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Accessorize yourself for a quick fashion fix!

Don’t you just hate how exhausting it gets when you need to make it to different events throughout the day with no break in between – and still manage to dress to the nines for each occasion?

Now imagine having to do that every day. We would tire out in a week.

Living a busy life while also always looking like a million bucks is not an easy feat. Luckily, for all the fashion-forward living a fast-paced lifestyle, the many fashionable accessories contemporary style has given us work as a lifesaver!

An add-on that is often used to add spark or make a quick but tasteful switch in your appearance on busy days is an eclectic, statement bag. Though handbags, totes, and backpacks are great at defining your style and adding to your whole look, the wrong kind of bag or the wrong carrying style can also be the cause of breaking it all up and make you look like a fashion disaster.

Hence, it is important to make sure your bag and the way you hold it is not clashing with the rest of your ensemble. In this article, we will discuss how some basic but stylish leather bags can be carried to make the ultimate fashion statement and rock all kinds of looks.

Strut your stuff in a cross body bag with the bag at the front

When you are wearing a fancy bag that you want to get noticed, the best way to carry it is in front of you. Though this can be achieved by a variety of ways, wearing it across your body gives you more freedom of movement than any other. This trendy, urban chic way to carry your bag allows easy and quick access to your belongings while managing to show off your prized possession to the world.

Approved by the likes of Gigi Hadid and other famous and chic celebrities, the crossbody with the bag in front is one of the most popular ways to carry stylish leather bags – especially if it has a long strap.

The strappy bag above, available at the Leather Skin Shop, has cute tassels of fluffy balls and a leaf that makes it a treat for the eyes. With the soft, leather strap that does not dig into your skin, you can have your bag slung across the body all day without once feeling uncomfortable.

Sling it across the body and out of the way in a “getting things done” style

When you are out and about the city, doing your everyday chores, you cannot be very bothered about how you are carrying your bag. If the bag has a long shoulder strap, one of the most likely ways that you will hold it is slung across the body with the bag at the back.

This city girl style of carrying a bag may not give the one facing you the best view of it, but it is one of the more practical ways of carrying it. With the bag out of the way, you are at liberty to move your arms to a greater degree. A bag worn this way shows you like a casual and collected person who has a lot more to do than to keep arranging where your bag is lying.

The posh, OG “held in hand.”

When you want to draw the attention to your outfit and yourself, consider the OG way of carrying a bag and just hold it in your hands. This largely understated style is more sophisticated than the cross body and makes you look more put together.

The perfect look for a date night or meeting the parents is a muted, minimalistic bag held in one hand by the short straps. Dangle it by the side as you walk for an effortlessly chic and refined look.

Swung over one shoulder and dangling low

Not all bags that have a large shoulder strap should be worn cross body all the time. For when you are feeling pragmatic and practical, swing your stylish leather bags over your shoulder and let them dangle. This style makes you look confident

and invites the viewer’s attention to your outfit – as the bag resting at the hip avoids obliterating the view of the front of your ensemble. Carrying your bag in this style is best paired with a street style outfit – such as a sexy denim jumpsuit.

Flaunt your soigne designer bag with the sophisticated “on the elbow” style

This “classic lady look” is one that is favored by many women of status – including the Queen! So, when you are feeling a little extra, this look is the way to go.

Holding your bag in the crook of your elbow attracts attention to it and enables it to be seen by the masses. Hence, this style is often employed when you are trying to show off a quality bag and are proud of it. Turn all the passersby green with envy as you flaunt your premium quality, 100% genuine leather hand bags by the Leather Skin Shop on your elbow!

The ultra-practical, yet super cool backpack style

Combining functionality and an edgy look in the coolest possible way, the backpack style is something that will never go out of fashion.

When you are a college student, running from one class to another, you need to carry your books and laptop in a way that causes the least hindrance. To achieve the most practical way of doing this, wear your belongings in a utilitarian and pragmatic backpack.

Wearing your bag on your back is perhaps one of the coolest – and the most efficient – ways to carry your belongings. A backpack leaves your hands and arms free to function as freely as possible and to multitask.

The latest rage - folded in half and tucked under the arm


With the latest fashion shows around the world, we were introduced to an unconventional and unexpected way to show off designer nags – especially large totes. Models and trendsetters all around the world are now being seen carrying large and stylish leather bags by folding them in half and tucking them under the arm.

The shoulder or short straps are completely ignored, and the bag is held against the body by the body of the bag itself. Though it is admittedly not the most practical way to carry your tote, the look does have a certain fashionable appeal and a sassy, funky look.

Fashionable bags are one of the most popular accessories used to enhance a look!

Stylish leather bags are one of the chicest accessories at building up on a look and adding something extra to it. They are not only great at keeping your personal belongings secure and with you at all times, but they are also largely used to notch up the style factor of your outfit of the day. Today, a variety of bag styles are available that can give your ensemble just the right touch.

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