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For a long time, leather jackets have been a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Black and brown leather jackets were natural choices, but these days we can see some positive addition of color to the usual monotonous leather jacket market. Wearing a colored leather jacket is an awesome way to unleash your true personality and step out of your comfort zone gracefully.

So if you have decided to invest in a colored leather jacket but are unsure how to find a jacket that will match your mood and personality, we are here to help you out of this dilemma.
Let's get started!

Why Choose a Colored Leather Jacket?

When choosing a leather jacket, the first option that comes to mind is black or brown. Although these colors are quite popular, you cannot wear black or brown leather jackets all your life. So why not take advantage of the variety of colored leather jackets and spruce up your website this winter with some stylish-looking colored leather jackets.

It's also important to keep in mind what colors suit you in general. Remember this while buying a colored leather jacket. And of course, you should take note of the variety of clothing in your wardrobe because you need a leather jacket that will gel in well with your outfits.

Colored leather jackets are a great way to stand out from the crowd and make your own unique impression wherever you go. Why limit yourself to stereotypes when you can wear whatever you feel like. Change is always good, and it leaves a positive impact on your day-to-day life as well.

If you have a vibrant and energetic personality, go for a red, green, white, and blue leather jacket. If you want to stick to neutral shades, go for earthy hues like tan, brown, maroon, black, lavender, etc.

For those of you who are willing to get out of your comfort zone and are open to new experiences- Colored leather jackets is a good way to start. But the question here is: what colored leather jacket should you choose that matches your personality?

With so many options in the market, you can easily get overwhelmed. But what is there to worry about? We did all the research and compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. In this blog, we will discuss popular color leather jackets styles and why and when a particular color is best for you.

So, Stick with us here.

Latest Leather Color Jacket Trends

1- Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

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Black is the most common colored leather jacket and that’s the reason we will try to keep it short. A black leather jacket is a symbol of power and control. It shows the dominant and dynamic side of your personality. It goes without saying that a black leather jacket is the most versatile when it comes to styling. You can pair it up with any ensemble and for any event without any worries. Black Leather jackets continue to be top favorites among celebrities as well. Countless celebrities are seen wearing black leather jackets, but we love how Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, and Tom Cruise have pulled through the classy look effortlessly.

2- Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket

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Fed up wearing a black leather jacket day in, day out? Break the monotony with a stylish brown leather jacket. Favored by most men around the globe, brown is a perfect color to represent the slightly adventurous side of your personality. The versatility offered by brown leather jackets makes it a close competitor to black leather jackets.

We recommend brown leather jackets if you are looking to refresh your overall look while looking smartly casual. Brown will make you feel confident still while giving you the change you crave.
Brown comes in different shades. We will discuss main two shades:

3- Tan Leather Jackets

Tan leather jackets are rapidly gaining popularity in recent times. Leonardo di Caprio and Henry Cavill rocked a beautiful tan leather jacket in the past, and we cannot get over the look. This timeless shade makes you appear likable and establishes a rapport with your audience. It is perfect to wear in the field as it can endure light and sun exposure.

4- Dark Brown Leather jackets

If you want to stick to the old-school vibe, nothing works better than a dark brown leather jacket. I especially love this biker brown leather jacket because of its beautiful color and high-quality leather. This gorgeous dark-colored brown beauty is suburban enough to give you a more contemporary look compared to the black leather jacket. And our favorite Tom cruise also favors brown leather jacket ever so often.

5- Blue Leather Jacket

Blue Leather Jacket

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Blue- a color of imagination and freedom. If you are a creative soul and don't want to bound yourself to a specific dress code then, my friend, a blue leather jacket is perfect for you. We recommend blue leather jackets for men who are always on top of their fashion game and are not hesitant to make bold fashion moves.

Celebrities like Ryan Reynold and James Franco are also spotted rocking blue leather jackets, giving us some major fashion goals this season.

Although not as bold as green, yellow, and red- A blue leather jacket is still powerful enough to make a statement and unleash the uniqueness of your personality. Blue symbolizes happiness, and by wearing a blue leather jacket, your personality becomes radiant, and you exude happy vibes wherever you go.

Don't hesitate to buy this fantastic blue leather jacket to rock and roll at a concert or a friend’s hang out. Pair it up with a white shirt and fabulous accessories, and Voila, you will undoubtedly make a lasting impression anywhere you go.

