by Jennifer Smith November 06, 2020 5 min read

The long, melancholic nights of winters are almost upon our heads now.
Not to mention, the days which bring you no warmth, and when it feels like the sun has lost its purpose.
Ah, well. Who cares about that?
Who cares about literally anything else when winter brings you an incredible gift?
Wait; what? You don’t know?
You get the gift of wearing leather jackets and looking super-duper cool. If you don’t call that a gift, then you probably don’t know about the mighty magic of trendy leather jackets.

You can show off your classy and elegant jackets this winter season without worrying about whether they’ll look good or not.
The thing about leather jackets is if you own and wear one; you’re automatically the GOAT.

So, we’re here to tell you about what jackets are trending so that you can rule this winter in style.

All the sleek and on fleek jackets for the upcoming season

Ladies and gentlemen, your outfits are not going to be usual, boring, and predictable this time. Get unique colors for your wardrobe like yellow, red or orange leather jackets.
You’ll be the ‘in’ person in no time, with all the looks you can pull with a single jacket.
Let’s see what is in store for you guys.

1. Green Sheep Skin Leather Jacket

Do you know what jackets are actually labeled as ‘trending jackets’?
Well, some influential fashion icons have something to do with it, of course.
We see many celebrities sharing pictures on social media in a particular outfit, and wow, look at that. The outfit is now the next hottest thing on the internet.

And we, gullible people, must follow these trends. Of course, we do. Don’t want to get kicked out of the fashion world, eh?
While talking about the hottest thing on the internet, you should take a look at this way too appealing green leather jacket.


Get this Jacket For Just $255

Girls, this one is for you. This gorgeous jacket will definitely add an element of luxury and sophistication to your look.

The simple design gives off an elegant vibe. Now, this is a masterpiece that should never be out of the trending list.

It is high time that we see look at things in a different way. In other words, don’t hesitate to give up on your old styles.
Embrace this confident and bold look, and it will be a game-changer for you. The green color of this jacket can surprisingly have an effect on your mood too.

So, if you decide to wear this jacket, be assured that you are going to get a safe, secure, and comfortable feeling.
Well, you can’t just go around wearing only a green leather jacket, right? You need to pair it up with some clothing.
This is what you need to pull off this look as coolly as Rihanna:

  • A polka dot shirtdress, preferably in beige
  • A green leather jacket (of course)
  • A pair of heeled sandals
  • A green leather satchel bag
  • Lastly, a gold necklace to complete the look

2. Men Western-Style Fringes Leather Jacket

Woah, Woah, Woah. Talk about trending jackets.
This jacket is surely different from all the white jackets you have ever seen before. How often have you seen western-style fringes on a jacket?
Howdy, sir. This cowboy jacket is all the funk and punk you need in your life.

Get this Jacket For Just $275

This is what you call fashionable. The best part about this jacket is that you don’t even have to make much of an effort on the rest of your outfit.

This is because the jacket is your whole look. However, if you still don’t believe us, you can try pairing it up with:

  • A simple black tee
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black leather low-top sneakers
  • A white leather jacket
  • Lastly, a black hat for the complete cowboy effect.

3. Women Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket? Isn’t that a bit of old news? Uh-huh. It is.
What if?

What if there’s something about the black leather jacket which would make it chic, classy, and trendy?
Hmm, what could that be?

Duh, studs. They can change the overall look of the jacket. What you’ll see before your eyes won’t be just a usual jacket that is worn by pretty much everyone.
We’re talking about ‘THE’ black leather jacket. The ultimate. The hottest.



Get this Jacket For Just $395

This is perfect for the winter season. Warm and sexy at the same time.
Here’s how you can rock the studded jacket look like Gigi Hadid:

  • A simple black tee
  • High black skinny jeans
  • Studded leather jacket
  • Aviator sunglasses

4. Men Stylish Purple Leather Jacket

Men, forget about the blacks and browns for now. Seriously, those are not the only colors in the world.
Purple is a color that almost never fails to please our eyes. And so, purple combined with a leather jacket is just the sight we need.


Get this Jacket For Just $149

This fantastic shade of purple is going to make all the ladies gaga over you. It has the ability to look trendy at all times, no matter how casual your look is.

To make this outfit complete, you need:

  • Black crew-neck t-shirt
  • Black ripped skinny jeans
  • Purple leather jacket
  • White low-top sneakers

You can add a gold watch to give that polished look.

5. Women Blue Collarless Leather Jacket

While jackets with collars are a usual thing, have you ever thought about collarless jackets?

They’re super trendy and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Now is the time you add something to your wardrobe that gives your outfit a rich and fresh look.

Get this Jacket For Just $275

This lit blue collarless jacket will make you the life of the party. You won’t feel like taking it off for even a minute in winters.

Here are the clothes you can pair up with this dazzling jacket:

  • Grey Crew-neck sweater
  • Blue collarless jacket
  • A teal cross-body bag
  • Black skinny jeans

6. Men Blue Striped Leather Jacket

The blue color is sometimes out of the ordinary when it comes to jackets. However, it adds the perfect amount of oomph to your outfit.
Guys, we’re not talking about a plain blue leather jacket either. We’re talking about one with stripes, which make a great addition to it.


No more boring looks when you have this piece of art wrapped around your shoulder.
This is all you need to complete your dashing look:

  • White Crew-neck t-shirt
  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Blue striped leather jacket
  • White sneakers


Styles come and go. There’s a reason why they’re called trending jackets because they’re the ‘in’ thing currently. You never know what could be the hottest trend after a year.

For this winter season, all you need to do is get a hold of any of these leather jackets. Seriously, once you do this, life will get much, much easier. Till then, good luck. Hope the jackets keep you warm!

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