White platform sneakers would seal this voguish look.

Outfit with Quilted Leather Jacket in Red

If you are a woman who loves the coziness of quilted jackets but have a penchant for a bold style, quilted leather jackets in red are the perfect choice for you. Show your quirky side with a women's red rib quilted leather jacket with black sleeves and create awe inspiring looks with it.

An outfit that can be put together in minutes is a pastel yellow ribbed top tucked in white ankle length jeans, topped with a red quilted leather jacket. The easy yet chic outfit is perfectly rounded off with white sneakers, but you can also go for red heels for an elevated look.

Oversized Red Jacket Outfit

The trend of oversized-everything took the fashion world by storm a while back, and it is certainly not dying anytime soon. Grab a red leather jacket in size bigger than yours, and wear it over all sorts of jeans, t-shirts, skirts, and dresses.

The outfit created with faded blue distressed jeans, a white crew neck crop top, and a bright red oversized jacket is our favorite. You can even wear a lightweight baggy leather jacket in red with a white tank top and denim shorts during the spring or summer season.

Red Leather Blazer Outfit

Who can ignore the ever versatile leather blazer when discussing the styling of red leather jackets? There is no doubt that a red leather blazer fuses style with sophistication perfectly, giving you a look that is graceful, comfortable, and according to the latest trend.

A red leather blazer is the ultimate option when it comes to layering jumpsuits, flare pants outfits and collared shirts with pants and jeans. An outfit with a white shirt, charcoal grey plaid pants, and a red blazer would put a stamp on your elegance like no other.

Red Leather Coat Outfit

Adding a nice long red leather coat is an excellent addition to your coat collection. It will be handy when you need to dress up without compromising warmth and style.

Don a red coat over a black pencil dress and sheer leggings. Complete the elegant outfit with a pair of shiny black pumps and a voguish handbag.

Women's Red Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas For Different Occasions

While we have tapped on outfits with different styles of red leather jackets, you might want to learn more about event based outfit ideas. Here are a few suggestions for occasions where you can wear a red leather jacket.

Brunch Outfit

If you are heading out to have brunch with your girl gang or even a private little brunch date, a red leather jacket is an excellent way to impressively showcase your sartorial prowess.

You can dress up in a cute outfit by teaming up a brown plaid mini skirt, a black high neck, and a deep red jacket with a notch collar. Black knee high boots and some delicate jewelry will seal the look.

Valentine’s Day Outfit

Can there be a better option to layer your alluring valentine's day outfit than a red leather jacket? You can put together so many eye-pleasing looks with your red leather jacket to woo your special one. For instance, a fuchsia pink jumpsuit with a halter neckline would look way more gorgeous if you don a quilted red biker jacket over it. Use red leather strapped heels and a red clutch to complete this ravishing outfit.

Or, go for a shoulder quilted red love heart jacket over a red and black slip dress for a scintillating black and red outfit. Complete the outfit with black stilettos.

Casual Party Outfit

Wear your red leather jacket, preferably in a bomber style, over an unbuttoned red plaid shirt and a long t-shirt in black. Black slim fit jeans and black high boots would go nicely with this outfit. You can rock the casual party with your pals in this ensemble.

Christmas Party Outfit

Holiday fashion and red clothing essentials are synonymous with each other, making red leather jackets a sought after choice for Christmas parties.

Here is an infallible way to rock your jacket at a Christmas festivity. Wear an off-white cable knit turtleneck over a black velvet midi skirt with a thigh high slit. Don a red moto jacket over this combination to add the Holiday feels. You can swap the skirt with black faux leather pants as well. Wear suede black ankle boots to complete this outfit.

New Year's Eve Street Style Outfit

To dress up on New Year’s Eve, wear a red and black short plaid skirt over a grey sweater, and layer the outfit with a long red leather coat. To add some more warmth and style, wrap a plaid scarf around your neck. Black knee-high boots will finish off this look.

Outfits With Red Leather Jacket for Different Fashion Styles

The red leather jacket lends itself to many styles and fashion aesthetics. Below are a few examples to help you get dressed in the desired aesthetic.

Punk Style Outfit

Throwback trends such as the rock and punk style from the 70s and 80s are making waves lately. For punk lovers, studded and spiked red leather jackets are the standard leather wear option. A fabulous punk style outfit today can be a black t-shirt paired with navy ripped jeans in skinny style. Layer the combo with a red leather jacket with spikes and studs engraved on it to portray the edgy style.  A black beanie worn in a slouchy style and metal accessories, such as bracelets, a neck chain, and a belt, would add to the punk vibes.

Vintage Outfit

Here are outfit suggestions that will take you back several decades to the past fashion eras. Let people witness what fashion was like in the 70s or 80s by representing the era with your outfit. Wear a black and white polka dot dress and layer your oversized red jacket over it. If you can get a customized red jacket with structured shoulders, it would replicate the actual vintage style even better. Wear red pointed heels with this outfit.

You can also go for black high waisted jeans and a white shirt with frilled details along with a red oversized jacket. This red and black outfit is sure to make you stand out at a vintage themed party.

Baddie Aesthetic Outfit

The baddie aesthetic invaded the fashion scape via social media, and there is no sign of it going obsolete anytime soon. A baddie girl loves her leather jacket, and doesn't shy away from showing off her luscious curves.

Pair a fitted ribbed top in cream color with blue mom jeans and layer the figure hugging outfit with a red bomber jacket

Edgy Leather Jacket Outfits For Women

Whether you are a rock style aficionado, or inspired by a model off duty look, the red jacket would go with all of them.

Style a black graphic tee with white slim fit jeans in a criss cross closure style. Don a classybred bomber jacket over it. The look is inspired by Kendall Jenner, who is known for acing the model look effortlessly using different types of leather jackets.

Athleisure Style Outfit

No style can beat the athleisure wear due to the immaculate balance of style and comfort it offers. If you want to ace the athleisure look with a red leather jacket, choose sporty style clothing that complements the red jacket, such as white hoodie, black yoga pants, jeans, and different styles of sweaters and joggers.

Team up a grey hoodie and black yoga pants and layer a red and white striped leather jacket over it for a cool look. Round off the look with black and white converse sneakers.


What Does A Red Leather Jacket Symbolize?

A red leather jacket executes confidence and passion, power, love, and courage. You can wear a red jacket and portray all of the above traits with your outfit.

What Does A Red Leather Jacket Go With?

A red leather jacket would look incredible with a variety of colors and prints. You can wear it with clothing essentials in black, white, blue, green, off white, gold, silver, and brown. Red on red also looks quite eye pleasing. Many prints and patterns go with the leather jacket in red, such as animal prints, stripes, checks, chevron, paisley and florals.

What Can You Wear A Red Jacket With?

You can wear a cool red leather jacket with a variety of knitwear, such as sweaters, cardigans, all types of jeans, skirts, casual dresses and jumpsuits.

What Outfit Goes Well with A Red Leather Jacket?

One of the most fashionable street approved looks with the red leather jacket is to wear it over a white frilled short dress, black leggings, black ankle boots.

Can Men Wear Red Leather Jackets?

Red leather jackets for men are a great way to deviate from the classic black or brown jackets that they usually wear. There can be infinite ways to create outfits with red leather jackets for men.

Summing Up the Red Leather Jacket Style Guide

We have tried our best to unfold the red leather jacket outfits for women so that you can just pick your favorite idea, get your hands on the desired essentials, and create fashion forward looks with ease. If you want to add a valuable, high quality red leather jacket wardrobe, browse from the Leather Skin Shop's portal and pick the best one for yourself.

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