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If you contemplate having a colored leather jacket in your wardrobe besides a black or brown one, blue is definitely the color you can choose. A blue leather jacket goes nicely with many different outfits for women. Besides making you feel calm, blue imbues the confidence you need to appear fashionable. Hence, a blue jacket made of leather will be a perfect choice if you want to add some zing to a plain looking ensemble.

Styling Suggestions for a Blue Leather Jacket

Depending on your blue jacket's style, you can build a laid-back, casual, street-style, smart casual, or business casual outfit. You can opt for the classic Moto or bomber jacket or leather dusters in blue. When selecting a jacket in blue, go for a shade that goes best with your skin tone and personal style. A simple navy leather jacket would be the right choice for a minimalistic style, while a light blue leather jacket outfit would look perfect for someone with a subtle style.

Outfits with Leather Jackets in Blue Shades

Feeling confused about what to wear with a blue jacket made of leather? The clothes which make a navy leather jacket stand out might not be the right pairing option with jackets in lighter shades. Here is the easiest style guide that will give you many ideas for stylish outfits with leather jackets in different shades of blue.

Women's Outfit with Navy Blue Leather Jacket

Knowing how to wear a navy leather jacket is simple, as the color combinations can be numerous. While you can wear red, beige, or grey clothing, we suggest keeping things refined yet voguish with a white top, black leather pants, and a navy blue jacket. Round off the navy leather jacket outfit with platform heeled black boots.

A dressy way to rock a navy leather jacket is to layer it over a metallic grey jumpsuit. Match your clutch and heels with your navy leather jacket for this look.

Electric Blue Leather Jacket Outfit

An electric blue jacket made of leather is a splendid piece to have. It elevates a regular jeans and top outfit to a biker chic look. Wear a dark blue ribbed turtleneck, blue pants, and an electric blue jacket for a monochrome look.

Outfit with Dark Blue Leather Jacket

Build an edgy, punk inspired look with a dark blue leather biker jacket by layering it over a blue tank top and a ripped white top. Wear black skinny jeans and ankle boots, and add lots of punk accessories to slay the look.

Teal Leather Jacket Outfit

If you want a gorgeous look with a teal colored jacket, the best way to do so is to make a combination with yellow. A mustard yellow layered top paired with medium wash grey jeans is suitable for your teal leather jacket to shine. Complete this look with matching half boots.

Outfit With Sky Blue Leather Jackets

Make your sky blue bomber jacket the hero piece of the outfit with a combination of a black top and navy slim fit jeans. A red printed scarf and wide framed sunglasses will bring up the style quotient of this sky blue leather jacket outfit.

Outfit With Baby Blue Leather Jacket

The ultimate way to make a regular white dress shirt and white jeans outfit street worthy is to layer a baby blue leather moto jacket over it. Finish this voguish casual look with chunky white sneakers.

Royal Blue Jacket Outfit

The shade royal blue has an unmatched appeal, so choosing a leather jacket in this hue will always give you head turning looks. A simple all black outfit with a t shirt and jeans instantly becomes modish with a royal blue jacket. Or you can wear a red top and blue jeans with a blue leather jacket for a quirky look.

Powder Blue Leather Jacket Outfits

If you choose a leather jacket in a powder blue shade, nothing beats wearing it over a textured white collared shirt and skinny black jeans. Give finishing touches with a leopard print clutch and black strappy heels.

A powder blue leather jacket and a fall black dress can team up well to give a splendid outfit. Opt for a leopard print black short dress and black leggings and layer it with a powder blue jacket. Give voguish final touches with black ankle boots, a black crossbody bag, and cat eye shades.

What to Wear with a Blue Leather Jacket?

Here is a quick guide to clothing and accessories that go perfectly with leather jackets in blue shades.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

Bodycon, short, and maxi dresses in solid colors and prints make an appealing combo with blue jackets. For dressier looks, you can wear a satin jumpsuit in neutral or shimmery shades.

