by Jennifer Smith April 10, 2023 6 min read

There are several ways dandies prefer to appear modern and stylish, and one of them is to build an orange jacket outfit for men. A jacket in orange color is undoubtedly attention grabbing, and there is no reason to avoid it if you can pull it off right. 

A valuable reason to opt for men’s orange jacket styles is that the color is easily paired with neutral and metallic clothes to give stylish looks. Outfits with these jackets will almost always be strikingly fashionable, and this blog will lay down multiple ideas to ace the look.

Nailing Fashion with Men's Orange Jacket Outfit

Men’s fashion is mostly dominated by neutral colors, including black, blue, grey, or brown. Most men consider them safe and shun flashing colors like yellow, red, and orange, especially for jackets. The point that most men miss here is that colors channel one’s true personality, letting you showcase your individuality in unique ways. Be it a cozy shearling jacket or a casual denim jacket, layering your outfits with an orange jacket will exude creative, optimistic, and inviting vibes. 

Your choice of orange jacket outfit for men may vary. An orange leather jacket would probably be the street style pick, while wearing a denim jacket would suit more casual appearances. For a perfectly relaxed, laid back style, you may opt for a shirt jacket or a hooded jacket. All of them would have feelings of warmth and happiness in common, besides showcasing one's energy and confidence.

Men’s Orange Jacket Outfit Ideas

Some might dismiss the bright orange shades as unsuitable for menswear, while others would shy away from its highly flamboyant appeal. However, wearing orange is a wonderful way to add panache to your style, inviting attention just when you desire.

Orange jacket outfits for men are easy to build, as the color can be paired with all neutrals effortlessly. Your orange jacket will also lend itself to printed or textured clothes to give a classic twist. 

When choosing an orange jacket, go with something that aligns with your personal style and comfort level. Also consider whether you want to dress up or down. Here are some of the jackets you can opt for in orange color and create snazzy looks with them.  

Orange Shell Jacket Outfit

Practical yet trendy, you can casually slay an orange shell jacket in men's fashion for a refreshing look. Whether going out with friends or running errands, you can use a basic white t shirt as a base for the outfit. Almost any dark washed denim can be worn with it, but black jeans are your best bet. Finish off this outfit with white sneakers.

Orange Winter Jacket Outfit for Men

A fur lined orange winter jacket can be a powerful weapon in your style arsenal that is easy to pair and outrageously stylish. Mix it up with black basics to build a debonair look, such as a turtleneck or a black graphic t shirt and straight leg jeans. Black leather sneakers will round off this orange jacket look with perfection. 

Orange Bomber Jacket Outfits

One can’t help but marvel at this amazingly voguish street style orange bomber jacket outfit. Wear a basic white tee and jeans in any dark color and pair them with your super cool suede bomber with personalized details to make a head turning statement. Round off the look with black boots or sneakers.

Orange Down Jacket Outfit for Men

Don’t let the cold weather limit your style choices, as options to stay warm and cozy on harsh winter days can be diverse. On days when you want your look to steal attention, nothing beats wearing an orange down jacket.

You can wear a t-shirt or sweater in a color that goes well with orange, such as white, grey, off white, or sage green. Wear patched blue jeans and your orange down jacket, and complete the look with white high top sneakers. 

Orange Puffer Jacket Outfit for Men

Want to create a look that portrays nonchalance and an urbane style? Here is what you should be wearing. Wear a white henley and grey cargo pants for a cool look, and top it with a stylish orange puffer jacket. Rugged brown boots and an off white beanie will be a perfect ending touch to this look.

Orange Varsity Jacket Outfit

Varsity jackets look great in bright colors, and a white and orange one can be worn with your sporty style ensemble. Give a hint of Korean streetwear with a white t-shirt, off white wide legged pants, and an orange varsity jacket. White chunky soled sneakers can be a suitable footwear choice for this outfit.

Orange Leather Jacket Outfit

Keep those classic black and brown leather jackets for other days, and rock a bright orange leather jacket when you feel like portraying your modish side. You can dress it up or down, whatever the occasion calls for.

An all black look with an orange leather jacket can be infallible for a sleek and edgy ensemble. But you can also experiment with fun choices, such as a camo print sweatshirt and khakis or a black and grey flannel with light blue jeans. 

Custom Leather Jacket in Orange 

You can get the orange leather jacket of your dream by getting one customized according to your preferences. Opt for Leather Skin Shop’s custom leather jackets and ask for each and everything you like to create a one of a kind jacket. A good quality personalized jacket will not only convey your fashion sense accurately, it will also fit you like a glove. 

Orange Jacket in Different Looks 

Though the choices of colors and clothing essentials that pair well with orange are limited, we still categorize it as a versatile piece due to effortless pairing with variety of neutral colors. You can opt for a jacket in any shade of orange, such as light pastel orange, bright orange, or burnt orange. Any of them would add a touch of splendidness to your ensemble.

Here are some outfit suggestions with an orange jacket using common menswear wardrobe items:

With Black Jeans

A white patterned sweater, black slim fit jeans, and a light orange jacket is the perfect recipe to create a dapper look in seconds. The look is undoubtedly voguish, and you can be sure of the hoards of compliments it will bring. Complete this look with black Chelsea boots. 

With Light Blue Jeans

As soon as fall breeze begins enchanting us, grabbing a basic white tee along with light blue jeans along with an orange shirt jacket makes sense. This easy yet suave look can be completed with white canvas sneakers. 

With Black Graphic T Shirt

Black and orange would never disappoint. Wear an edgy graphic tee in black with baggy blue jeans and top it with a light orange jacket. You can wear orange and black sneakers to put a stamp on your street style perfection, plus a baseball cap to complete the Hip-Hop inspired casual look. 

With Hoodie

Nail the contemporary street look with the ongoing jacket over hoodie trend. Wear a stylish white hoodie and distressed brown jeans with an orange jacket. Casual brown leather shoes will round off this super cool outfit with perfection. 


What colors go with men's orange leather jackets?

As an unspoken rule, keep orange as the only bright color in a neutral outfit, unless your style is generally off the beat. Neutral colors like navy blue, khaki, brown, white, grey, black, and beige always pair well with orange. Some shades of green, including sage, army green, and olive, also make a good combination with orange.

Can men wear an orange leather jacket?

Orange jackets are a great solution for men who look forward to leveling up their color game stylishly. Men can stick to neutral colors or experiment with different prints and patterns with orange jackets for an appealing look.

It’s a Wrap

From light shirt jackets to quilted down jackets, outerwear in shades of orange is making waves in the men’s fashion realm. When you intend to refresh your style, an orange jacket will be worth adding to your closet as a statement maker piece. If you are apprehensive about pulling off this bold style, our outfit suggestions above will surely get you noticed in an approved manner.

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