6- Red Leather Jacket

Red Leather Jacket

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Red is a color of fire and passion, and if that resonates with your personality, you should not hesitate to invest in this beautiful red leather jacket. Ditch those boring and mainstream colors and step up your fashion game by stepping out in this rock-star red leather jacket like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Oh, and let's not forget the style icon Michael Jackson also rocked a magnificent red leather jacket in ‘’Thriller’’. Need I say more? Match your red leather jacket with a black bottom and black or white shirt to achieve that perfect balance.

Nothing represents your confidence, like wearing the color red. It shows how proud and confident you are about yourself and your masculinity. Black and brown have been popular choices over the years, but these days, we are seeing enthusiasm for colored leather jackets like red.

If you don't want to go all out by wearing a red leather jacket, try burgundy or a maroon leather jacket like this one. Maroon leather gives your personality a charmful look, and you feel on top of your game without stepping out of your comfort zone.

7- Green Leather Jacket

Army Green Leather Coat

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Green is the color of nature, and wearing a green leather jacket will reflect the calmness and positivity of your personality. This stylish green leather jacket is perfect for elevating your fashion game with something neutral. Of course, like red leather jackets, there are many green leather jackets options, and it comes in all types of design like a biker, asymmetrical, etc.

Many celebrities like Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper have been spotted wearing green leather jackets. Green is a universal color which means it is suitable for both genders irrespective of the design. You can also match your outfits with your partner to show a love bond. Channel your inner Bradley Cooper by pairing your green leather jacket with dark-colored pants and a black t-shirt to nail that smart yet casual look.

8- White Leather Jacket

White Leather Jacket

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Looking for inspiration to rock an ultra-modern look? How about wearing a white leather jacket? If you want to surprise people through your outfit, a white leather jacket is your best choice. And the good news is that you can pair it with most of your outfits too. High-quality and finely stitched white leather jackets like this one will give an elegant outlook.

It's a perfect look for a holiday or if you are going to take a walk on the ramp. We recommend wearing a white leather jacket with dark-colored outfits. There is always room for experiments so modify your outfits according to the event and your mood. But don't forget to balance the whiteness by channeling dark hues like black or dark blue clothing.

Wearing a white leather jacket on a white outfit is just going to be a fashion disaster. Although being fashion adventurous is good, there is always the right way for everything.

Tips to keep in mind while choosing a colored leather jacket

Investing in a colored leather jacket is a big decision but styling it perfectly also requires a lot of deliberation. A slight mistake can ruin your whole look and make you look like a clown. But we are here to prevent that from happening. So check out these handy tips while choosing a colored leather jacket.


As a general rule of thumb, try to match your shoes with your leather jacket. This simple trick will help you balance your outfit perfectly. Don't make the mistake of wearing black shoes with a green leather jacket or vice versa because there is a possibility that both colors will create a stark contrast and ruin your look. Although, there are some exceptions to the rule; and you should always experiment and see which combination works best with your outfit.


Don't ignore the type of event you will wear your colored leather jacket to. You need to consider whether you are going for a formula, casual, or hybrid event. If you plan to go to a formal event, stick to neutral colors like black or brown. Don't wear a red or orange leather jacket to a corporate event because that's just tacky. For casual hang out with friends and family, you can opt for bold colors like a maroon leather jacket or green leather jacket.


Colored leather jackets come in many styles and designs. It's important to select the right design according to your requirements. Go for a bomber jacket with a gorgeous darker hem cuffing to achieve that classical look. If you are a fan of pop culture, a Biker or motorcycle jacket with shorter cuts, layered lapels, and lots of detailing is just what you need to achieve that look.

Outdoor elements

This element is often neglected, although it is pretty important. If you are going to be out and about in your colored leather jacket, you need to consider the sun exposure and how it will reflect on your leather jacket. Moreover, light colors like yellow, green are prone to sun fading compared to solid and dark-colored leather jackets like black, brown, or navy blue.

Bottom Line

Having doubts while buying a colored leather jacket is understandable but remember, change is always good. If you have always worn black or brown leather jackets, now is the time to make some changes to your wardrobe and add a beautiful colored leather jacket. Buy a jacket that is a true representation of your personality. Take help from our guide, and you are all set for a new adventure with your bold and beautiful color leather jacket.

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