Shirts and T-shirts

Some no-fail combos you can go for are a black shirt or a light blue shirt with a blue leather jacket. Other options are shirts, t-shirts, and tops in white, grey, and beige. Or, you can go for a black and white striped t-shirt.


A blue collarless leather jacket style is an excellent way to amp up your white or beige sweaters. A black or white turtleneck can also be used as the base of your blue jacket outfit. You can experiment with patterned or cable knit sweaters for a vibrant look.

Bottom Wear

When you can’t think of anything else, a pair of black pants and a blue leather jacket pairing is an obvious option. But you can also try leather pants in white, tan, or black. Blue or black skinny jeans or grey and white jeans go well with your striking jacket. Navy blue pants with a blue leather jacket can give a cool look if you wear a mustard turtleneck with it.


When it’s time to round off your blue jacket ensembles, you can opt for stylish handbags in black or white, gold ear studs, or a fashionable gold watch. You can also wear neutral colored hats or beanies or match them with your jacket. Accessories in red such as bags, headgear, or jewelry, look splendid with these ensembles.


Unleash your inner fashionistas by completing your blue shaded leather jacket looks with black stilettos or pumps or strappy heels in white color. A blue leather jacket looks complementary with tan shoes or heels in brown shades. Or, you can wear sneakers in white, black, or grey hues.


Slay the edgy look with blue jacket outfits by wearing black combat boots, black suede ankle boots, or suede stiletto heel boots. Another fashionable idea is to wear blue boots with a blue leather jacket for a coherent look.


What Does Wearing a Blue Leather Jacket Portrays?

Blue characterizes confidence, strength, loyalty, and stability. Therefore, wearing a blue leather jacket makes you look highly attractive. The color also makes one feel calm and imaginative.

What Colors Look Nice with a Blue Leather Jacket?

A blue jacket easily blends with dark and light classic hues like black, white, and grey. It makes a striking combination of red, green, purple, and orange, but it's important to contrast with the right shade.

What Can a Navy Leather Jacket Look Good With?

Style a navy leather jacket with a floral print t shirt and light blue ankle length jeans. A light pink dress shirt with a navy leather jacket is an eye pleasing combo. Or, layer it over a white maxi dress to add some edge to a feminine look.

Can you Dress Down or Dress Up a Blue Jacket Made of Leather?

To dress up a blue leather jacket, pair it with a white ruffled chiffon top, white pants, and heels. If you want a dressed down look, go for a dusky blue colored jacket over a pairing of a navy blue striped turtleneck and faded, baggy blue jeans.

Which Jacket to Wear if You Have Dark Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes?

Pale shades look incredibly good on women with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. If you are going for a blue leather jacket, opt for baby blue or sky blue shades.

Can You Wear a Blue Leather Jacket to Work?

Yes, a blue leather jacket can definitely go with workwear if you pair the right staples with it. For instance, you can use a light blue leather jacket styling it with a white collared shirt, slim fit black jeans, and light blue pumps.

Is a Blue Leather Jacket Suitable For Summer?

If you opt for a light, breathable leather jacket with a polyester lining, it can be perfect for layering your summer ensembles.

What Goes With Blue Leather Jackets for Women for a Fancy Look?

A flowy white dress, a sequined skirt, and top, or a floral tunic with flare pants are some ideas to wear with a blue shaded jacket for a fancy look.

How Can You Wear A Blue Leather Jacket with Printed or Patterned Clothing?

Leather jackets in blue shades seamlessly layer over printed and patterned clothes. You can wear a crisscross patterned skirt, a grey tunic top, and an electric blue leather jacket.

It’s a Wrap

Now that you have so many ideas to style a blue leather jacket, you can collect the essentials to build these looks. As the color is versatile, you won't have to fret much about what to wear with your expensive leather jacket in blue. To sum up, a blue leather jacket can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe for a matchless style.

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