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If you have some basic knowledge regarding faux leathers, you must have heard about microfiber leather. It is basically a type of superfine synthetic fiber that is a great alternative to natural leather. In this blog, we will help you identify microfiber leather and understand its characteristics. 

It is undeniable that real leather is manufactured after plenty of processes, including hide sourcing, tanning, and finishing, and is higher in cost than synthetic materials. We often need to find cost effective alternatives to real or genuine leather in order to create long lasting but affordable products. Microfiber leather, with its incredible durability and other properties, is a suitable and less pricey synthetic leather that you can go for instead of real leather. 

What is Microfiber Leather?

Microfiber leather, or Microfiber Polyurethane leather, is a nonwoven synthetic material. It is made with a three dimensional structure consisting of short superfine fibers and a PU resin layer. The manufacturing process of microfiber leather includes adding resin to crushed cowhide leather scraps to make skin pulp. This pulp then undergoes mechanical calendering and is coated with PU film using wet or dry processes.

Microfiber Leather Characteristics 

Packed with several extraordinary qualities, microfiber leather is undoubtedly reputable for being a leather substitute.


Due to its stable surface layer, microfiber leather has better resistance to wear and tear than genuine leather. 


Microfiber leather has an adequate level of air permeability and breathability. 

Age resistance 

It stays in good shape without peeling for a long time, adding to its age resisting property. 


Microfiber leather has good flexibility, appropriate for making comfortable leather garments, bags, and shoes of good quality.


The polyurethane resin on its surface makes microfiber leather waterproof to some extent. Also, it has tightly woven fibers, which means articles made of this synthetic leather are easily washable.

Stain Resistance 

One of the best qualities of microfiber leather is that it is highly resistant to staining.

Environmentally Friendly 

If you feel uneasy about using natural leather products due to their animal origin, microfiber may be the right environmentally friendly vegan leather option for you. Microfiber leather is a nontoxic material, safe for the environment. It is also resistant to moths and mildew. 

Easy to Sew 

The pliability of microfiber makes it easy to work with. This is also one of the reasons why it is a sought after synthetic material for different types of uses as compared to bonded leather or genuine leather. 

Suitability for All Weathers 

Microfiber leather's cold resistance and ability to absorb heat while dissipating it less make it suitable for use in all kinds of weather. In winter, it will keep you comfortably warm, while in summer, it will keep you cool.

Microfiber Leather Uses 

Unlike other inferior grade faux leather types, such as the Bonded Leather, microfiber will last a long time without peeling, making it suitable for various uses. Proven to be of satisfactory quality, microfiber leather is highly in demand. Manufacturers use it to make leather garments, such as pants, jackets, skirts, and leather coats. Leather accessories made of microfiber, such as bags, luggage, belts, shoes, and gloves, last long.

The type of leather is frequently used to make car seats and other automotive interior parts. It is also used to make durable furniture upholstery, with microfiber leather sofa, chairs, and couches being highly popular.  

Difference Between Microfiber Leather and Natural Leather 

When dealing with real leather and microfiber leather, the presence of natural pores found on the animal skin are the differentiating factor that sets real leather apart. Microfiber fabric leather is synthetic leather, so its texture is uniform and smooth, more like plastic. 

Micro fiber leather has a plastic like odor, although high quality artificial leather usually doesn't have any smell. As for real leather, it is made from animal hides, so a natural smell of animal skin is present in it. 

Another difference between microfiber leather vs real leather is that of specific gravity, with genuine leather having a high level of 0.6, while microfiber leather has about 0.3. Genuine leather products are thus heavier in weight than microfiber synthetic leather.

Microfiber Leather Vs PVC Synthetic Leather 

When we talk about artificial leather, PVC leather and Microfiber leather are the best synthetic substitutes for real leather. While microfiber is made from nonwoven fabric coating layered with polyurethane resin, PVC leather is made with multiple layers, including fabric backing, foam, the skin layer, and a surface coating made with plastic.

PVC leather is highly durable but less flexible than microfiber leather. The latter has the ability to wrinkle, but PVC artificial leather retains its shape even after prolonged wear and tear. 

PVC is also less breathable than microfiber.

Microfiber Leather Vs PU Leather

As compared to microfiber, the base of PU leather is made of woven or nonwoven fabric which is then surface coated with PU resin. Microfiber synthetic leather beats PU leather when it comes to abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and color fastness.

What is Micro-Suede?

Microfiber suede is the name given to polished microfiber that is made to look like suede. Its surface is similar to that of the brushed nap of suede leather. Made from polyester and nylon, it is a tough and durable material and less expensive than real suede. The soft and supple microfiber suede is used to manufacture comfortable and durable footwear, garments, and bags. The characteristics of microsuede are similar to that of microfiber leather. 

Custom Leather Jacket Options 

When a customer wants to go for a customized leather jacket, he wants the material of his choice in the first place, moving on to the design and details later on. Leather Skin Shop allows you to go for any type of material that you like for your custom faux leather jacket

Creating the jacket of your dreams is what we strive for, and you can request whatever you like to build a personalized jacket that speaks volumes of your style.


Which is Better? Microfiber Leather or Real Leather?

Depending on your budget and intended use, microfiber leather may be a better option than natural leather. Not only that microfiber leather is affordable, but it is also highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion unlike real leather.

Does Microfiber Leather Develop Cracks with Time?

An excellent characteristic of microfiber leather is that it does not crack or peel. Even with extended use, it stays in good shape.

Is the Texture of Microfiber Better than Real Leather?

If you are a fan of the natural, grainy texture of real leather, microfiber leather cannot imitate that as it is artificial leather. 

What are the Major Disadvantages of Microfiber?

One significant disadvantage of microfiber leather is that it is flammable and quickly catches dust and pet hair.  It is also a bit more pricey than PU leather.

What are the Benefits of Microfiber Leather?

Microfiber leather has multiple benefits, including breathability, eco-friendliness, being odorless, water-repellent, and antibacterial properties.

How to Maintain Microfiber Leather?

In order to maintain microfiber leather, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and pet hair. Regularly clean microfiber leather using a microfiber cloth or baby wipes to avoid any sort of stain buildup.

Which One is Expensive? Microfiber or Real Leather?

As real leather is derived from an animal and the process to turn the hide into leather is highly complex, real leather is far more expensive than microfiber leather.


Microfiber leather is definitely a choice worth having if you want an affordable option in the place of real leather. It can fulfill your requirement for a sturdy material that not only looks like the real deal but outlasts other types of faux leather as well. It is easy to maintain and lasts a good time if cared for properly.

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